List of 60 Best Bike Brands and Manufacturers Worldwide

When you’re on the hunt for a high-end bike, the brand you choose really matters. Among the best bike brands which are popular and available throughout the world, you will need the right bicycle that fits your body type, budget, and skill level. Whether you’re into speedy road bikes, tough mountain bikes, or stylish city cruisers, these bike brands offers the key to unlock your cycling adventure dreams. So, take your time and pick the perfect ride that suits you best, and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of bicycling.

Here we’ve selected and compiled a list of 60 best bicycle brands and manufacturers in the world that have a good reputation in the cycling world and offer excellent bicycling experience and performance.

List of 60 Bike Brands

  37. 6KU BIKES

The Best Bike Brands By Type

There are several factors that go into assessing the best bike brands in the world. Few primary considerations are innovation, persistence of quality, and who puts riders at the top of podiums.

With that being said there is a quiet revolution going on within the biking world. There are millions of busy Moms, stressed college students, and middle-aged people simply trying to lose weight that need served.

Often these rankings focus on the highly intense world of Road cycling or the ultra-cool world of Mountain biking but this review tries to account for the other 98% that need a high quality bikes they can afford.

But also giving credit to the bike brands on the bleeding edge of innovation that inevitably trickles down to everyday bikes.

There are the brands in the world that I love that got left on the cutting room floor but I will continue to reevaluate and rank as new bikes are delivered or new areas in biking start to emerge.

Ranking the best brands is a step in the research journey but if you truly want to find the best bike brands for your needs, select the bike type that you are most interested in and carefully go through the bike reviews and you’ll find your match.


Image Source: Giant Bikes

Known For: Road, Mountain, Hybrid

Founded in 1972 in Taiwan it took nine years to release their first model. Giant has always been known for quick assessing market trends and improving them. It is one of largest high-end bike manufacturer in the world.

While Kestrel may have the first all-carbon design, Giant was the first to use computer aided design for carbon frames. In 2004 Giant incorporated Maestro suspension and revolutionized off road capabilities.

By 2010 they were winning awards for nearly every design they created and introduced Liv/Giant in 2011. Liv/Giant specializes in designs specifically built for women.


Image Source: Trek Bikes

Known For: Road, Mountain

Founded in 1973 focused on building mid to high-end bikes in America. Trek is the largest bicycle brand based in the US.

During this time the only top end models were from overseas. Trek made a reputation in quality, craftsmanship and work ethic.

The Trek 850, in 1983, was the first mountain bikes they ever released and it soon caught on that Trek was a name to remember. By the late 1990s they were building all ranges of bikes for all riders: children to athletes and everyone in between.

By 2001 they had introduced electric-hybrid bikes for endurance riders and trainers. The Trek FX1 is one of the best hybrid bike due to its popularity, good reviews and high sales.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Trek 520

When it comes to rugged touring bikes, Trek hit a home run with the 520. No one will fault you for picking this touring bike above the competing models from Salsa Cycles, and the 520 came in one point shy of claiming top spot for Touring Bikes.

3. Specialized Bikes

Image Source: Specialized Bikes

Known For: Road Bikes

Specialized was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. Based in California, the company initially focused on importing Italian parts and evolved to manufacturing their own. In 1981 Specialized released their first two models.

Rivaling the biggest names in cycling world, Specialized was bought by Meridia Bikes (a 40 percent share) in 2001 and has relaunched with new efforts and even better designs.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Specialized Sirrus

Specialized’s entry level road bike is one of our favorites in this price range. We’d recommend the Sirrus to anyone looking to get started in road cycling events.

4. Cannondale BIKES

Image Source: Cannondale Bikes

Known For: Road, Mountain, Hybrid

Cannondale got their start in 1973 by crafting and releasing bike accessories. They were the first company to introduce the Bugger, a bicycle trailer.

They followed that up with a canvas bag that they produced in a loft above a pickle factory.

By 1983 Cannondale started to innovate with aluminum being introduced into the frames but did so with a larger frame tube that introduced stiffness and efficiency into their bikes.

In 2004 they led the industry with the aggressive adoption of Carbon into their assemblies and their bikes continued to outperform.

Cannondale is a company that is driven with an engineering mindset. Cannondale topstone is the most  popular bike from this brand.

5. Diamondback Bikes

Image Source: Diamondback Bikes

Known For: BMX, Mountain bike, Road bikes, Hybrid

Founded in 1977 as a California company, it was originally a BMX brand.  A major bicycle manufacturer based in Washington state, Diamondback Bicycle brands offers an array of models you can ride on the trails or the road for men, women, and children. It is the most popular and successful bicycle brands in the USA.

One of the innovations pioneered by Diamondback is the Knuckle Box suspension, which is found on its Mountain Bikes.  In 1999 the company was purchased and later merged with Raleigh Bicycle company.


Image Source: SANTA CRUZ Bikes

Do one thing and do it well. These bikes are built for top end riders that need a special bike. They have a rotating line up of high end mountain bikes and all are made from aluminum and carbon fiber.  Santa Cruz doesn’t offer any other type of bike except for mountain bikes. However, when it comes to the mountain, Santa Cruz delivers.

