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Scott Bikes

Scott Bikes

For decades, SCOTT has brought innovation and advancement to the biking world. They take pride in their love for innovation and willingness to pursue perfection.

This has made SCOTT a prominent bike manufacturer. Such prominence is reflected in the innumerable success stories that SCOTT has been part of over the years.

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Scott Bikes: No Shortcuts

SCOTT first started selling Taiwanese mountain bikes in 1988. One year later, SCOTT’s Charley French kicked-off their pursuit of innovation in the bike industry. He invented the first aerodynamic handlebar, one of the most prominent innovations in the history of cycling.

In 1991, they began manufacturing MTB suspension with Unishock. A year earlier, they hired their now-Vice-President Pascal Ducrot. He would then invent the first carbon mountain bike in 1995/1996– the Endorphin.

The Genius was later introduced by SCOTT in 2003. It was a novel idea: a full-suspension mountain bike that has a shock-adjustable into three different modes. The Genius became very popular very quickly.

From the very beginning, SCOTT also focused on lightweight. They continuously aimed to make the lightest mountain bikes in the market and succeeded multiple times. In 2007, they presented the Addict, which is the lightest road bike frame in the market to this day, weighing only 750 grams.

SCOTT introduced the iTwin Loc lever in 2010. Their new suspension technology enabled riders to choose travel settings while keeping both hands on the handlebar.

One year later, in 2011, a SCOTT-Bosch collaboration made SCOTT the pioneering provider of an easily operable E-Bike. The first successful 27.5-inch wheel size was also a SCOTT achievement in 2012.

Scott Bikes is part of the Swiss brand Scott Sports, which was founded in 1958. They initially focused on winter sports and motorsports. Ed Scott, the founder, invented the first modern-day aluminum ski pole. This was the first of many firsts.

Today, Scott Sports has expanded to become a manufacturer of bikes, winter-sports equipment, running apparel, and motorsports gear. Notably, bicycles are now SCOTT’s biggest line of business, representing 80% of the company’s revenue.

Success Stories

The motto “no shortcuts” reflects SCOTT’s passion and relentless efforts in design and innovation. It also showcases their desire to empower and inspire.

This revolutionist vision together with decades upon decades of experience has made success stories a big part of SCOTT’s journey.

Their ground-breaking innovation– the aerodynamic handlebar – won Greg Lemond the 1989 Tour de France. Later, SCOTT’s Endorphin –the first carbon MTB– won Gary Foord the very first world mountain bike cup one or two years later.

SCOTT bikes have also been six-times World Champion Nino Schurter’s Weapon of Choice many times as the Olympic gold medallist rode to victory.

In July 2019, Simon Yates won two Tour De France stages riding SCOTT’s new Addict RC. During the same month, Matteo Trentin scored a Tour De France stage win, marking the new Addict RC’s third victory. It’s safe to say that SCOTT’s role in success stories is still prominent as ever.

Who Can Buy a SCOTT Bike?

Whether you’re a professional athlete or somebody who just needs to ride a bike to work, there’s a suitable SCOTT bike for you.

SCOTT also caters to both men and women. Their women’s bikes have female-specifictouchpoints and a tailored feminine style. They’re available for both casual riders and competitive racers alike.

Moreover, SCOTT aims to inspire a new generation of young riders. Their Junior and Future Pro lines are optimized to suit children and teenagers.

Types of SCOTT Bikes

There are various lines of SCOTT bikes. Each type is designed to fulfill the needs of a different rider. Casual riders, mountain bikers, cyclocross athletes, and even children have models tailored to fit them.


Designed for the city, this line is made to provide riders with comfort, practicality, and minute need for maintenance.

Mountain Bikes

This category is designed to help you overcome the challenges of cycling adventures off the road. It includes a variety of sub-categories. The Sport MTB, for instance, is suitable for new riders, as it’s affordable and lightweight.

Another line is the Cross-Country MTB. These SCOTT mountain bikes are the winners of Olympic medals, World Championships, and World Cups. They are also non-racers’ favorite pick.

Road Bikes

Scott road bikes are diverse, with different models in each of multiple categories. They are made to suit the different needs of different riders and give you a great cycling experience on the road.

The Addict CX is one of the Gravel/CX road bikes manufactured by SCOTT. It’s the lightest disc brake-optimized cross bike in the market.

