2021’s Best Road Bikes For Every Budget – Entry level to Mid-range

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If the idea of cruising down the highway as fast as you can possibly pedal appeals to you, a perfect aerodynamic silhouette going across the horizon, then a road bike is exactly what your adventurous spirit needs.

There are different types of road bicycles, whether you’re looking to go for speed, long distance and endurance, or something else. There are some for beginners, and then some very high-end options that are unbelievably light due to expensive and advanced materials.

Road bikes will take you further, and have you road riding faster, than if you were to spend the same amount of energy riding a mountain bike. The thin tires are inflated very high, which means you’ll have a closer connection to the road, and you’ll feel every crack in the sidewalk.

Keep reading to learn more about how we’ve managed to sort through the very best road bikes, so that you can find one that’s exactly what you need.

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Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

tommaso imola

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  • YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND MORE: Because Tommaso is a direct to the consumer brand you can now get a bike with 100% Shimano gears, super...
  • THE IMOLA IS AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE, NOT ENTRY LEVEL: If you are just getting into cycling or returning after a long hiatus, this is your bike....
  • STEP UP TO THE BRAND NEW SHIMANO CLARIS R2000: The Shifters, Derailleurs, Crank, and Brakes are all new Claris. R2000 Claris STI shifters now...

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Last Updated: July 5, 2021

By Max Shumpert: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding road bicycles available for those who are interested in fast paced biking. The best 6 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best road bike currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

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Best Cheap Road Bike

We start this list off for those of you shopping on a budget, hoping to get a solid yet affordable road bike.

These are our the two cheapest road bicycle we can vouch for in the road bike category.


  • Wheelset: 700c doubled walled CNC machined side
  • Shimano STI Integrated Brake Lever/Shifters offer precise and controllable braking and shifting in a convenient single unit designed for the road
  • 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Aero frame with integrated headset

The Vilano R2 is a great entry level road bike that spoils you with top quality specifications for a smooth ride despite carrying an affordable price tag. Whether you are a new road bike enthusiast or an experienced rider, you will have a blast riding it in the city, on the trail, or in uphill stretches.

The 6061 aluminum material used on the frame keeps the bike lightweight so that you won’t have to struggle on steep inclines. The frame has been neatly welded to give you a fine-looking and durable build for the bike, which complements the cute gloss black color it comes in.

The Alloy caliper brakes on the R2 are among the best in its class. They are consistent in providing excellent braking power whether you use them for racing or for a day-long rally.

The brake levers are quite neutral and will feel natural in your hands. And if you wish, you can adjust their height to your preference.

The R2 uses Shimano A050 thumb rear indexed with 7-speed shifters. The front friction 3-speed provides you with 21 different levels of speed, ensuring that you have the right speed for the terrain you are in. However, the friction shift on the front rings may take a while to get used to.

Vilano could have done better with the 700c Double-walled CNC Alloy Machined Sides they used on the R2. There have been complaints about the tires not being durable enough. Nevertheless, it isn't a big concern as they still get the job done.

The quick release skewer works well with the 700c by 25c tires to provide you with a stable ride on varying surfaces. 

If you’ve been searching for cheap road bikes that offer great performance, the Vilano R2 is an option that fits the bill.

It is strong, lightweight, and comes in a cool design. The R2 ensures that you have a comfortable ride for your many adventures without you having to break the bank.

Best Beginner/Entry Level Road Bike

If you’re just starting out and getting into road cycling, you don’t necessarily have to run out and get the most expensive bike you can find. In fact, you can find some very affordable road bicycles that are priced and designed for beginners.

These are our two favorite bikes in the beginner / entry level road bike category.

1. Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike

Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed Racing Bicycle 56cm (Black/Green)
  • 700C* 56cm Hydroformed AI6061 Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • Trinx Hi-Ten Steel Fork
  • Shimano A050 Shifter, Shimano TZ500 Front and TZ500 Rear Derailleur, Shimano Cassette

Trinx TEMPO1.0 is the most popular entry-level road bike for a reason.
For an incredibly low price, you get a relatively light frame and several solid components that can be easily upgraded at a later time.