7. Marin Bikes

Marin Bikes

Image Source: Marin Bikes

Known for: Mountain Bikes

Marin bikes were born in California in 1986, founded on the base of cycling culture. The company is an American manufacturer that specializes in mountain bikes.

The main motto of the company is to provide an unusual experience with every bike they build. The company’s development continued after producing its hybrid and road bikes and full-suspension mountain bikes.

Marin has been selling bikes for more than 30 years now. Additionally, with new exciting launches have lifted the brand’s profile completely.

8. Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh Bikes

Image Source: Raleigh Bikes

Known For: Road, Mountain, Hybrid, Electric bikes

The Raleigh bike company is a British manufacturer and is established in Nottingham, England. It was founded by 1885 and has been in the business since then.

It is one of the most experienced bicycle companies in the world however, it is one of the rare ones. The company has not comprised its high-quality products after being in the business for so long, making it their highest priority.

The bikes are familiar with every bike type, including road, mountain, urban, electric bikes, adventure, and classic model bikes.

9. GT Bikes

Gt Bikes

Image Source: GT Bikes

Known For: BMX bikes, Mountain bikes

These bicycles were established in 1979 in Santa Ana, California. GT Bikes have been around for more than 50 years and are known from the beginning of BMX bikes development with their triple triangles frame design.

The company focuses on creating bikes that are reliable, durable, and have innovative frames. The company started to build their own mountain bikes after a huge success with BMX bike and now they manufacture different types of bikes.

10.  Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes

Image Source: Kona Bikes

Known For: Road Bikes, Mountain bikes, Cyclrocross Bikes

Kona is another known name in the bicycle industry. The company was established in 1988 by two friends in Vancouver and still has the same owners. The bikes of Kona are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

It is the first company to build and produce the straight leg mountain bike fork. The bike has 10 different versions of the fork that have been made for mountain bikes and asphalt bikes.

The bikes are known for their versatility, durability, and ability to handle difficult terrains. The Kona offers a bike for every person with a huge range of road, cyclocross, mountain, and commuter bikes.

BikesReviewed Recommends:  Kona Fire Mountain Bike

The Kona Fire Mountain Bike is one of the best hardtail mountain bikes we have reviewed.

11.  Huffy Bikes

Huffy Bikes

Image Source: Huffy Bikes

Known For: Cruiser Bikes, Kids Bikes

It is one of the world’s largest bikes manufacturers based in Dayton, Ohio, producing the best quality of bikes for men, women, and kids. The company was founded in 1892 by George Huffman.

The company celebrates its 125 years of making fun of bicycles. The company produced 4,000 military bikes in 1942 for overseas troops.

It is a bike built for perfect stance and to keep your feet on the ground.

The bikes are easy to handle and are stable to rid. These bikes are highly popular among cyclists and vacationers.

12. Schwinn Bikes

brands SCHWINN Bikes

Image Source: Schwinn Bikes

An industry leader in cycling since 1895, Schwinn is practically a household name.  Today, they offer innovative bike solutions for a wide variety of fitness riders at affordable price points.

You can find their branded items in large retail stores, and their signature items at select retailers across the country.

The act that made Schwinn a household name was their insistence that their bikes not be rebranded by retail stores.

They wanted their name and their guarantees to remain on the bike, and because of that stubbornness/insight a STRONG brand was born.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Schwinn Discover

The Schwinn Discover won second place (top bikes 2021) in our Hybrid Bike Buyers Guide

13.  Jamis Bikes

Jamis Bikes

Image Source: Jamis Bikes

Known For: Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes

Jamis Bikes has been in the cycling industry for more than 30 years and is still producing their first-grade bicycles. It is a US-based bicycle brand and was founded in 1990 by its parent company G.Joannou Cycle Co.

The company focuses on building bikes that are reasonable for every pocket with an attractive price range. Jamis bikes have won many awards for their products and are awarded as the “best value for money bike”.

The company produces bikes with high-end steel, aluminum, and carbon bike frames. The models start from $400 only.

14.  Canyon Bikes

Canyon Bikes

Image Source: Canyon Bikes

Known For: Road bikes, Mountain Bikes, Gravel

The company is a German-based manufacturing company that produces racing bikes and mountain bikes, along with triathlon bikes. The company was founded in 2002 in Koblenz, Germany.

The company was launched by Roman Arnold who was a supplier of bike parts and soon began manufacturing bikes under the name Canyon in 2001.

Today, the Canyon bikes are known for their mountain, high-end road, and commuter bikes which are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The company has been cooperating with many teams in road racing.

15.  Surly Bikes

Surly Bikes

Image Source: Surly Bikes

Known For: Road, Customizable Steel Bikes

Surly bikes were found in 1998 in Bloomington, Minnesota. The company is highly known for its steel frame bicycles. Soon after the 1990s, the surly bikes were known as the best bicycle industry for its single-speed bikes.

