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GMC Denali road bike review

GMC Denali Road Bike Review

PriceAround $280 - Available on Amazon.comProsPrice, durable, stylishConsUnassembled, brakesSummaryThough more advanced riders should look elsewhere, new cyclists and non-picky motorists will want to

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Diamondback Wildwood Review

Diamondback Wildwood Review

PriceAround $400 - Available on Amazon.comProsDurable,  affordable, requires little maintenance, excellent on bike paths and streetsConsPedals,  seat, heavy due to suspensionSummaryThe Diamondback

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Diamondback 2016 Sorrento Review

Diamondback Sorrento 27.5 Review

PriceAround $400 - Available on Amazon.comProsSizing options, lightweight, great priceConsWeak chain, sub-par pedals, durabilitySummaryWhile being an excellent affordable beginner bike, it does not hold

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Cannondale CAAD12 Racing Bike Review

Cannondale CAAD12 Review

PriceBetween $1,700 and $2,099 - Available on REI.comPros​​​​​Lightweight, high quality components, great performance, excellent upgrade potential ConsTires wear and tear easilySummaryIf

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cannondale quick cx-1

Cannondale Quick Review

PriceBetween $600 and $1,300 - Available on REI.comPros​​​​​Light frame, kickstand included, suspensionCons​Limited gear optionsSummary​The Cannondale Quick is a fast commuter bike that

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Cannondale Synapse Featured

Cannondale Synapse Review

PriceBetween $1,300 and $2,999 - Available on REI.comPros​​​​​​Interesting design, responsive breaking, comfortable rideConsN/ASummaryIf you want a bike that can outlast most any environment,

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Diamondback Mission 1 Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Mission 1 Review

PriceAround $2,000 - Available on Amazon.comProsExcellent grip, suspension, hydraulic brakesConsColor might not be for everyone, no water bottle mountSummaryThe Diamondback Mission 1 is a viable entry

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Diamondback Maravista

Diamondback Maravista Review

PriceAround $300 - Available on Amazon.comProsWide tires, puncture resistant, stableConsUncomfortable seat,SummaryWhile an excellent hybrid bike for an affordable price, nothing really makes the Maravista

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Diamondback Sync’r Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Sync’r Review

PriceAround $1,200 - Available on Amazon.comProsTop quality components, fantastic handling and stability, hydraulic disc breaksConsSeat uncomfortable, not beginner-friendly SummaryThis high-quality

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Diamondback Apex Review

Diamondback Apex Review

PriceAround $500 - Available on Amazon.comProsLittle maintenance, good sizing options, affordableConsSomewhat heavySummaryDiamondback Apex is well equipped Mountain bike, especially for its moderate

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Diamondback Mission 2 Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Mission 2 Mountain Bike Review

PriceAround $3,500 - Available on Amazon.comProsSuspension, easy to assemble, lightweight, strongConsPriceSummaryAn excellent all-round mountain bike with good suspension, perfect for trail rides.Our

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Santa Cruz Tallboy Review

Santa Cruz Tallboy Mountain Bike Review

Price​Between $2,699 - $7,999Pros​​​​​Wide tires, excellent grip, comfortConsLow-end kits leave you wantingSummary​Santa Cruz Tallboy is in a class of it's own when it comes to pure climb

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Santa Cruz Nomad Review

Santa Cruz Nomad Mountain Bike Review

Price​Between $3,599 - $9,399Pros​​​​​Full shock compatibility, lightweight, durable, handling at high speedsCons​Weight difference based on price, limited sizingSummary​The Nomad like

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Santa Cruz Hightower

Santa Cruz Hightower Mountain Bike Review

Price​Between $3,999 - $9,299Pros​​​​​Design, versatility, wheel size, adaptabilityConsPrice, rims Summary​The Santa Cruz Hightower is one of he most versatile and adaptable bikes

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Santa Cruz 5010 Review

Santa Cruz 5010 Mountain Bike Review

PriceBetween $5,499 - $7,999Pros​​​​​Components, suspension, frameConsPedal kickback, not for competitive racingSummaryThe bottom line is that the 5010 should be at the top of your list of

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Santa Cruz Bronson Frame Review

Santa Cruz Bronson Mountain Bike Review

PriceBetween $3,299 - $8,099Pros​​​​​Design, versatility, fastConsRequires aggressive handling at timesSummaryIt’s challenging to find faults with the bike since it performs so consistently.