As an entry-level bike, this is all you can ask for, as it’s good to go from day one.

The frame itself is made from an aluminum alloy frame and has an integrated headset. With all of the components equipped, the Trinx TEMPO1.0 weighs just under 30 lbs, which is good for how much you’re paying.

Despite being a beginner road bicycles, the Trinx TEMPO1.0 has some decent components made by Shimano, this includes Shimano 21 speeds.

The Seatpost is made from Trinx Sport and has enough length to suit nearly any leg length.
The saddle itself has an anatomic fit, but you may want to consider upgrading it immediately if you have some extra money to do so, as many complain that it’s still a bit too stiff.

The bike comes with a pair of Colorful Tires, which hold up well even after miles of use.
The Shadow’s pedals are the Trinx Sport style pedals, which can also be easily upgraded if you so choose.

While you may eventually want to upgrade many of the components with the bike, it’s still an excellent and affordable option if you’re starting.

2. Giordano Acciao

No products found.

The Giordano Libero Acciao sits right below the Shadow in terms of being an optimal entry-level bike.

It is not only attractive in design, but also contains some very quality components that help set it apart from most other entry-level bikes.

It does cost a little more than the Shadow, but you get a few more things as well.

The Acciao’s frame is forged from high tensile steel, which results in a relatively heavy weight for a road bike, coming in at 28.9 lbs. While it may be heavier than what’s considered ideal, you do get a very stable frame that keeps you grounded, while making out the best bikes pedal efficiency.

Shifting is relatively snappy and precise with Shimano Tourney STI shifters, which includes front and rear derailleurs from the same series as well.

This also applies to the braking system, which is Shimano Tourney STI too.The stock pads are pretty decent, giving you a suitable amount of stopping power and control without exerting too much pressure.

The Vitesse alloy wheelset is surprisingly solid, and employs 32 spokes for better support to protect against bending. The included back road clincher tires perform well in terms of grip and overall feel, but they are also fragile when over-inflated, so make sure you use an accurate tire gauge with them.

The Acciao’s Velo saddle is okay, but some may want to upgrade it after the first few months. Pedals are definitely entry level- as you only get basic plastic versions similar to the Shadow.

The Acciao is a bit of a trade-off.

You get some better components, a better look, and for some, a better ride in general, but it will cost you a little more, and you also have a heavier frame. Still, the Acciao is a top entry-level road bike for a reason, and is a great purchase for anyone starting out with road biking.

 Few popular Giordano bike models  are explored in our  Giordano Review

Best Road Bikes - Best Carbon Frame Bikes Under $2000

Carbon bikes are widely considered the best among cycling experts. The combination of incredibly low weight and shock absorption makes them cherished by both competitive and recreational rides alike.

For those with a little more money to spend, you can get a lot of bike for under 2000 dollars.

This bike tends to have lighter frames, higher-end components, and some added features that help improve everything from speed to comfort. Here is our top favorites.


Bianchi has long been a respected name in high-end road bikes and the Intenso is a perfect example as to why.

It offers riders a well-rounded carbon bikes, with even more added features to encourage a lighter and smoother ride, even at high speeds.

With the Intenso, the frame is obviously the star here.

The entire bike weighs just 18 lbs, and the give in the frame is just enough to absorb shock and vibrations, but not too much as to sap your pedal power away. The front for is carbon as well, and is reinforced with kevlar for better longevity and stability.

The Intenso utilizes a Campagnolo Veloce drivetrain that is very snappy and responsive, offering precise ratios that are great for climbing and top speeds. Shimano 105 derailleurs and shifters are the perfect complement, providing easy shifting and fast response.

The wheelset is equally impressive, as the Intenso comes with Fulcrum Racing Sport Wheels, which are about mid-range in terms of Fulcrum’s full offerings. The included Hutchinson Equinox tires are very rugged, with lots of grip and absorption. They are a bit on the slim side, at 23cm.

The Intenso’s drop bars are short and shallow, and can easily accommodate larger hands. Reparto Corsa components include disc brake levers, saddle, and seatpost, helping round out the overall look and feel of this bike.