The company focuses on longevity and expects to see the bikes performing outstandingly. The Surly bikes produce various tight-knit bikes for the riders who are looking for a bike that can last for a decade.

Additionally, by the 2019s, many brands that were manufacturing fat bikes used surly tires.

16. Transition  Bikes

Transition Bikes

Image Source: Transition Bikes

Known For: High-end Mountain Bikes

The bike brand was established in 2001 in Washington. The brand creates high-end mountain bikes that are extremely comfortable. These mountain bikes are suited for anyone who is looking for a bike that offers performance. Transition Bikes has been in the biking industry for almost 20 years now. These bikes are driven with the best technologies that you need in a mountain bike scene.

<h3 “tve-jump-18a82dd381b” style=”text-align: left;”>17. Fuji Bikes

Image Source: Fuji Bikes

Known for: Road, Hybrid, Mountain

Fuji has been most popular Japanese bike brands in the world and has been around the world for over a 100 years.  Having gone through a few reorganizations and acquisitions the company continued to focus on being an innovator.

During the early 1980s, Fuji developed touring bicycles, and in 1986 was one of the first to develop titanium frames.

Currently part of the Advances Sports International brand, which includes Kestrel and SE.

18. Sixthreezero

Image Source: Sixthreezero Bikes

The company prides themselves on producing bikes that are durable, reliable, comfortable, and affordable.

They stand behind their products 100%. Sixthreezero allows customers to test-ride a bike for 365 days after purchase.

If at any time during the first year a customer does not love their bike, sixthreezero will accept a return. They don’t charge restocking fees and will pay the return shipping.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Cannondale Topstone 105

With one of the highest scores received by any bike we reviewed, the Ride in the park clinches top spot in our Top Gravel Bikes Guide for 2021.

19. Felt Bikes

Felt bikes

Image Source: Felt Bikes

Known For: Road Bikes

Another youngster bike choice on the brand’s list are Felt Bikes .They were founded in 1994 by Jim felt. It is a California based bike manufacturing company that provides bikes to domestic and international markets. It is one of the best and popular bikes brands in the US market.

The company has a huge catalog composed of different bike varieties like BMX, road, cyclocross, mountain bikes, time-trial, cruiser, and electric.

The bikes are innovative and full of spirit just like their frames.

The bikes are light in weight and are stiff in the structure, including some great features like advanced carbon bike frames.

Whether you are cruising around your city, riding through rough trails, or planning for a triathlon, Felt bikes are an ideal choice for you.

20. Orbea Bikes

Orbea Bikes

Image Source: Orbea Bikes

Known For: Road Bikes, e-bikes

It is one of the oldest bike companies in the market. It was founded in Spain nearly 100 years ago and, has been growing and working since then.  They were first featured in Tour de France in the 1930s and have gained their popularity since then. They have the best road bikes as their top collection. They have a huge line of electric bikes that are found highly affordable with unique designs. They also produce mountain and street bikes as well.

21. Electra Bikes

Electra Bikes

Image Source: Electra Bikes

Known For: Road Bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bikes

Electra has always been the best visible brand in the USA. The brand is now taken over by the Trek and Bontrager company. The company was born in California by 2 Germans. Their dream was to create classic cruisers with iconic past designs, and soon Electra was launched and added extra fun to the US collection.Now, you can find many mixture collections of cruiser, hybrid, and electric bikes in their line-ups. You should definitely consider this brand if you are after a leisure bike.

<h3 “tve-jump-18a82e1d7e3″ style=”text-align: left;”>22. Evil Bikes

Evil Bikes

Image Source: Evil Bikes

Known For: gravel bikes, dirt bikes

The Evil Bike brand is a sensible and realistic brand that was born out in late 2000. They serve the pride of the riders. They make bikes of such high quality that even their staff want to ride the bike. They use their own sponsored cyclists to research and develop new technologies and machines for the trails. The brand is based in Bellingham, Washington. They first started with single offering bike, and now they have a long list of variations like gravel, enduro, trail, and dirt bikes to their brand name.

23. Rocky mountain Bikes

Rocky mountain Bikes

Image Source: Rocky Mountain Bikes

Known For: Mountain Bikes

This bike brand has been in business since the 1980s and has been producing the best mountain bikes since ever. It is a Canadian bike brand with a wide variety of mountain bikes. They have won many awards for their unique bikes also including the Best Mountain Bike of Germany of the year. The brand is based in Vancouver and is the home of the world’s best-rugged terrain. The bikes are created for every type of rider, be it an entry-level or a professional.

BikesReviewed Recommends:  Rocky Mountain Altitude Alloy 50 Bike

With one of the highest scores received by any bike we reviewed, the Ride in the park clinches top spot in our Review on Rocky Mountain Altitude Alloy 50 Bike 2023.

