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Our Buying Guides

Fixed Gear Shop

The Best Fixed Gear Bikes Of 2017 – A Complete Buying Guide

While some may still refer to fixed gear bikes as a fad, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay. The simplicity and style offered by fixies is simply […]

Shopping For Electric Bike

The Best Electric Bikes Of 2017 – A Complete Buying Guide

In case you don’t know by now, electric bikes are in. What was once considered a small enthusiast bike niche has now grown to be a major force worldwide, as […]

The Best Cruiser Bikes Of 2017 - A Complete Buying Guide

The Best Cruiser Bikes Of 2017 – A Complete Buying Guide

Cruiser bikes are not exactly the most complicated type of bike you’ll ride. These relaxed, casual bicycles are known for their simplicity, which is part of the allure in the […]

Riding Folding Bikes

The Best Folding Bikes in 2017 – A Complete Buying Guide

For those who may be unfamiliar, the prospect of buying a folding bike may seem a bit daunting at first. After all, these bikes look a little strange at first, […]

Latest Bike Reviews

Fixie From 6KU Urban Track Bike

6ku Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Review

6KU Urban TRack FEATURESStainless steel dropouts and a 1 ⅛” alloy fork alloy for some added shock absorption on bumpier paths. Te overall weight ranges from 18-22 pounds depending on […]

Critical Cycles Fixie

Critical Cycles Pursuit Fixed Gear Bike Review

Critical Cycles pursuit FEATURESIt starts with the frame. Hand-built using high-tensile steel, it has a track-influenced design, with horizontal dropouts and a very solid fork. REVIEWSThe reviews are mixed, but […]

Red Fixed Gear Bike

Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Review

Golden Cycles Fixie FEATURESSo, about that frame. The frame and fork have been crafted from high-tensile steel that has been tig-welded to create a smooth, seamless look. Horizontal dropouts give […]

Fixed Gear Bike By Merax

Merax Finiss Fixed Gear Review

MERAX FINISS  FEATURESThe frame itself is tig-welded from aluminum, and fitted with a steel front fork for added stability. The other metal components are made from aluminum alloy as well, […]