Speaking of looks, it’s hard to beat the Intenso. It comes in a few color options, and each of them looks great, and certainly alludes to the overall quality.

The best part? The Intenso isn’t nearly as expensive as other carbon frame bikes, yet still offers a high level of components and overall ride feel. You may eventually upgrade a few components, but as a whole, the combination of value and quality is superior.

We explore the wheelset, 20-speed system and many other features in our  Bianchi Intenso In-Depth Review.

Best Road Bike Under $1,000

If you’re trying to keep things more affordable, but are still willing to get closer to the $1000 range, you still have plenty of options. These two bikes offer better quality than entry-level bikes, but still manage to stay within a mid range price.

Both of the bikes below are perfect for both beginners and intermediate riders, and can easily be upgraded over time to place them into a higher category as you progress.


  • YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND MORE: Because Tommaso is a direct to the consumer brand you can now get a bike with 100% Shimano gears, super...
  • THE IMOLA IS AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE, NOT ENTRY LEVEL: If you are just getting into cycling or returning after a long hiatus, this is your bike....
  • YOU DESERVE A COMFORTABLE RIDE: Our compact frame geometry offers a more relaxed position for all riding styles, with a shallow handlebar drop so...

Tommaso brings tremendous value to the table, shipping directly to the customer they can cut their costs dramatically and therefore sell you a superior bike at a more desirable cost. The Imola road bike comes in at just under $1000, a fraction of the cost of many comparable models.

Unlike many of their competitors, they also offer a lifetime frame warranty and classic customer service through their USA based customer service team.

At this price point, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was an entry level road bike. It’s not, it’s a performance product at an affordable price, a true unicorn in the cycling industry!

Complete with the Claris R2000 groupset which is a significant upgrade from the previous group sets that many competitors use. Rather than external cable routing which is less aesthetic and also risks damage, it goes inside the body of the handles.

Similarly, the crankset has been upgraded dramatically for superior shifting and greater all-around performance. Again, you are getting this on a bike that sells for less than $1000.

The Claris STI shifters in this bike mimic 105 and Tiagra components which are reserved for top-tier products that cost thousands of dollars. Shimano gear sets are an industry leader, giving optimum performance and precision shifting.

Compared to other road bikes the Imola has a shallow handlebar drop which allows you to ride in the lower handlebar position and still be comfortable. For intermediate and beginner riders who aren’t accustomed to other positions, this is vital.

Similarly, they’ve slightly widened the tires on this bike to 25mm, 700c road bike tires which are going to give you a more comfortable ride, greater efficiency and added control on sharp turns.

The frame itself is built using the highest quality aluminum and is backed by their industry-leading lifetime warranty because their bikes are affordable and made to last. Plus, all Shimano components are supported by their two-year guarantee, allowing you to ride with confidence.

For advanced riders who want to race with the Imola, it comes equipped with their exclusive UltraCompact handlebar which allows for higher comfortability in the drops.

This position reduces your wind resistance, giving you a faster ride and letting you go further than before.

Overall, the Tommaso Imola is a standout in the road bike niche, delivering fantastic performance at an exceptional price. For beginners through to advanced riders the Imola is for everybody and will top tier components this is a bike that will grow with you as you improve.

2. GIORDANO LIBERO Aluminum Road Bike

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • High Tensile Steel Fork
  • Shimano Claris STI Shifters

Think of the Libero as an improved version of the 1.6. While the Libero appears to be the same on the surface, further examination shows better components across the board.

This bike falls well under the 1000 dollar price range but looks and performs like a road bike priced well above, which is all you can really ask for when spending the extra money for a better road bike.

The frame of the Libero is the same as its lower-quality relative, you get a 6061 aluminum frame that is rigid with a hint of giving. The Libero has a high tensile steel fork. This gives the front end much more shock absorption while helping lower the weight to 24.3 lbs when fully equipped.

The Libero shifters, crank, cassette, and both derailleurs are all Shimano Sora series, creating a cohesive shifting experience that is very precise, snappy, and responsive.