24. Niner Bikes

Niner Bikes

Image Source: Niner Bikes

Known For: Off-Road Bikes, Dirt Bikes

Niner Bikes is a manufacturer that builds adventure bikes. Their focus is to create bikes that are created for off-road rides. The company is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their bikes are designed exquisitely keeping every aspect in the mind for a bike lover.They have also dirt bikes and gravel bikes in their collections. If you are looking to challenge yourself and improve your adventure skills then this bike brand is the one for you.

25.  Ibis Bikes

Ibis Bikes

Image Source: Ibis Bikes

The company is based in Northern California, however the production of the bikes is done in Shenzhen, China. The company produces the popular mountain bikes frame like Mojo, Ripmo, and Ripley along with other models.

These bikes are distributed among 33 countries worldwide. These bikes are highly known for their carbon frames and Moron tubing.

This bicycle brand has recently started to produce bikes with aluminum frames.

26. Mongoose Bikes

Image Source: Mongoose Bikes

Known for: BMX

Founded in a Southern Californian garage in 1974 and now currently headquartered in Wisconsin. Mongoose has always been an aggressive brand focused on the innovation of performance bikes.

Their products have consistently pushed the limits of what bikers can do, and their sturdy frames and handlebar configurations have allowed riders tremendous creativity.

BikesReviewed Recommends: The Mongoose Legion

The Legion series dominated our BMX Buyers Guide for 2021. With The Legion L40 and L80 coming in first and second place for kids bikes.


Woom Bikes

Image source: Woom Bikes

Known For: Kids Bikes

The company is based in Austria and is founded by 2 dads with years of experience in the cycling industry. The main goal is to build bikes that easily inspire the kids and their parents.

They looked into the market and found out that there was not a single bike for their kids that met their expectations. So they thought of making their own version of the bike.

They built 70 woom bikes in the first batch and were immediately sold as soon as they were brought into the market.

The woom bikes are now highly famous in continental Europe and are slowly expanding in the cycling world and is one of the best bike brands for kids.

28. Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles

Image source: Yeti Cycles

Known For: Mountain Bikes

Yeti Cycles is a company established in 1985 when mountain biking was gaining high popularity. The company built and designed a range of mountain bikes which were for racing purpose only.

The Yeti bikes were highly popular for downhill mountain biking competitions.They introduced specific women bikes in 2015. Now they have their bikes available with switch infinity suspension making them a very attractive choice for riders with competitors.

They have their best models like Robert Axle, YEti 29er XC, and many more. The company also represents many athletes and ambassadors all over the world.

29. Ancheer Bikes

Image Source: Ancheer Bikes

Known For: E-bikes

Another California based company Ancheer that mostly outsources their manufacturing to production facilities in Taiwan and China.

This company is a large player in the e-bike world and also carved out substantial market share in the simple indoor bike vertical.

This company focuses on efficient designs and has developed one of the best logistic networks in the industry. This translates into a consistent product at a good price point.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Ancheer Power Plus

The Ancheer Power Plus is our pick for the best value for money electric bike.

30. Giordana Bikes

Image Source: Giordano Bikes

Giordano bikes, based in New Jersey, are inspired by the rich cycling history of Italy. Their products focus on combining Italian tradition with the latest advancements in bicycle technology.

The company is dedicated to providing enthusiast-level bicycles to their customers.  The company is very concerned about the safety of the customers. They do not ship a product until they are confident that it is safe enough for their own family.

31. Bianchi Bikes

Image Source: Bianchi Bikes

Known For: Road, mountain, hybrid

Bianchi was founded over 125 years ago in Milan, Italy. It is one of the oldest bicycle companies. The father of the safety cycle and the first modern bike, Bianchi has consistently been on the forefront of bicycle innovation.

Later innovations was the first BMX bike and later the first high end Mountain bikes. Obviously this is the grandfather of the biking world and their pricing reflects both the heritage and quality of the product delivered.

32. Cube Bikes

Cube Bikes

Image Source: Cube Bikes

Known For: top-end mountain bikes

Cube Bikes is one of the young relative bike brands founded in 1993. It is formerly a German brand hence, they are much popular in Europe rather than in the USA.When we talk about the best bike companies, we cannot omit this brand. The brand is known for its top-end mountain bikes. They put a lot of time and love to create trekking, hybrid, cyclocross, and road bikes, as well.

33. Salsa Cycles

Salsa cycles

Image Source:  SALSA Bikes

Known For: Touring, Mountain

Founded in 1982, Salsa cycles was acquired by QBP in 1997 and is one of the premier mountain bikes manufacturers in the world.

Their mission is to “inspire adventure by bike”. This company sponsors hundreds of riders throughout the world and is dedicated to providing the top bike so its riders continue to dominate the MTB competitions.

By the way, the also make a very impressive road bike. They were also the first to introduce a carbon fat tire option. Innovators!

BikesReviewed Recommends: Salsa cycles Cutthroat and Marrakesh

Possibly the two best bang for your buck touring bikes, the Cutthroat slices up any off-road trial, while the Marrakesh handles the tarmac.