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giant talon 4 review

Giant Talon 27.5 4 MTB Review

PriceAround $600Pros​​​​​Fork, pedals, brakes, priceConsLack of sizing optionsSummaryThe Talon 4 offers durability and stability in a lightweight frame that’s feature-filled enough to get

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Giant Stance 1 Mountain Bike Review

Giant Stance 1 MTB Review

PriceAround $2,000Pros​​​​​Tires, drivetrainConsNo pedalsSummaryIn the realm of single track trail bikes, Giant’s Stance 1 packs some power into a slight frame at a veritable bargain price.Our

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Giant Rincon Mountain Bike Review

PriceAround $500Pros​​​​​Design, tires, price, brakesConsSaddle, shifterSummaryThis mountain bike is perfect for a budding mountain biker, or enthusiast that wants an economical ride option.Our

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Giant Revel

Giant Revel 2 Trail Bike Review

PriceAround $380Pros​​​​​Lightweight frame, design, handlebarsConsSeat, pedals, no disc brakesSummaryThis bike is best suited for those who are looking for an entry level bike to use on trails.Our

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Giant Boulder Review

Giant Boulder (2018) Mountain Bike Review

PriceAround $500Pros​​​​​Price, aluminum frame, fork, suspensionConsSeat post, handlebarsSummaryAs you get a feel for how the bike responds on your first few rides, you’ll appreciate the

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Diamondback Edgewood Review

Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid Bike Review

PriceFrom $200 - Available on Amazon.comProsStability, suspensionConsWeight, saddleSummaryIf you’re ready to ride in comfort and with few maintenance worries, the Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid is the

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Giant Cypress DX Review

Giant Cypress Comfort/Hybrid Bike Review

PriceAround $360Pros​​​​​Design, components, performanceConsHeavy, drive trainSummaryThis bike is perfect for commuting, riding around the neighborhood, and general pleasure riding.Our Rating82/100ManufacturerGiant If

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Giant Escape 3 Review

Giant Escape 3 Road Bike Review

PriceAround $400Pros​​​​​Price, frame, color optionsConsNo shock on board, upright geometry, pedalsSummaryThis model is best for beginning riders who are getting their feet wet with street

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Kestrel Legend Review

Kestrel Legend Racing Bike Review

PriceFrom $1,600 - Available on Amazon.comProsDesign, ride quality, frame optionsConsElite pricingSummaryEvery part of the bike is designed to maximize your performance during the heat of competition,

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Santa Cruz V10 Frame Type

Santa Cruz V10 Downhill Racing Bike Review

Price$3,599 - $8,999Pros​​​​​Sizing & shock optionConsNo water bottle mountSummaryThe Santa Cruz V10 downhill racing bike is a powerful, durable, and reliable machine.Our Rating77/100ManufacturerSanta

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Kestrel RT-1000 Frame

Kestrel RT-1000 Road Bike Review

PriceAround $2,000 - Available on Amazon.comProsDesign, frame, practical useConsSaddleSummaryThe Kestrel RT-1000 isn't the newest bike from its manufacturer, but it's still a solid, long-distance road

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Scott Contessa Review

Scott Contessa Mountain & Road Bikes Review

PriceStarting at $500Pros​​​​​Variety of shapes and sizes, saddle, designConsN/ASummaryWomen don’t necessarily have to get female-specific bikes. However, the women-specific Contessa lineup

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Scott Scale 965 Review

Scott Scale 965 Mountain Bike Review

PriceFrom $1,000Pros​​​​​Frame, brakesConsTires, saddleSummaryIf you are looking for a bike that is fun and capable on a variety of cross-country terrain, look no further.Our Rating82/100ManufacturerScott The

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Scott Speedster 50 Review

Scott Speedster 50 Road Bike Review

PriceFrom $600Pros​​​​​Price, seatConsBrakes, forkSummaryIf you want to spend less than a thousand dollars and come away with a capable endurance road bike, you should look closely at the Scott

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