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Firmstrong Urban is a prime example of what a modern speed cruiser bike should be. You still get the classic look, with a clean, updated touch, and keep all of the core features that make a cruiser a Cruiser.

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When it comes to cruiser bikes, simplicity is always best especially for a true beach cruiser. There’s really no need for a lot of extras when you’re using a cruiser as it’s intended.

Since these bikes are more functional than anything, it’s easy to overlook the style aspect. Some cruisers can be very kitschy, and give off a sort of cute novelty vibe that’s not very ideal for style conscious guys who want a cool-looking bike to ride up and down the boardwalk, and wherever else.

Firmstrong’s Urban Man Beach Cruiser lives up to its name, offering pleasing cruiser bike performance, it a very simplified design that looks great.

The result is an affordable cruiser with numerous options, that every guy will like being seen on.

Introducing The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

FRAME: Steel

BREAKSET: KT Coaster Brake

SIZE: 24” or 26”

TIRES: 26 inches Knobby cruiser white wall

EXTRA FEATURES: Wide cruiser bike handlebars with synthetic leather grips, guard to protect pant cuffs from getting caught in the chain

Let’s be real here: Caring about how you look isn’t limited to one gender or the other. Nobody wants to be seen on some weird-looking bike, but this is especially true if you’re a guy riding a cruiser. When done wrong, these bikes can give off an undesirable impression.

That’s why it’s so important to mix form with function — and that’s exactly what the Urban Man Beach Cruiser does. Before we get to the style aspect, let’s go over why it’s such a great bike in the first place.

It all starts with a very rigid steel frame that is the usual weight you’d expect from a cruiser. A little heavy, but not too heavy. The front of the frame has a sort of wishbone design that branches out, before reconvening again towards the rear chainstay.

The frame has accented curvers that kind of balloon outwards in a way, giving it a very sturdy, strong look. A matching obligatory chain guard helps round out the look.

The drivetrain of the Urban Man Beach Cruiser is very efficient, and right where it needs to be for a cruiser, helping you maintain a consistent cruising speed from 3 to 15 mph with ease.

If you need more speeds, there are 3-speed and 7-speed versions available as well.

The braking type is the standard reverse pedal coaster brake, which helps the Urban Man Beach Cruiser retain its authenticity as a true beach cruiser.

However, the multispeed models include handbrakes instead, which are very responsive, durable, and avoid the dreaded squeak.

The wheelset on the Urban Man Beach Cruiser looks great. Whitewall tires give it a true throwback look, with plenty of whitewall to go around. There’s an average amount of spokes on the rims, helping protect them from any bending from stress or impact.

The tread of the single-speed versions tires has some slight knobiness to it, which can be helpful if you are traveling across sand or dirt. Multispeed versions of the Urban Man Beach Cruiser have a smoother tread, more conducive to faster city riding.

The handlebars of the Urban Man Beach Cruiser have a nice flare out on the ends, which puts your arms and hands into a slightly more comfortable position.

The bike has the most comfortable bike seat thanks to added cushioning and springs, and there’s a lot of coverage to go around too.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

In addition to offering a simplistic, attractive style, the bike is available in a slew of solid colors, allowing you to pick the perfect one for yourself and preferences.

As far as traditional beach cruisers go, this one is hard to beat when it comes to simplicity, looks, quality, and the price point. The Urban Man Beach Cruiser is a fine bike all the way around.

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What We Like

We’ve harped on it enough, but we’ll say it again. The aesthetic of this bike is perfect. We prefer the matte black color, but any of the colors work well with both the design of the frame, and even the whitewall tires. You can’t go wrong.

The choice to get the same bike in multiple colors and gear setups is a nice advantage too. While we’ll always prefer the single speed for the sake of tradition, throwing a few extra gears on the Urban Man Beach Cruiser can take it to a different level, and make it suitable for commuting and other serious transportation, without driving the cost up too much.

It has a classic style thanks to the fenders . The large tires and matching rims look great, and back pedalling effortlessly stops the bike. If you want a single-speed beach cruiser, this is the bike for you.

If you choose to go with the original single-speed setup, you won’t be disappointed (unless you have a lot of hills around you.) The bike is always easy to get going from a stop, and easily maintains a decent speed without too much effort.

Oh, and the seat is very plush as well, which is a must with cruisers.

What We Don’t Like

This will seem just a little fickle, but the reflector are a little lame. It would be nice if they were just a little bigger, or maybe had the bullet design of years past.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Buying Advice

If you want the lowest price, Amazon is going to be your best bet. You can get the bike shipped for free with Prime, and if you want the bike to be fully assembled instead of partially, you can pay an extra fee.

We like the assembly service, as it lets you immediately hit the pavement when the bike arrives, like it’s Christmas or something.


The Urban Man Beach Cruiser is a prime example of single speed beach cruiser, what a modern best beach cruiser should be. You still get the classic look, with a clean, updated touch, and keep all of the core features that make a cruiser a cruiser.

The option to get more gears and hand brakes makes this bike appealing to those who want to use it for more than just a casual beach stroll.

Add this to the fact that the bike is incredibly affordable on all levels, and you have yourself one of the best cruisers on the market.

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