34.  Cervelo Bikes

Cervelo Bikes

Image Source: Cervelo Bikes

Known For:  trial and triathlon bikes

Cervelo is a Canadian brand and was founded in 1995. The company unraveled the products in the Toronto bike show in 1996 by the founders.

The company builds the fastest pro bikes for riders who ride on the road and track.

Their climbing bikes have hands-down reviews and are one of the best in the market. It is a youngish bike brand  with a simple goal: It aims to produce the world’s fastest bike.

Till now, the time-trials bikes and triathlon bikes are highly recommended for the riders as the company still pushed the boundaries of the bike’s development.

35. Merida Bikes

Merida Bikes

Image Source: Merida Bikes

Known For: Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, Cross Bikes

Merida is a Taiwan based company founded back in 1972. However, the company established itself as an independent bike brand in 1988.

Merida manufactures and sells bicycles in 79 countries globally.

Me-Ri-Da represents the company’s intentions of building a good looking bike with high-quality brakes that offer peaceful and pleasant riding.

The company deals with bikes like a mountain bike, e-bikes, cross bikes, trekking bikes, and many more.

36. Vilano Bikes

Vilano Bikes

Image Source: Vilano Bikes

Based out of Elkton, Florida Vilano company focused on filing a niche in the “cool design” area.  Often their bikes will have colorful, sleek frames, thoughtful color schemes. This brand is definitely focused on the aesthetics, and does it quite well.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Vilano Diverse

The Vilano Diverse 3 is our budget road bike pick for 2019. Read more about it in our Road Bike Buyer’s Guide

37. 6KU

6KU bikes

Image Source: 6KU Bikes

Known for: Fixed Bikes

6KU is most known for the “Fixie” style bike. This style of bike was built with simplicity in mind.  Instead of having multiple gears these bikes have just one and allow you to pedal forward or backwards.

6KU is one of three new brands under the parent company Avant Sports, 6KU was created as an answer to the growing demand for high-quality fixed-gear bikes at affordable prices.

The company founder, JW, started his journey back in 2012 and was disappointed with the quality that factories delivered on his designs.

38. Kestrel Bikes

Kestrel Bikes

Image Source: Kestrel Bikes

Known For: Road Bikes

Formed in 1986 by Trek employees and Aerospace engineers, Kestrel has introduced many cutting-edge and forward-thinking designs. With a goal to make faster, lighter and better handling bikes for athletes, this American bicycle brand started working with carbon-fiber.

Their first design, the Kestrel 4000, released in 1987 was an all carbon, full aerodynamic design. Kestrel didn’t stop there, releasing designs with the first full-carbon fork, the first completely 3-D molded design, and seat tube-less designs.

39.  Montague Bikes

Montague Bikes

Image Source: Montague Bikes

Known for: Folding Bikes

Montague is a bike company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are at the forefront of evolving bicycle technology, focusing on Folding Integrated Technology.

David Montague founded the Montague Corporation in 1987 while a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He immediately focused his designs on folding bicycles that offered space-saving convenience without sacrificing performance.

40.  Sage Titanium Bicycles

Sage Titanium bicycles

Image Source: Sage Titanium Bicycles

Founded in 2013, Sage Titanium Bicycles is based in Portland, Oregon. The bikes are made in the USA and are created with passion and high quality. These bikes are known as the best performing titanium bikes in the world.

With the best road bikes and mountain bike features, the bike combines advanced technologies to create a great bike that delivers unmatched performance.

The bicycle company offers custom build options for drivetrains, handlebars, and saddles.

41.  Priority Bicycle

Priority Bicycle

Image Source: Priority Bicycle

Known For: Commuter Bikes

Priority bikes are a small but successful bike manufacturer company and is an iconic bike brand. The main motto for the company is to create simple bikes there can be. The bicycle company is based in NYC and makes high quality and low maintenance bikes with engaging price tags.

Priority bikes deal with commuting, fitness, and road bicycles, also they specialize in hybrid, cruisers, and commuting bikes which are available for both men and women.

They have lined up a few models which are accessible for the kids as well. It is one of the best electric bike companies available in the market nowadays.

42. AddMotor

AddMotor Bikes

Image Source: ADDMOTOR Bikes

Known for: E-Bikes

Based out of California ADDMOTOR had its origins in motorcycles.  In 2011 the company turned its focus to the burgeoning e-bikes industry and has never looked back.  Specific to electric bikes this company focused on capturing the off-road niche and their bikes can be found to have fat tires, sturdy frames, and long battery life. One of the top electric bike brands  in the industry.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Addmotor Motan or Hithot

The Motan and Hithot deliver bigtime in the mid-range e-bike category (mid-range for ebikes being around $1000)

43. Pure Fix Bikes

Pure Fix

Image Source:  Pure Fix Bikes

Known For: Fixed gear bikes

Founded six years ago in a dorm room, Pure Cycles is the brainchild of Austin, Jordan, and Michael.  After spending time looking at the empty bike racks on campus, they started asking students why they weren’t riding.

They found common themes in the answers they received- people wanted bikes that were affordable, simple, and looked great, and from there Pure Fix Cycles was born.

