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Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes

Sitting on top of the game for the last 100 years, Schwinn knew exactly how to make a name for itself, with breathtaking designs as well as cutting edge technologies, Schwinn produced some masterpieces that went down in history as game-changing icons.

Serving all the different cycling communities worldwide surely helped keep the American giant one of the most beloved and trusted bike brands in the world, with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe.

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History and Legacy

Founded in 1895 in Chicago, Illinois by the German-born mechanical engineer Ignaz Schwinn and the financial aid of a fellow German-American meatpacker, Adolph Frederick Arnold, the rise in demand of bikes in the United States along with their innovative designs conveniently met ends and spread like wildfire, supplying American riders with best bikes to suit different personalities and tastes.

With more than thirty factories producing thousands of bikes daily, reaching one million bikes per year by the twentieth century, Chicago became the capital of the bikes industry in America all thanks to Schwinn bikes.

By the fifties, and through many ups and downs, Schwinn reached the financial maturity to become one of the most dominant brands in their domain. Schwinn takes pride in its heritage and looks forward to future centuries of producing versatile and dependable bikes.

Schwinn has been a sub-brand of Pacific Cycle, owned by Dorel industries since declaring bankruptcy in 1992.

What Schwinn Has To Offer

The folks at Schwinn would answer the question with multiple designs of bikes to accommodate different demands. Besides the major types we’ll be talking about, Schwinn offers special models not only for men but also for women and kids.

Between so many options, you can easily get overwhelmed when you’re trying to pick the right one for you, so why don’t we take a closer look at what Schwinn has on display for us?

Road bikes

Engineered for road cycling, Schwinn road bikes are lightweight, built with skinny tires and thin frames which allows for a faster, more aerodynamic performance on paved roads.

They’re also equipped with drop-bar handlebars, giving riders a free hand positioning feature that not many bikes can offer.However, perfect bike sizing is crucial for this type of bikes, because a poor fit can put a strain on the rider back and make pedaling quite an uncomfortable experience.

Ideally, road bikes are the right choice for paved roads and bike paths.

Urban bikes

For heavy-duty users and commuters, who are willing to sacrifice a bit of speed in exchange for durability, safety, and efficiency, urban bikes would be the ideal pick.

Not only do they have sturdy frames that can withstand the toughest terrains and the most difficult trails you may encounter, but they also pack iconic fenders with the job of keeping mud and grimes away from the rider’s clothes, making them ideal for city dwellers and paved streets.

The ease of maintenance and the wide variety of attachable accessories fitting to the urban lifestyle deems this bike a life companion you can’t do without.

Mountain bikes

Durability, toughness, and resilience, are the main concepts behind the construction of Schwinn’s mountain bikes, with its reinforced frame, shock absorbers that support the bike through the wildest rides, as well as knobby tires allowing for a tight grip on steep and sloping hills.

Although such attributes might slow down a bike (and they do), those features are unquestionable when it comes to challenging terrains like gravel, mud, and potholes that an off-road cycling experience would offer.

Cruiser bikes

If you draw a picture of what a classic bike looks like in your imagination, the cruiser bike will pop up in front of you.

It’s as simple and straight-forward as a bike gets, with the retro-styled balloon tires and wide bike saddles, it gives you full control of the bike with an upright seating to have your occasional cycling time on the beach and flat streets.

Often equipped with a single gear, Schwinn cruiser bikes offer fun and uncomplicated rides for those who intend to enjoy their spin rather than taking on rough surfaces or going on a high-speed run.

Hybrid bikes

The all-round multi-purpose bike offered by Schwinn, for riders who enjoy diverse types of cycling experiences and would appreciate the convenience of having one bike on board.

Hybrids bring together speed, comfort, and durability for avid cycling enthusiasts while also being suitable for beginners who would love to try something new without needing to go through the hassle of buying a special bicycle.

Schwinn – popular Bike Models

The economically priced Schwinn bikes are best suited to riding for fitness, and leisure cruising.  Here’s a breakdown of the styles they offer, and when you’ll use each.



