BMX Bike Frame Size Calculator

The BMX bike original got its name through BMX racing, but has now grown to cover nearly every type of racing bike available -- whether for vert, dirt, street, park, or flatlanding. They also cover nearly every speciality of freestyle BMX riding.

This calculator will recommend a BMX bike frame size based on your measurements. If you don't know your leg length, you will get a range of frame sizes to try out.

Why size matters

With on-line orders for bikes and frames taking off, it is important to understand the major factors in ordering the right bike size.  For the most part, height is going to be the primary driver. However, not all bodies are built alike and some people will have a disproportionate leg length versus total height.

Not being able to test ride the bike can be a challenge, but if you have your measurements you can take most of the guesswork out of this purchase.

Invest to Get the Right Bike Fit

When you have found the right fit it will be worth the effort to collect your measurements.  The right size will ensure that you are optimizing your pedal efficiency. You will want to have the maximum leverage when pushing the pedals down, and when clipped into the pedals you will want the right foot position when starting to motion to pull up.

Having the right fit will help you move faster, and will reduce the wear and tear that you feel after long rides.  I like to say that a bike should fit like a glove.    

Listen to Your Body to Ensure You Got the Size Right

After you start to use the bike, pay attention to how your body reacts.  If you are starting to feel pain in your lower back, neck strain, elbow soreness, or stiffness in the knees, it’s time to review the bike setup.  Make sure you are adjusting the movable parts first (seat, bars, tires), and if you cannot get into a ‘comfort position’ it is time to question the frame dimensions. 

Numbness is your friend in this assessment.  After you make sure your body is accustomed to riding, it now time to pay attention to any parts that are numb after riding.  This is an indication that you are either pinching a nerve or cutting off blood flow. The adjustment will be to transition the touch points of seat or feet to pedal to reduce the strain. 

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