Pure Fix Cycles is among the top bicycle brands especially for fixie bikes.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Pure Fix Original

The OG of fixed bikes, the Pure Fix Original owns the highest score we’ve ever given any bike on our site, read our Fixed Gear Buyer’s Guide for more.

44. Fortified Bikes

Fortified Bikes

Known for: Hybrid

Fortified is a bike company that creates hybrid bike for urban life.  The company was founded and run by two friends:

Tivan Amour and Vlad Pick (after having their bikes stolen) that had a desire to build, sell and grow a community of bikes that are unstoppable, that can’t be stolen and will last for years, who after having their bike lights stolen, wanted to find a solution.

 45. Scott Bike

Scott Bikes

Image Source: Scott Bikes

Scott started out not even making bikes or bicycle parts. The first foray of the company was actually ski poles. Ed Scott pioneered the first aluminium ski poles in 1958, from there the Scott company grew to more exciting and adventurous modes.

Formed in 1989 when Charley French made the first aerodynamic handlebar. The bike side of the company grew like wildfire and by 1995 Scott was a household name.

The Endorphin was Scott’s first carbon bike and with wins in the Olympics and the World Cup, the name and the company took off.

46.  Colnago Bikes

Colnago Bikes

Image Source: Colnago Bikes

Known For: Road Bikes

One of the best and most successful bikes in the cycling industry. Colnago bicycle company was established in 1952. It is an Italian brand with a very long term tradition. The company produces race winning frames and are pioneers for many bike frames technologies.

Due to the high-quality and winning tendency of the frames, these bikes are popular and are highly admired among many racers and riders.

The Colnago bikes are famous for mountain bikes and best road bikes manufacturing, however it is highly known for its excellent road bicycles.

The company is highly promising towards the customers and provides a wide range of colors to their frames including customized colors from the manufacturer.

You may also like to see how to measure bike tire size?

47. Magnum Bikes


Image Source: Magnum Bikes

In 2010 Magnum Bikes entered the scene with a vision of revolutionizing the electric bicycle industry.

Focused on innovative technologies and high-quality designs with a luxe aesthetic, the company began producing e-bikes that made waves on an international stage.

Magnum creates many of their bike components from scratch, and have a design team that conceptualizes everything from circuit boards to molds to ensure that every step of the process meets their high standards.

For pieces they don’t build in-house, they partner with top brand bicycle companies to ensure that their expectations of quality are met.

48. Brompton Bikes

Brompton Bikes

Image Source: Brompton Bikes

It is one of the most known folding bike manufacturers in the market. They have well-engineered folding and electric folding bikes in their collections. They have a history of rich attention to detail in their bikes. They are known for many awards for their shipping and exports to the users. The first and foremost production was done in West London. Now they have stores worldwide.

49. Tommaso Bikes

Tommaso Bikes

Image source: Tommaso Bikes

Known For: Road, Cyclocross

The Tommaso bikes have been in the market as a road bike brand since 1985. The company is based in Denver, Colorado, it is an Italian bicycle brand.

It is one of the most known brands with its affordable price range hence making it the best bicycle brands all around the world for the riders.

The engineering takes place in Italy and then it is transported to the USA where the bikes are assembled. The frames of the bike are made lightweight to create the best lighter ride for the users.

The company also offers specific women models and has lined up cyclocross bikes, fixed gears, and triathlon bikes.

50. Alchemy bikes

Alchemy Bikes

Image source: Alchemy Bikes

Known For: Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, gravel

Alchemy has been in the market since 2008 and works on the same motto “To build a better ride experience”. It has been their mission from the start and is a motivation for today as well. They make sure to create a bike that offers you a unique style and exceed your expectation.The company is based in Denver and is an American brand that takes pride in building carbon, aluminum, and titanium frame bikes. They have also won many awards for their quality of work and dedication. The brand is a hidden gem due to its limited runs of bikes. However, if you are a true fan of handmade bicycles, then this one is for you!

51. All-City Bikes

All-City Bikes

Image source: All-City Bikes

Known For: Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, hybrid

“A bike built for pursuit, speed, style, and good times” is the niche of the brand you get to feel. The brand has produced its own oriented set of bikes. Their goal is to make a vital contribution to the urban cycling culture. The company is worked and run by a bunch of riders that create bikes for other riders. You can find much great selection of road, mountain, hybrid, and cyclocross bikes. What sets them apart from other brands is that the frames are made of steel, and the components used are of high range.

52.  Ghost Cycles

Ghost cycles

Image Source: GHOST Cycles

Known For: Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Hybrid

The bike is not as the name suggests. Ghost bikes are not ghosts in the cycling industry anymore. The company is Germany based and was first created in 2003.

The company has gained huge success in Europe for many years, recently they have started to distribute their bikes all over the world, including the USA.

The company deals with mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes, hybrid, and electric bikes and is raising the bar with new technologies when it comes to cycling standards.

