Schwinn Sting-Ray Bikes – An Excellent Cruiser at a Fair Price

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 Schwinn Sting-Ray Bikes

Schwinn Stingray Cruiser Bike

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Easy to assemble, Wheels are hard to rust


Pedals are made of hard rubber


The new Schwinn Sting-ray bikes are back with better features like the steel frame, rigid fork, and its classic banana seat which makes your kids ride in style.

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Introduced in 1963, Schwinn Sting-ray Bicycle immediately went on and became one of the most loved and used kids bikes in the USA. This iconic red Schwinn sting-ray is back for a new age to love.

Schwinn sting-ray bike history

Let's take a look at Schwinn sting-ray bike history. The original Schwinn sting-ray reproduction began between 1963 to 1981. Here is how Schwinn sting-ray's models changed cycling.

These Vintage Schwinn Sting-ray Bikes were known as "bike with sports car look" which transformed cycling as soon as they were introduced in the market.

The sting-ray bike features high and long handles, a short frame with the bucket-shaped saddle.

1960 Schwinn sting-ray

In 1963 sting-ray kids bike became the best selling bike overnight as soon as it was introduced through the sales ad. This 20 inch Schwinn sting-ray was dramatically different and was modeled after many kids were refitting and modernizing their bikes in California. 

1965 Schwinn sting-ray

The Schwinn Sting-ray bicycle was one of the most popular bikes in the company. It was slick more than ever. It had new colors like sky blue, violet, and bright lime.

1966 Schwinn sting-ray

New Schwinn Sting-Ray steel frame bike called "fatback" was brought in 1966 and soon it was the best seller bike. The bike was modified with silver radiance saddles, chrome rods, and SLIK back tires. It was sold at fair trade prices in trading states.

Schwinn Sting-ray 1968 model

Schwinn Sting-ray 1968 model

1967 Schwinn sting-ray

The hand brakes were available only on 3-speed Schwinn sting-ray frame models. The bike was more fun with new glow bucket saddles, chrome rods, back tires, and trigger control. 

1968 Schwinn sting-ray

The bike is made for true fun rides. It was designed to give the riders quick movements and fast starts and short turn advantages. New colors were brought into the market like campus green and sky blue.

1969 Schwinn sting-ray

Lightweight Schwinn Sting-ray was featured with adjustable handles and had bucket saddles that can fit 5 to 6-foot riders. It has features like fast starts and short radius turn benefits.

Schwinn Sting-ray 1976 model

Schwinn Sting-ray 1976 model

1970 Schwinn stin-gray

Schwinn sting-ray was the bike that had changed the cycling habits. Short wheels that are designed for the smart and fast turns and have 20 inches x 1 3/4 inches front wheels.

1971 Schwinn stingray

The bike that changed the cycling world! Schwinn sting-ray value was way high in the market with choices of colors and short wheelbase for quick turns with the best performance.

1972 Schwinn stingray

The original and Responsive model of Schwinn sting-ray bicycle for sale was out in 1972 and was fantastic and fast. The Schwinn Stingray bikes were also introduced in new colors like lemon and flaming red. 

What is new with the Schwinn sting-ray bike?

The new Schwinn sting-ray is back with more than familiar specifications and features including its steel frame and rigid fork.

Sting-ray bikes for adults and kids are alike and ready to ride. There are also girls Schwinn sting-ray models available. 

New sting-ray bikes

This iconic American classic is back for a new generation to love with its steel frame, rigid fork, and its banana seat.

The Sting-ray bikes are comfortable to use and easy to maintain due to its single-speed driving and coaster brakes at the back that provides assured stops. 

This Schwinn Sting-Ray Cruiser Bike is a multi-use bike and is highly suited in the outdoor lifestyle. Enjoy the freedom of cycling with Schwinn sting-ray lowrider.

  • Classic Schwinn banana seat bike
  • High rise ape handlebars with tight grips
  • Caliper style brakes along
  • SLIK racing back tires
  • Basic 20 inches Schwinn sting-ray wheel fit for age 6 and above

Schwinn Sting-ray Parts Specs

Schwinn-sting-ray parts
  • FRAME SIZE: Steel, rigid, 13 inches
  • BRAKE TYPE: Caliper, Coaster, Steel
  • PEDALS: Reverberator with resin platform
  • RIMS: Single-wall alloy rims
  • TIRES: FRONT-1.75 inches and BACK: 2.125 inches

What We Like

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Wheels are hard to rust.
  • Very sturdy.
  • The banana seat is long, providing comfortable long rides. 

What We Don't Like

  • Absence of dart decals on the front forks.
  • Pedals are made of hard rubber.

Common Faq's

How do I know if my Schwinn stingray is real?

Turn the Schwinn sting-ray bike over and search for the date code stamped on the metal frame near the left pedal. Swipe off the dirt or oil from the date code if necessary to read it correctly. Ensure the last 2 characters of the date code, if they are JD then, Schwinn built the bike in 2004.

What year did the Schwinn stingray come out?

The original Schwinn sting-ray bikes were introduced in 1963. The company designed the bike when they realized kids from California had been customizing their bikes to look similar to motorcycles. 

Is Schwinn a good bike brand?

Schwinn is the best bike brand if you consider biking as exercise or fun. There are discount Schwinn bikes available at many shops at attractive prices. However, you should expect the bike to last as long as other quality brands. 

How can you tell if Schwinn bike is vintage?

You can look at the serial number which is right above the front wheel of the bike for Schwinns manufactured between 1970-1979. The Schwinns produced after these years will have the serial number stamped on the bottom bracket of the bike.


If you are looking for a bike that is fun to ride and worth then Schwinn Sting-ray Cruiser bike is the one for you. It is easy to ride for long hours and provides fast maneuvers and short turns. 

The Schwinn Sting-ray bikes are available in various bright colors according to your look. The bike is easy to learn and sturdy.

The banana seat is at a good height which makes it accessible easily. It is a bike that works for all age ranges hence it is worth a buy. You will get the best deals and offers for Schwinn sting-ray on amazon

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