You also get two more gears than the 1.6, bringing the total up to 16. This gives you plenty of choices to really hone in the exact gear you need for climbs, sudden bursts of speeds, and whatever else.

The upgrade to Vitesse alloy 700c 32 spoke wheels makes a big difference as well. The rims are very light and have enough strength and support to give you countless miles of use without worrying about the dreaded bent rim.

The Libera Kenda tires are durable, and give you a noticeable grip on the pavement, while also adding in a bit of shock absorption.
The libero's stance is a little more upright than a racing bike, you have a more comfortable stance that is conducive for commuting and recreational riding. That’s not to say that you can’t put your head down and really get after it speed-wise, however.

If you’re willing to pay the money, the Libero is a significant step up from a beginner bike, and has the upgradability and longevity of a mid-range bike, without having to spend thousands of dollars. The carbon bikes fork is a bonus that helps push it over the top.

3.Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Carbon Fork, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds, Aero Wheels, Matte Black, Matte White
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE: Lightweight Aluminum Compact Frame combined with a HCT Carbon Fork for added vibration dampening and weight savings, backed...
  • POWERFUL PEFORMANCE & SPEED: 3x8 Shimano Claris Groupset, featuring a 30/39/50T Claris crankset and 12x25T Claris cassette. Perfect for varying...
  • PRECISION SHIFTING: Shimano Claris STI shifters provide smooth and consistent shifting in all riding conditions. By keep a full groupset, Tommaso...

Tommaso Forcella is a compact lightweight aluminum frame road bike that is combined with an HCT carbon fork for more vibration dampening and weight savior.

It is backed up with companies lifetime frame and fork warranty that is a huge advantage with the bike. The bike's frame is built strong and drilled to overcome all kinds of tracks and terrains, making the Forcella one of the best commuter bikes.

The bike offers powerful performance with 3x8 Shimano Claris gear sets along with a Claris crankset for amazing speed.
The bike is perfect for all kinds of terrains, hills, roads. It also offers a various range of gears to all the riders for every condition.

Shimano STI shifters offer smooth and constant shifting in every riding situation. Tommaso offers great shifting performance and has a very responsive system that cannot be competitive.

The bike has premium handlebars with a compact design and has increased comfort and power in a very affordable range. 

Best Road Bike Under $500

1. Giordano Brava Hybrid Comfort

700c Giordano Brava Hybrid Comfort Bike
  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • 80mm Travel Alloy Crown Suspension Fork
  • Shimano Altus 24 Speed

The Giordano crams as much value as you can into an under $500 dollar road bike. You get a lightweight frame, solid components, a very comfortable ride, and even a bit of added style.

It’s truly one of the most well-rounded bikes you can get in such an affordable price range, and it can easily be upgraded over time.
The frame of the Libero Brava is of moderate quality forged from 6061 aluminum that is both durable and offers a small bit of shock absorption.

With all of the components equipped, the Libero Brava weighs around 39 precise shiftings when needed. A Shimano Claris derailleur and smaller-sized crankset help round lbs, which is very good for an entry-level and intermediate road bike.

The Libero Brava utilizes Shimano Altus 24 speed STI shifters that do seem a little sluggish at first but are still reliable and provide out the gear system and give you a bit of a boost on steep climbs, which is definitely appreciated.

The Libero Brava uses Travel alloy rims of 80mm. This provides some extra reinforcement so you don’t have to be as concerned with bent rims over time. The stock tires are actually quite good, as are the tubes. No need to upgrade.

The spiked metal pedals are a nice step up from the lower-end plastic you’ll find on cheaper road bikes, and the quick-release wheel latches are convenient as well. Water bottle holder mounts are included as well.

If you are trying to get the most out of your money, this bike is hard to beat. It is more than capable of handling grueling rides lasting for miles, and can take you even further with just a few small upgrades, should you choose to do so.

2. Hiland Road Hybrid Road Bike

No products found.

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike is a commuter bike designed to help you navigate city streets en route to your destination, while still possessing the ability to withstand rougher terrain.

