Bike Frame Size Calculator & Chart

If you're shopping for a new bicycle (whether it's a road, mountain, BMX, or any other bike type), you need to make sure it's a perfect fit for your proportions. You don't want to buy any top bike brands just to realize it's too big/small for your size.

To stop that from happening, we've created a simple but powerful bike frame size calculator (accompanied by charts).

If you're wondering what size bike do you need, or what's the perfect frame size for your height, these calculators (and charts) will definitely help.

Bike Frame Size Calculators

The first step is to choose your bike type. Each type of bike has a different sizing chart, and we have created a tool to help take the guesswork out of sizing your bike. Be sure to have a measuring tape at the ready!

Road Bike Frame Size Calculator

Built for speed and comfort on the open road, a road bike has the features you need for both long distance racing and making quick trips around your local area.

mountain bike frame size calculator

Rugged and durable, mountain bikes are built for comfort, safety, and speed on the unpaved trails. They’re built to take the abuse you can throw at them and keep moving forward.

hybrid bike frame size calculator

Whether you’re traveling on the paved road or the rugged trails, hybrid bikes can handle whatever life throws at you, and take you wherever the journey leads.

bmx bike frame size calculator

BMX bikes are currently some of the smallest framed bikes, and may not necessarily be the most popular, but it’s argued that they are the most fun.

Kids bike frame size calculator

Kids bikes have smaller frames and wheels and are designed to help children learn to ride.

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