The Alu 1 is one of the bikes in Schwinn’s cruiser category.  It features the classic Schwinn style and gives you a comfortable ride around town.  They come in a variety of colors and styles, and have a throw-back feel to their design.


Super Sport

The Super Sport is the Schwinn hybrid bike.  It is versatile, and great for fitness or casual riding.  It’s designed to give you a smooth ride both on the road or on bike paths, dirt roads, or other off-road adventures.


Ideal for cyclists who want to stick to a paved road or path, the Sivica bike models are designed with comfort and functionality in mind.


Designed for more rugged terrain, the Frontier is a mountain bike that is built to be durable and hold up on uneven surfaces.  These models have additional features that streamline their suspension to give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

Tiger and Tigress

The Tiger and Tigress are two bikes from the Schwinn SmartStart line that have optimized ergonomics and features for children.  The company is passionate about both getting kids active at an early age and giving families a pastime they can enjoy together.  Because these bikes are comfortable, trendy, and affordable, Schwinn is a favorite among kids and parents.


Electric bikes are a recent innovation and are a perfect solution for riders who want an extra boost on their ride.  The most expensive of the Schwinn models, the Monroe model allows you to add electric power to your pedal stroke to speed up a morning commute, or just make it a little easier to get where you’re going.

Schwinn Discover Men & Women’s Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn Discover is a 700c wheel hybrid bike series with bikes for both men and women. 

The Scwhinn Discover for men is a bike packed with features and built with quality construction in mind, we consider it to be one of the best hybrid bikes for men. Learn more in our Schwinn Discover 700c Men’s Bike Review.The Schwinn Discover for women features a lightweight aluminum frame, as we ll as SRAM grip shifters with 21 speeds. It also has 28 inch tires along with many other specs and features which you can learn all about in our Schwinn Discover Women’s Review.

Schwinn Wayfarer Women’s hybrid Bike

The Schwinn Wayfarer offers a good-quality hybrid bike for a low price. It’s a 7-speed steel frame bike that makes for a decent comuter. For a more in-depth look, check out our Schwinn Wayfarer Women’s Review.

Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600

Aluminum Frame, 14-Speed Shifter and 700c tires are just some of the tech specs of this bike, which we thoroughly explore in our Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 Review.

The Highlights Of Schwinn’s Innovations

Although Schwinn has always been known for the astonishing designs they offer, when it comes to technology, they’re always on the right track. They’ve been pioneering in technologies to make cycling more fun and smooth since day one.


Smartstart is the latest technology offered for kids bikes by Schwinn, dedicated to making the kids’ cycling experience easier and more forgiving, with lighter frames for enhanced control and repositioned cranks and pedals to fit small bodies allowing for better grip and maneuverability.

Smooth Ride Technology (SRT)

If you want the full experience without compromising on comfort then you’d be more than pleased by SRT technology.

This is achieved by utilizing an elastomer that’s attached between the seat stay and the seat tube to minimize fatigue and absorb shocks caused by hard impacts adding almost negligible weight. The good news here is that it’s applied on many Schwinn bikes.

Relaxed Position Geometry

Offered in Schwinn Relaxed Position Geometry and Relaxed Position Plus, this technology is specifically targeting customers who aim for a comfortable ride, with a lowered riding position for an easier leg extension while pedaling.

This allows the seated rider to touch the ground with comfort, in addition to presenting a more balanced ride thanks to the lowered saddle and the elongated top tube.

A Taste Of Schwinn’s Creations: Schwinn Paramount

With tons of bikes released by Schwinn, There’s no better way for us to peek into Schwinn’s world than with their most iconic bike to be produced, the Paramount.

From its introduction in 1938, till it went away 2009, the Schwinn Paramount has always been the Schwinn’s flagship road bike.

The paramount has held the legendary status ever since, and it’s making its comeback coinciding with the 125th anniversary of Schwinn, landing in with a new “N’Litened” black label carbon fiber frame, and the high-quality “SRAM Force eTap AXS” parts.

Final thoughts

Regarding the full history of Schwinn bikes, with all the good and bad times the company went through, they’ve provided the cycling world with a variety of great bikes, and they hands-down earned their spot in the hall of fame of bikes industry.

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