The bike is made in Taiwan and has an aluminum frame of matte. It is designed with mechanical disc brakes and is easy to modify with racks, stands, fenders, bike lights, and much more.

It is a great road and a hybrid bike is very much known for its versatility. It is built with 24 Shimano Speed gears shifting system that offers a smooth and stable gear shifting experience.

It has high-quality 700 c Kenda tires for great performance on every kind of terrain along with aluminum rims and 12-32T cassette made of Shimano.

The bike is delivered 85% assembled, hence, the bike is easy to assemble furthermore with the tools provided by the
bike brand.

The bike is light in weight and weighs around 28 lbs and is suitable for every type of rider. 

Best Road Bike for Women

Women’s road bikes have a few subtle design features that are more inline with a woman’s body shape. While many women choose to ride unisex and small men’s bikes, there are plenty of others who prefer the a more women-oriented design.

These two bikes are among the top choices.


  • Aluminum road frame with a carbon fiber road fork provides quick, agile riding
  • 16-speed Microshift shifters and brake levers make for smooth, fast gear changes out on the road
  • High profile alloy double wall rims with paired spokes are lightweight and strong with front quick release

Schwinn’s Women’s Phocus 1600 is part of their Signature Series, and manages to cram a lot of impressive features and components into a relatively low-priced road bike.

The women's version of the popular Phocus 1600 has all the same aspects of the men’s version, with a strategically-sized frame and handlebars.

The Phocus 1600’s frame is made from aluminum, and offers an appropriate amount of rigidness and response that is noticeable when pedaling and steering. It has an overall weight of 26 lbs when fully equippe, which isn’t exactly low, but still acceptable for its range. A carbon front fork helps to alleviate shock, while also helping to cut the weight down.

The Phocus 1600’s drivetrain is comprised of Shimano parts, and gives you 14 separate speeds, more than enough to offer enough options for inclines, declines, and flat terrain. Shifting is very crisp after an initial tune-up, and is accomplished by using Microshift integrated disc brakes.

As for the brakes, they are just a little soft, and require a small amount of added pressure when using the included Promax alloy calipers. Some actually prefer a soft braking system, but if you don’t you’ll likely want to upgrade the pads for a small price.

The Phocus 1600 comes with high-profile alloy wheels that have 32 holes, and a paired spoke pattern in groups of four for better rim support and aerodynamics. Kenda K-196 tires are surprisingly responsive, and have a light tread for better grip and shock absorption.

Extra features include toe clips, helping maximize pedal efficiency for those who might not want to use clipless pedals. The light blue and white color pattern is very appealing as well, and looks very sharp out on the road.

In a way, it almost seems like the Phocus 1600 was intended to be a higher-end entry-level bike, but ended up being more of a mid-range bike for a lower price. If you’re looking for as much quality in a women’s bike for under $500, the Phocus 1600 should top your list. It certainly tops ours.

For a better look at some of this bike's features, such as brakeset and wheelset, check out our Schwinn Phocus 1600 Review.

2. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike

Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike, 700c Women’s Medium
  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • High Tensile Steel Fork
  • 14 Speed Shimano Equipped Drivetrain

The women’s version of the highly-rated Giordano Aversa has all the great features in the men’s version, only in a scaled-down size that includes a shorter stem.

The frame is made from 6061 aluminum and presents an overall weight of 33 pounds when equipped.
The frame feels snappy and responsive on the road, with a noticeable rigidness.

Shimano Clari's parts make up the drivetrain, which is operated using the integrated brake shift levers. This may take a ride or two to get used to if you’ve always used trigger shifters, but once adjusted, shifting any of the 14 gears is quick and easy for the most part, especially after a proper tune-up.

The wheelset is comprised of Vitesse Alloy 700c High V-Profile’s with Kenda black road clincher tires. Both are fairly durable and offer a suitable amount of grip and shock absorption. Intermediate users will eventually want an upgrade, but the stock versions are more than acceptable.

