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Bike Types


If the idea of cruising down the highway as fast as you possibly can, then a road bike is exactly what your adventurous spirit needs.


Mountain bikes are ideal for all sorts of conditions. While they’re a bit heavier and slower than a road bike,  they’re easier to ride.


Electric bikes (also known as e bikes) are perfect for long-distance riding, or when you just don’t feel like  working up a sweat!


Hybrid bikes are all about versatility. While they don’t really handle specific tasks as well as a dedicated bike, the appeal is that it can do both.


Cruiser bikes have had a resurgence in the last decade or two. With large tires, the ride is considerably more comfortable and smooth.


If getting from point A to point B is too boring, you might be looking for a little bit more fun. Are you looking for the best BMX bike for adults or kids?

Fixed Gear 

No speeds and gears, fixed gear bikes are known for simplicity. Fixies are popular - they’re easy to build and work on, and you have a lot of control.


Folding bikes are more than just a gimmick. Being able to fold your bike up and carry it is incredibly useful in bustling downtown areas.


An exercise bike alows you to workout in the comfort of your living room. Looking for an upright, spinning or recumbent bike? 

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