Giant Cypress DX Review

Giant Cypress Comfort/Hybrid Bike Review

A perfect blend of comfort, quality, and lightweight materials, Giant’s Cypress hybrid bike has all the features for an action-packed ride around town, at a price that you’ll appreciate.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Bike Review

The Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike features heavy-duty design, eight resistance levels, an LCD screen, and much more to give you a great workout.

Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike Review

Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike Review

The Diamondback Nitrus Youth BMX Bike is a great choice for kids who want a little more out of their BMX bike. It utilizes high-quality parts in every aspect.

Trek Madone Road Bike

Trek Madone Road Bike Review

Read all about Trek’s Madone, a benchmark for racing bikes that boasts a lightweight design and offers unparalleled speed and maneuverability out on the tracks.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike offers multiple workout programs and display feedbacks. Read on to learn more about this bike and what makes it stand out.

cannondale quick cx-1

Cannondale Quick CX 4 Review

The Cannondale Quick Bike is part of an extensive family of Cannondale bikes. It’s best suited for advanced riders seeking a versatile mode of transportation.

Hithot Electric Bike

Addmotor Hithot Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Addmotor HITHOT is a full suspension electric mountain bike that is built to easily take on the toughest of trails, with the benefits of a highly-adjustable electric motor that can extend your ride for miles.

fortified hybrid review

Fortified Theft-Resistant Hybrid Bike Review

A review of one of the top hybrid bikes for under $1000 that is also one of the hybrid bikes least likely to get stolen – the Fortified Theft-Resistant 8-Speed Hybrid Bike with Disc Brakes

Fuji Nevada 19 Mountain Bike Review

Fuji Nevada Review

Try the Fuji Nevada line of bikes if you are a mountain biking beginner. There are several mountain bike models in the Nevada line to suit every rider.

Diamondback Viper Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Viper Review

The Diamondback Viper is a first-step bike for kids to get their initial BMX riding experience.
This bike celebrates a true BMX bike in its purest form. The Diamondback Jr. Viper is a 20-inch boys’ bike is ready to roll to school, cruise along park paths or hit the BMX park.

Fixie From 6KU Urban Track Bike

6ku Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Review

The 6KU Urban Track fixed gear bike combines the speed and agility of a track bike, with the ruggedness and efficiency needed for true urban riding. It works just as well as it sounds.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Review

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Bike Review

Vilano delivers a top end hybrid bike with the Diverse 3.0. Sporting Shimano gear with disc brakes designed to tackle any conditions or road surfaces.

diamondback trace sport review

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Trace Sport Review

A review of the2016 Trace Sport Complete Dual Sport Bike from Diamondback and why this is one of the very top bicycles on the market with comfort and performance over all road conditions.

Cannondale CAAD12 Racing Bike Review

Cannondale CAAD12 Review

The Cannondale CAAD12 is the ideal bike for a cycling enthusiast. It offers many of the same characteristics as a carbon race bikae, all at a lower cost.

Razor MX500 Electric Dirt Bike Review

The Razor MX350 dirt bike is an amazing off-road speed monster that any child will have a blast taking out for a ride. It comes with a sturdy design and quality features that deliver an authentic motocross riding experience.

trek powerfly 5 review

Trek Powerfly 5 Review

The Powerfly 5 from Trek is a great choice of an electric mountain bike that has people talking about its versatility. The following review looks at the various features on the Powerfly 5 and the overall performance it offers.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review

Looking for a new road bike? Here’s an in-depth review of the amazing Vilano Shadow Road Bike in which we look at all of its features, pros and cons!

Trek Fuel EX 8 Trail Bike Review

Trek Fuel EX 8 Trail Bike Review

Read on to learn about the Trek Fuel EX 8, which seamlessly combines the rugged durability of a trail bike with the handling of an XC bike.

Giant Boulder Review

Giant Boulder Mountain Bike Review

An affordable entry-level bike with plentiful comfort and functionality, Giant’s Boulder line of bikes (Boulder 1 and Boulder 2) lets newcomers roll out and start riding with minimal fuss.

Trek Emonda Review

Trek Emonda Road Bike Review

The Emonda is Trek’s most lightweight carbon fiber road bike, giving cyclists an unbeatably fast ride. Come see why you should consider purchasing an Emonda.

Kestrel RT-1000 Frame

Kestrel RT-1000 Road Bike Review

The Kestrel RT-1000 is a high-performance road bike suitable for enthusiasts on longer trips. Here’s everything else you need to know about it.

Scott Speedster 50 Review

Scott Speedster 50 Road Bike Review

In-depth review of the Scott Speedster 50 Road Bike, covering the strengths and weaknesses of this entry-level model in Scott’s endurance road bike lineup. A race-proven design fitted with affordable parts makes for a bike that delivers an excellent bang for your buck. But is it comfortable as the miles rack up?