How To Ride A Bike (Adults and Kids) – A Bike Riding Guide

In this guide, you can learn how to ride a bike and build your confidence.

Because people have been told that ‘if you didn’t learn to ride a bike as a child, it will be difficult to learn as an adult,’ many people don’t make the effort.  Don’t let that be you, it’s simply not true.

According to research, around 94% of Americans know how to ride a bicycle. Remaining 6% of people do not know how to cycle or have never tried.

Cycling is one of the best things to experience in life. No matter if you are a grown-up or a kid, the basics are similar. After all, learning how to balance on a bike is not harder than learning as a kid. 

So if you have never learned how to use a bike as a kid, then you are not alone, it is never too late to start.

Remember, cycling is a great form of exercise and a great way to commute. It requires techniques, a little falling, some failure but anybody can learn how to ride a bike.

Here I have pointed out the basics for kids and adults on how to learn how to ride a bicycle without an instructor. Also, I will teach you how to ride bikes better with gears and how to brake, steer, and turn.

However, before you start learning how to ride a bicycle, here are two things you should definitely keep in mind:

Patience: Do not try to push the cycling process. Take a break if you feel frustrated or tired and then start again later. Take shorter practice sessions then try to do all in one day.

Don’t give up: You may not learn to pedal the very first day, however with continued practice, you can achieve it. Each time it gets easier.

Follow these simple rules to get started before you learn how to ride a bicycle.

#1 Set Up Your Bike!

It is essential to know how to use a bike. You can either borrow a bike to start or buy a new one. Find a bike brand so you could swing your leg over, sit on it comfortably, and balance your legs easily. 

Watch how to ride a bike – youTube video

Make sure both your legs should be flat on the ground. If you are up on your toes then balancing on the bike can be harder.

Find a bike that can easily adjust the seat up and down for a comfortable ride.  

#2 Find a safe place to start

Your safe place must be far away from traffic. The best way to learn to ride a bike is with no distractions. Also, you don’t want to put yourself or your loved one in danger. 

You can find your safe place in some park or on a traffic-free road. A good way to start learning cycling is on a flat surface.

 However, starting to ride on short-grass works best as it prevents falls and hurts less. 

#3 Wear comfortable clothes

You don’t want to ruin your clothes while you ride because you may fall several times when you try to ride. Make sure you use protection to eliminate the possibility of injuries on knees.  

Comfortable clothes for Bike Ride

Wear Comfortable clothes for Bike Ride

Wearing long sleeves shirts and pants also helps you to protect from falling. Avoid using baggy shorts or skirts, these may get caught in the chains and gears of the bike. Buying the best cycling shorts for a long distance is a must if you are on a bike ride.

Also try to avoid open toes shoes, use closed-toe shoes like joggers when you are learning.

#4 Put on a helmet!

Safety is an important factor while bike learning. Helmets are an essential requirement for beginners and experienced bike riders, cause an accident can happen any time. Make sure your kid wears a helmet especially when they are learning. 

The helmet is strong and hard then your head. Make sure you choose helmets that perfectly fits you. The helmet tilted back on your head  may  leave  your head  to impact and can increase the chances of the helmet falling off.

Correct way to wear bicycle helmet

Correct way to wear bicycle helmet

There should be a proper gap size of around two fingers  between the helmet and your eyebrows

A good helmet comes down an inch above your eyebrows.

Hence, staying safe is essential. If you are not wearing your helmet, you may set a bad example for the other riders as well. 

#5 Learn During Daytime

Riding can be done at any time, however, it is not recommended for beginners. 

This means that you’ll be spending a lot of your time learning to ride and work on your balance. The bike can drift towards the traffic when you speed up. This can put you in danger and you may have a hard time seeing through the lights.

However, if you still have to go out at night, then wear light color clothes and make sure you use reflective stickers and bike headlights

#6 Adjust and Check your Bike

Lower the seat of the bike if it is high enough for you. Make sure both your feet are flat on the ground when seated. 

Check whether your brakes are working or not. Adjust the pedals to your comfortable position so you have a bend behind your knee when your leg is in a lower position. 

Make sure you can easily hold the handle and can put on a brake and change gears. Now before you start to learn how to ride a bike, you should practice these few steps!

#7  Learn to Glide

Now before you start riding your bike, learning basic balance is necessary. It involves scooting on the bike with your feet on the ground, this technique can be done by adults and kids. 

Scooting helps to understand and learn balancing on 2 wheels. The main target is to push off both feets from ground for as long as you can. As soon as you start to glide without touching your feet down you can start with pedaling.

#8 Practice getting on and off

Now, when you have settled down with your bike, it is a great idea to practice getting on and off the bike. Stand on one side and lean the bike towards you to straddle easily. Do it several times to get comfortable with it.