53. Devinci Bikes

Devinci Bikes

Image Source: Devinci Bikes

Known For: dual suspension bikes, road bikes

Devinci has been a top name for a road, carbon, and dual suspension bikes. It is a Canadian brand and stands high enough to be on the global manufacturing list. Devinci’s collection is based on high-end road, mountain, and gravel bikes only. The bikes are found in many racing events such as Enduro World Series. They also sponsor many athletes and also recreational athletes. The brand has been in the market for 35 years now and is still growing fast.


Beiou Bikes

Known For: Road, Mountain, Hybrid

A company that is based out of China and is relatively new to the American bike market. BEIOU had it origins in the Carbon Compost and manufacturing industry. They took this expertise and started to apply it to bikes.

As you are searching for a light-weight, the search inevitably will lead to carbon frames, forks, and structures. BEIOUS is the leader in replacing the old style steel and aluminum frames with Carbon, and doing it cost effectively.

55.  Critical / Retrospec Cycles

Retrospec cycles

Image Source: Retrospec Cycles

Known For: Commuters Bikes

The company is based in sunny Los Angeles, California. The Critical Cycles focus on building bikes which are simple, affordable, and offer great quality for commuters and daily riders.

Their simple-speed and fixie bikes are of the most popular bike choices available for a while now. The bikes are easy to maintain and ride and have a very attractive look.

However, the prices can be high even due to the lesser parts than regular bikes. These bikes are the best options for commuters who are looking for a flexible and high-quality bike.

56.  Co-op Cycles

Co-Op Cycles

Known For: Mountain Bikes, Touring Bikes

These bikes are built from a love of adventures and are designed by the most known outdoor manufacturer and retailer REI and have been in the market since 2017. The bikes are built for the riders who tend to seek fun and adventure when riding and exploring on wheels.

The company produces entry-level to mid-range bikes which makes them different from other bike brands. The company makes trail and road bikes along with mountain, city, and kids bikes.

57. Marcy Bikes

Marcy Bikes

Image Source: MARCY Bikes

Known for making affordable home-based fitness solutions, Marcy has a line of exercise bikes to suit nearly every rider. By combining technology with space-saving features and great functionality, they give their customers lots of ways to get an intense cardiovascular workout without needing to leave the house.



Known for: Indoor

Known for their home-use exercise equipment, Exerpeutic is a manufacturer of treadmills, ellipticals, and a line of indoor bike options. By combining the latest technology with upright, recumbent, and training models, Exerpeutic gives you the tools to get an effective cycling workout at home.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Exerpeutic 900XL and 1000

Two of the best recumbent bikes on the market, the 900XL particularly shines for big boys looking for a indoor recumbent exercise bike.


card Firmstrong

Image Source: Firmstrong Bikes

Known For: Cruisers

An American bike company based in Hermosa Beach, California. The company was founded with a mission to design and build a clean, simple, easy to ride bikes offered at an affordable price. The company wants to preserve the simplicity of the bike in their designs. Firmstrong’s mission is to design bikes that blend style and functionality.

BikesReviewed Recommends: Firmstrong Urban

The Firmstrong Urban (for women) secured pole position in our Best Cruiser Bikes Buyer’s Guide.

60.  Pinarello Bikes

Pinarello Bikes

Image Source: Pinarello Bikes

Known For:  High-end Road Bikes

Pinarello is an Italian bicycle manufacturing company which is based in Treviso, Italy. The bicycle company produces home-based bikes like road, track, e-bikes, mountain bikes, and cyclocross which are mostly handmade.

The company was founded in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello. Their first model Pinarello Montello SLx was their first victory model in the market.

Originally, all the frames of Pinarello were made of steel, but now there are frames available in carbon-fiber as well.

With distinct designs and racing pedigree, Pinarello bikes stand out from other bikes.

Our Recommended Bicycle Brands

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Best Road Bike

Trek Emonda

trek emonda buy now

Best Hybrid Bike

SixThreeZero Ride in The Park

Sixthreezero Ride In The Park

Best Mountain Bike

Cannondale Jekyll

Cannondale Jekyll family

Best Electric Bike

Ancheer Power Plus

Ancheer Power Plus

How You Should Choose Your bicycle Brands?

Now that we’ve done a broad ranking of the best bike brands for 2021, let’s zoom in to your needs.

How do you select the best bicycle, brand and fit?

Here’s our step-by-step approach which will take you from casually browsing  for a best online bike brands, to getting the right bike and brand delivered to your doorstep.

Step 1. Select your Bike Type

The first, and most important part to selecting the right bike is figuring out what you plan to use it for. Do you need a city bike to commute with, are you going camping with your high end bike, or perhaps training for the Tour de France?

Check out the quick summary of each bike type below. Click on the red button if you want to get our take on the best bikes of each type.


If the idea of cruising down the highway as fast as you possibly can, then a road bike is exactly what your adventurous spirit needs.


Mountain bikes are ideal for all sorts of conditions. While they’re a bit heavier and slower than a road bike,  they’re easier to ride.


Electric bikes (also known as e bikes) are perfect for long-distance riding, or when you just don’t feel like  working up a sweat!


