Razor Agitator BMX Bike Review

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Pros Value for the money, wheelset, sprocket
Cons Pedals
Summary This is definitely a very cost-efficient bike that also holds up to repeated wear and tear with ease.
Our Rating 86/100
Manufacturer Razor

In years past, freestyle Razor Agitator BMX bikes were often on the expensive side, and not so widely available. If you wanted an optimal freestyle bike that could handle the demands of street, park, and vert riding, you needed to fork over plenty of cash, and perhaps make a few modifications yourself.

Things have changed quite a bit since then, and the Razor Agitator is a prime example of just how much things have changed. Sporting a bike that looks like this would’ve been reserved for professional freestyle competitors back then, and for a much higher price.

Instead, the Razor Agitator delivers an impressive list of features and components, making it very much a true freestyle BMX bike that can be trusted to ensure top-tier performance on any number of freestyle applications.

Oh, and the other major factor?

The price.

The Razor Agitator keeps the cost under $150, making it one of the best BMX bike deals available, period. The low price point offers riders easier access to a fully-equipped freestyle bike that is tough, rugged, and efficient.

Introducing the Razor Agitator BMX Bike

FRAME: Aluminum

BREAKSET: Mechanical rim with front alloy caliper brakes

SHIFTERS: Single speed

MEASUREMENTS: 24 x 7.5 x 46inches

EXTRA FEATURES: 360-degree rotors for performing pro-style handlebar spinning

The Agitator is certainly flashy, but it absolutely backs up the looks. While the low cost prevents the bike from being top-tier in terms of materials and components, it is more than serviceable, and gets as much quality in as it possibly can.

It all starts with the bike’s frame, which is crafted from high-tensile steel. This helps keep the weight down some, but not as low as chromoly or aluminum. Still, this is a freestyle bike, so a little extra weight is no big deal, and actually helps make the bike more stable.

Razor Agitator Wheel

The graphics and design of the Agitator point to its aggressive nature. The black paint job is a suitable background for the red fonts, with subtle accents and detailing all over the frame, fork, seat, and handlebars.

The drivetrain uses a 25/9 shorter gear setup, giving the bike a lot of additional clearance on the bottom, while also giving it a higher pedal efficiency that’s much more optimal for park and street riding, where quick bursts of speed are preferred over higher sustained speeds.

A clear plastic chainguard protects the chain area, while also protecting the rider. Plastic platform pedals and standard cranks help complete the drivetrain setup.

The wheelset is definitely eye-catching, as it opts for extra-thick mags instead of the usual thin spokes. This gives the bike a classic look that is more aggressive, while also providing better wheel reinforcement without adding significant extra weight. The tires have a lower profile with minimal tread, which is exactly what you want with freestyle riding.

The brake system of the Agitator utilizes both linear and caliper brake systems. The front brake is a caliper style for better control, while the rear brake uses a linear break instead, giving it more stopping power without the need to squeeze the heck out of the lever.

The handlebar has a rotating detangler for the brake lines, allowing full 360-degree handlebar spins without any worries about getting the cables all twisted up.

Extra-thick pegs are a welcome inclusion, along with a very plush, comfortable seat. This bike really made sure to cover all the bases.

Again, all of this for under $150. It’s hard to think of a better value in regards to how much you are actually getting for the price.

BMX Mag Wheels

What We Like

The value is obviously what stands out the most with the Agitator. There is no need to worry about adding other components or swapping anything out, it’s totally good to go.

The thick mag wheelset is one of our favorite parts of the bike. Nothing against spokes, we just really like the look and simplicity of mags, and it also offers a sort of throwback feel. The added weight savings are nice as well, along with the lack of worry about bending spokes.

The smaller sprocket really helps out alot too. The shorter gearing ratio is better for freestyle settings, and better for younger riders as well. Plus, it’s always nice to have more ground clearance on a freestyle bike, which pairs well with pegs. The rotating hub for the brake cables is another welcome bonus.

What We Don’t Like

The only thing that we would think about changing would be the cheaper plastic pedals. Alloy would be much nicer, and add more durability to the bike as well.

We say this while fully acknowledging all of the other great features of the bike, even with the lower cost. Still, alloy pedals would be great. Maybe on a future model?

For some, the graphics and paint job may be a bit much, but that’s be nitpicky. This bike is intended for younger riders, so this isn’t really an issue.

Buying Advice

The bike does not come fully assembled by default. Judging from some of the comments of other buyers, there seems to be a bit of trouble for those who try to assemble the bike on their own after ordering it. This is mainly with the brake cables, which is understandable.

There is an option to have the bike assembled by Amazon for an extra fee, so if you hate the idea of putting it together, the pre-assembly option is a great idea. Or, you can always take it into a shop.

BMX Bike by Razor Agitator


The Razor Agitator is one of our favorite type of BMX freestyle bikes for many reasons. You get all of the major components expected on more expensive freestyle BMX bikes, but without having to be in the same price range.

This is definitely a very cost-efficient bike that also holds up to repeated wear and tear with ease. If you are looking for an economical way to get a BMX bike that is fully ready for freestyle use, the Razor Agitator should be your top choice.

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