Like its male relative, the women’s Libero Aversa is a noteworthy value and is suitable for both entry-level and intermediate riders who want the most out of a road bike but want to keep things under $300.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Road Bike

The best road bikes are not a one-type/size-fits-all purchase.

In order to ensure that you end up with the bike that is right for you, it’s crucial to know the most vital aspects beforehand.


Road bikes can generally be broken down into a few different main categories and subcategories.

  • Race/Time Trial/Aero - These three road bike types are all designed for speed, and speed only. Time trial and aero bikes also incorporate a heightened sense of aerodynamics that make the bike even faster, and less conducive for casual and long-distance riding. These bikes are intended for competitions, not fitness and recreational use.
  • Commuter - If you’re looking to use your road bike as a main form of transportation in an urban setting, a commuter bike is your best bet. Commuter bikes allow the rider to sit more upright, and have some strategic designs and features that emphasize comfort and maneuverability above all else.
  • Sportive - Sportive road bikes are known for being the most versatile. These bikes are basically a more comfortable version of a race bike, making them great for fitness, recreational, and even some competitive riding, although the casual user can still appreciate their design.
  • Touring - Designed for long-distance road riding, touring bikes are built to be durable, comfortable, and stable enough for riding days at a time. They also incorporate added features such as bike racks and mud deflectors for added convenience and functionality on a long ride.

So, before all else, consider what you want your road bike to be used for. This will help you decide on the category you should be focusing on. Sportive and commuter road bikes are among the most popular.


A road bike’s size in relation to your body size has everything to do with how comfortable and efficient it will be. The vast majority of manufacturers will have a size chart available for you to gauge the best size suited to your body size in terms of height. Further adjustments to seat height and the bike’s handlebars provide the opportunity for fine-tuning.

Top Components

The bike’s frame is obviously the most important characteristic, but the included components are just a notch below. Gear sets, brakes, wheels, tires, and other components are all worthy of close examination before purchasing.

Nearly every road bike you’ll find online lists the model and manufacturer of the essential components, so familiarize yourself with them as best as you can, and compare with other models as well. Sometimes you’ll find that a bike may have a great drivetrain, but poor wheels. It’s all about finding the right balance of what’s important to you.

And of course, you can always upgrade if need be as well.

best road bikes disc brakes

Common FAQs

What is the best road bike for the money?

  • Giordano Libero Aluminum Road Bike
  • What is the best road bike for beginners?

    These are our two favorite bikes in the beginner/entry-level road bike category.


    What should I look for when buying a road bike?

  • Lightweight frame
  • Good quality wheel and components
  • Curled handlebars
  • Wheels and tires in a narrow design
  • Carbon fiber front fork
  • Avoid front and back suspensions
  • Men's and women's style range
  • How long do road bikes last?

    With proper care and maintenance, the bike should last for about 50,00 miles and more. 

    Are aero road bikes worth it?

    Aero gains road bikes are worth far more. We recommend choosing aero road bikes for flat and rolling terrains.

    Is a road bike harder to ride?

    Road bikes are easy and fast to run on pavement, they are not suitable for off-roading. 

    These are the best road bikes out there... What's next?

    By now you should have a much better idea as to what road bike to consider in terms of your price range and skill level. While we clearly have our two favorites, any of the bikes listed above are examples of a quality road bike that will give you miles and miles of use for years to come.

    If you are looking to ride with your riding partner then you can have a look on the tandem road bike for sale with high-quality features.

    Regardless of which model you choose, be sure to choose the right size, and don’t forget to acquire all of the gear and accessories you’ll need as well. After a proper tune-up, you’ll be ready to go. Happy road riding!

    editors pick
    Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

    Tommaso Imola

    Why is it better?

    • YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND MORE: Because Tommaso is a direct to the consumer brand you can now get a bike with 100% Shimano gears, super...
    • THE IMOLA IS AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE, NOT ENTRY LEVEL: If you are just getting into cycling or returning after a long hiatus, this is your bike....
    • STEP UP TO THE BRAND NEW SHIMANO CLARIS R2000: The Shifters, Derailleurs, Crank, and Brakes are all new Claris. R2000 Claris STI shifters now...

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