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Kids bikes are smaller with sturdy frames and thick tires, specially designed for children. They are ideal for riding on flat, paved or hard packed surfaces where the child can focus on riding the bike, instead of navigating the terrain.

This calculator will recommend a kids bike frame size based on your measurements. For kids, we base the calculation only on their age, for which you will get a height range, and a recommended bike size for that range.

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Which frame height should you choose?

In general, no frame sizes are given for kid’s bikes, unlike in adult bikes, see our frame size calculator for hybrid bikes for example. The suitable size for children’s bikes, on the other hand, is usually defined by the size of the wheels in inches. See the kids bike size chart on the next page, when you’ve clicked entered the age and clicked on calculate.

The bike’s saddle is also important in this context. It should be adjusted so that the child can touch the floor with both feet. This double-sided ground contact is immensely important as it provides the child with the necessary safety especially during the first driving tests.

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Should the children’s bicycle have support wheels or not?

Did you know that when using support wheels, their dynamic equilibrium is insufficiently developed? This means that while support wheels give the child a sense of security, they delay rather than accelerate the learning to ride a bike process.

For this reason, you should only mount such aids on a children’s bicycle in an emergency, e. g. if your children don’t dare to ride their children’s bicycle because they are afraid of falling. By the way, you can train your child’s sense of balance at an early age with a scooter, or balance bike.

You can also check out the kid’s tandem bike for the children who aren’t quite ready to ride solo all the time.

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