Hybrid bikes are all about versatility. While they don’t really handle specific tasks as well as a dedicated bike, the appeal is that it can do both.


Cruiser bikes have had a resurgence in the last decade or two. With large tires, the ride is considerably more comfortable and smooth.


If getting from point A to point B is too boring, you might be looking for a little bit more fun. Are you looking for the best BMX bike for adults or kids?


No speeds and gears, fixed gear bikes are known for simplicity. Fixies are popular – they’re easy to tinker with, and you have a lot of control.


Folding bikes are more than just a gimmick. Being able to fold your bike up and carry it is incredibly useful in bustling downtown areas.


An exercise bike alows you to workout in the comfort of your living room. Looking for an upright, spinning or recumbent bike?

Step 2. Deciding On Bike Brands

Brand goes with performance and your high end bike type.

You don’t want to go with a popular bike brand just because you have heard of it. If you are looking for the best cruiser bike, for example, for every day casual riding, you won’t want to spend your money on a Santa Cruz model designed for downhill racing.While most best bike companies will manufacture most types of models and types, the one for you will come down to budget, comfort and performance.

Mountain Bike Brands

Almost without fail, every manufacture will have a mountain bike in their lineup. This doesn’t mean it is the best option. Best mountain bike such as Giant and Fuji bikes provide some of the best MTBs built because that is the main focus of the company.BEIOU shouldn’t be overlooked in the mountain bike category either. Their standards will ensure a great ride with a budget friendly model.

Road Bike Brands

Road bikes are designed for riders that want to train, or that never like to go off-road. The best road bike brands are:

  • Bianchi
  • Cannondale
  • Giordano
  • Schwinn

Triathlon Bike brands

Just as with any other category, more than brand will make a triathlon bike. For the serious athletes out there, two names stand above the rest. Kestrel has won more triathlons than almost any other bike brand.

Vilano has excellent triathlon bikes for smaller budget professionals.

Urban and Fixie brands

Daily commuters and urban riders will get the most from Fortified, Firmstrong and Scott.

If a single gear or Fixie is your thing, then look no further than 6KU, Pure and Critical Cycles.

Downhill and BMX bike brands

When it comes to downhill racing, one brand is more dedicated and experienced than any other: Santa Cruz.

However, for those riders looking for style, tricks and track riding, BMX bike don’t get any better than those from Mongoose and Diamondback.

Specialty Bike brands

Fitness bikes have two brands solely dedicated to your needs: Exerpeutic and Marcy. If, however, you are looking for an hybrid/electric bikes then you will want to focus your attention to Addmotor, Ancheer or Magnum.For a folding bike, you should scan the options over at Montague.

Finally, if you want a daily cruiser to just ride around in, Sixthreezero has you covered.

All-Around brands

If you want to dabble in a little bit of everything, then you want to look for the best all-around bike available.

In this instance, Trek and Specialized will have you covered.No matter what you are in to, there is a bike brand just for you.

Step 3. Find The Best Fit

Once you know what type of bike you prefer you need to find the best fit. You will need to be able to stand, straddling the top bar with your feet flat on the ground.

You should measure your inseam height from the ground to your crotch and ensure the bike will fit that measurement.You will be able to adjust he seat height as well as the handlebar height on most every model, including the lean and angle.

If you are on a mountain bike, for example, you will want a more back angle seat and down angle handlebars to provide the best maneuverability.

Frequently asked questions about bike brands?

What is the #1 bike brand?

Giant still rocks the charts in terms of sales, but Trek and Specialized are the real MVPs stealing the hearts of many riders with its innovative tech. Picking the top bike brand really boils down to what fuels your rides. So, which brand will you chase?

Which is the best bike brand in the USA?

There are many great bike brands in the USA, but some consistently rank highly. Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, and Schwinn are all known for their quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. The best brand for you depends on your individual needs and preferences, Check the List of 60 bike brands and review for making your decision.

What are popular bike brands based on cycling style and budget?

Popular bike brands differ based on your cycling style and wallet. Trek, Specialized, and Cannondale dominate high-end road and mountain bikes, while Giant and Scott offer compelling mid-range options. For budget-conscious riders, Felt and Marin deliver great value. Look to Santa Cruz and Giant for premium mountain bikes, Salsa and Kona for gravel adventures, and Specialized or Trek for e-bikes.

What are good bike brands for kids?

The best bike brand is WOOM (in my opinion). This brand has become the best choice both for parents and for kids. Woom bikes are popular in Europe and now slowly emerging in the rest of the world.


Above are some of the best bike brands and manufacturers available worldwide. However, the list doesn’t exhaust here. There are more upcoming new bike brands gaining popularity in the cycling world.

Choosing the right bicycle frame is very important and specifically when you are purchasing your first bike. We suggest to do a thorough research if you did not find the right bike for you.

All you have to do is look at what you need for your bike, it is not that challenging to find the perfect one. Whether you like to bike on the road and mountains or like to commute, there is a bike available according to your needs.

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