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A major bicycle manufacturer based in Washington state, Diamondback Bicycles offers an array of models you can ride on the trails or the road for men, women, and children.

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Who is Diamondback Bicycles

Founded in 1977 as a BMX brand, Diamondback has been the brand of choice for several sponsored athletes and bicycle clubs alike.  They pioneered Knuckle Box suspension, which is still used today in all of their full suspension mountain bikes.

Diamondback is known as a mid-type bike manufacturer, though they have produced some high-end designs with upgraded components in recent years.

Today, they make a wide array of bicycles to give you a comfortable ride off the road, on the streets, or at the BMX track.

Diamondback - popular Bike Models

If you’re looking for a Diamondback bike, here are the different models you’ll have to choose from.


Known for their unique suspension construction that gives you a smooth ride whether you’re on dirt, sand, or a mountain trail, the Atroz Diamondback mountain bike is one of the most popular models they sell. 

A trail bike with a full suspension, this model is cross country rides and recreation.

Podium Equipe

The Podium Equipe racing road bike is just one of over 30 different options in the Diamondback line up.  Built to be sleek, aerodynamic, and fast, the premium components in this model make it a dream to ride.

HannJenn and HannJo

Among favorites in the Diamondback line of comfort bikes built for commuting or riding through the neighborhood are the HannJenn and HaanJo. Crafted with female and male ergonomics in mind, every piece of this bike makes it comfortable for a long day of cruising.


While all Diamondback bikes could be ridden by men or women, some ergonomic features sometimes make it easier to get the right fit for the ladies.  With this in mind, they’ve created women-specific bike models for like the Arden.  A road bike that’s light as a feather, built from carbon fiber, and with women-specific geometry, it’s a dream to ride.


Diamondback got their start as a BMX company, and that legacy continues today.  Not only do they still produce BMX bikes for kids, but they also have a line of mountain, road, city, and sidewalk friendly options that can make bike riding a family affair.  The Cobra is a fully adjustable kid’s mountain bike that can grow with them as their skills improve.  It’s just one of 25 models that Diamondback offers for youth.