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Road Bikes
Built for speed and comfort on the open road, a road bike has the features you need for both long distance racing and making quick trips around your local area. If you know you’re going to spend most of your time on the pavement, a road bike could be the perfect addition to your stable.
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Mountain Bikes
Rugged and durable, mountain bikes are built for comfort, safety, and speed on the unpaved trails. They’re built to take the abuse you can throw at them and keep moving forward. Keeping yourself safe while you’re on the trail requires the right frame coupled with the right tires, gearing, suspension, seat and pedals.
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Electric Bikes
If you’re dealing with knee and back pain, or just don’t feel like pedaling but still want to get around, run errands, and enjoy the world around you, an electric bike is the perfect solution. The right electric bike can take you further than you would go on a manual bike, and keep you comfortable while you’re heading there.
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Hybrid Bikes
Hybrid bikes are perfect when you need to get to new places in a hurry. Whether you’re traveling on the paved road or the rugged trails, they can handle whatever life throws at you, and take you wherever the journey leads. They are the perfect “middle of the road” bike for most consumers.
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Cruisers Bikes
Laid back and comfortable, when you’re looking for a leisure stroll down the beachside, through your town, or around your neighborhood, no bike works better than a classic cruiser. These low-strung bikes are great for riders of all shapes and sizes and, as the name implies, are designed for one thing: comfortable cruising.
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BMX Bikes
If getting from point A to point B is too boring, you might be looking for a little bit more fun. BMX bikes are currently some of the smallest framed bikes, and may not necessarily be the most popular, but it’s argued that they are the most fun. When you’re interested in tackling terrains that most other bikes would crumble under, a BMX bike is exactly what you need.
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Fixed Gear Bikes
No speeds and gears, fixed gear bikes are known for simplicity. In the bike community, fixies may be polarizing, but one thing cannot be denied: they are incredibly simple and affordable. If you want a bike that’s nearly impossible to break, comfortable to ride, and designed for the city streets, you need to look no further than a fixed gear.
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Folding Bikes
Folding bikes are more than just a gimmick. Folding bikes help you eliminate space issues, making them perfect for offices and apartments in the city. Getting around doesn’t mean you have to lug around a heavy, bulky bike. With the right folding bike, you can stay on the go and easily transport and store your bike when you’re done riding.
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Indoor Bikes
When the weather’s got you pinned inside, or you don’t have the time to get your bike out and hit the road or trails, an indoor bike is perfect. You get the cardio exercise without battling with the elements, fighting with traffic, or worrying about tearing up your bike on the trails. Looking for an upright, spinning or recumbent bike?
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