Gravel/Cyclocross Bikes

Agile, lightweight, and durable. These bikes will get you through rough cross-cycling courses.


Cycling made easier; these electric bikes are the way to less tiresome cycling. They will give you an extra boost to get anywhere, whether it’s somewhere just around the corner, or even up a rough trail.

In this category, you can find electric cross-country bikes for steep challenging climbs and descents. You can also find electric urban bikes that are comfortable and secure, e-bikes tailored for women, as well as e-bikes for kids.

Trekking Bikes

If you plan on riding through contrasting smooth pavements and rocky gravel terrains, these versatile bikes will get you through both. Their smart features will keep you comfortable during long adventurous rides.

Junior Bikes

This SCOTT bike is suitable for young riders. It’s durable and some of its models have adjustable crank sizes. This allows your growing child to enjoy their bike for a longer duration.

Junior bike sizes vary from 14 inches up to 24 inches. They also come in different types: BMX for junior racers, MTB, and road bikes.

The Hardtail Junior MTB is a lightweight model, suitable for first-time riders and parents on a budget.

Future Pro

This line of SCOTT bikes bridges the chasm between children’s bikes and adults’ bikes. Future Pro bikes are mountain bikes suitable for racing. They provide a smooth transition for your budding rider from a Junior bike to a bigger one.

Different Features

When choosing a SCOTT bike, you can choose from different sizes to find the best fit for you, choose the wheel size you prefer, as well as opt for either an aluminum frame or a lightweight carbon frame.

SCOTT bikes also come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from black, bronze, and silver, to bright options like red, green, and orange.

Other Equipment

SCOTT doesn’t stop at just bikes. This popular bikes brands aims to conveniently provide you with everything you need for a full cycling experience.

You can find various bike frames to choose from. You can also stock up on any biking equipment that you need, whether you’re a mountain biker, a road cycler, a professional competitor, or even a casual rider.

A vast variety of each of the following items is provided by SCOTT bikes:
Cycling helmets
Mountain biking shoes
Road cycling shoes
Armor/Body protection

Apparel for men, women, and children, including cycling gloves and any biking accessory you might need.

Popular Scott Bikes

We mentioned before the types of bikes SCOTT offer, these are some of the more popular products by SCOTT that are available.

Spark 900

Versatile, light weight and commanding, the Spark 900 is one of Scott’s most popular single-track bikes. Kevlar tires, 120mm fork travel, forward seated designed frame with drop handles for more control, the Spark 900 has thought of everything.

Accuracy in shifting and power come from SRAM’s XX1 trigger and crank. Hydraulic brakes and large Maxxis Kevlar tubeless tires give balance, power and performance to a bike that only weighs 24 pounds.

Addict RC

HMX carbon frame and fork combined with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain make for a speed performance machine rivaled by few.

The Addict RC road bike is efficient with a short crank that puts the power when and where you need it. Uphill and coasting result in the same power band allowing you to maintain speed and maneuver effortlessly.


The Scott Speedster 50 is a great bike for those who want to spend less than a thousand dollars but still get a very capable road bike. To find out more about this high-performing 14-speed bike check out our Scott Speedster 50 Review.


Scott's Contessa Mountain & Road bike line is a series of bikes designed specifically for women. This line offers both beginner friendly bikes and expert level bikes. Find out more about the Contessa Series in our Scott Contessa Review.


The Scott Silence EVO is a hybrid bike designed for general purpose driving. It's equipped with a set of durable tires and a unique drivetrain system. To find out more about the unique qualities of this bike, check out our Scott Silence EVO Review.


Equipped with a remotely changeable front and back suspension, and a light Carbon mainframe, the Scott Spark 730 is a well equipped for uphill climbing. 
It's also great for enduro riding, cross-country, single track riding you name it.
In our Scott Spark 730 Review we go into the details and tech specs of this bike.


The motorized version of the excellent mountain biking like by Scott, the E-Spark 700 adds a motor to the already responsive Spark-700 making for the dream mountain bike. 


Aluminum Alloy frame, Shimano M365 brakes and a Sram NX1 Shifter are just some of the tech specs for the Scott Scale 965. For a deeper look at the capabilities of this quality mountain bike check out our Scott Scale 965 In-depth Review.


In a nutshell, the numerous types and models of SCOTT bikes guarantee that every rider finds a bike to suit their needs. It doesn’t matter how great you are at cycling, or where you choose to ride.