Tip: Use your brakes when getting off the bike so it does not wobble or roll.

Now when you feel you are ready, start riding the bike.

how to ride a bike for adults?

You can ride your bike smoothly as long as you follow all the rules mentioned above. Now, there are two ways to learn how to ride a bike. 

The first one is, lean against the nearest wall, put your feet on the pedal, and one hand on the handlebar. Slowly start to push yourself away from the wall.

Note: Do not push the pedals too hard even when using gears.

The second one is the Schitt’s Creek method. Put one pedal up and put your foot on it, then push the pedal downwards and sit on the saddle. Now use the other leg to pedal from the other side and start riding a bike. 

Both are easy methods to learn riding a bicycle.

Steering and Turning

Once you are able to start pedaling your bike, practice steering and turning. Try to draw eight numbers when you are cycling. Take a wider turn at the beginning and then start to make smaller ones.

Tip: Do not pedal the entire time or you may go too fast resulting in an uncontrolled turn. Use the formula, pedal, and coast.

how to Teach your child to ride in 45 minutes

Learning how to ride a bike can be easy for kids. However, it is still a challenge for them. 

Ask your kid to sit on the bike, hold the saddle behind them and let them pedal while you apply a little push of small velocity. 

Let them feel the balance when they ride their bike. Ask them to stop and put their one foot down after a small distance.

As soon as they get the feeling, let them start marking small circles. You can leave the saddles when they understand the process. Make sure you are walking or running behind them until they are doing well.

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how to ride a bike with gears

The process of riding a bicycle is the same even with gears. However, when your kids start changing gears while riding you may need to handle the saddle again for some time.

Make use of the rear derailleur as they change the speed smaller. 

Try changing gears from low to high when you ride. 

Sometimes the gears don’t change. Yes! it can be frustrating especially when you are on a steep hill. Take your bike to a local shop or take online help to fix this common problem.

How to learn with a rear brake?

Try to use the rear braking at the beginning. Ride for 10 mph and stop with mediate braking to your destined point. Try again if you stop late or soon. The best performance of braking is when you don’t skid.

How to brake with front gears?

When you brake with the front brake your body might move you forward. To avoid this you might want a smooth braking technique. you can use rear brakes in most cases, however, for shorter distances use front brakes only.

Make use of the front brake when you are riding your bike slowly. When it is working smoothly try to make a turn.

Note: When you ride on a steep hill, make sure you always use the front brake otherwise you may fall backward.

How to brake with both brakes

You should always use both of your brakes. The rear brake is the main one and the front makes the distance shorter. When you are turning on a slick road you should let go of the front brake because that will make you fall.

Common Faq’s


The best average of a 10-mile bike is between 45 mins to an hour. If you have just started to ride a bike then it is more likely an hour mark. Slowly the speed of your ride will increase and time taken will be reduced eventually. 

How easy is it to ride a bike?

For many people riding a bicycle is easy. But if you are just starting to learn how to ride a bike, then try to ride every alternate day so it won’t feel hard every time. 

how to ride an electric bike?

Riding an electric bike is the same as riding a standard bike. You control your speed with your legs, however, the pedaling is powerful and accelerates easily. The harder you pedal the faster you ride. Start with low-assist modes if you are a beginner.

how to ride a bike without training wheels?

Walk-up a grassy slope and coast down slowly with your legs in outward direction from the bike. The grass keeps your speed down and makes you stop at a point.

Repeat this several times until you are confident with balancing and steering of the bike. When you are comfortable with the coasting keep your feet on pedals and start to practice the pedaling. 

how to get into cycling?

  • Firstly, get a bike from a local shop. 
  • Get fitted into proper clothes and find a safe place to ride away from the traffic. 
  • Understand and know the road rules. 
  • Know how to fix a flat tire before hitting the road
  • Make sure you use proper body posture for cycling when you start.
  • Pick a route and have a basic plan before you start riding
  • Do not wear headphones while riding, it can be troublesome.
  • Clean your bike regularly and maintain your ride.
  • Find a cycling group to have a group ride throughout the year.

how to bike in the rain?


  • Buy yourself a good waterproof jacket. Clothing is an important factor when you are riding in the rain.
  • Use mudguards to keep all filthy water away from feet.
  • Wear overshoes and gloves to maintain temperature.
  • Use a chain degreaser to keep your chains clean.
  • Wear a cycling cap while riding in the rain.
  • Avoid standing water. It can be a puddle and can smash the wheel.
  • Ride with a heavier tire in rain.
  • Use Plastic bags over your socks and tights.
  • Use bike headlights while riding in the night.


What age should you ride a bike?

Learning to ride a bicycle without the use of training wheels is an important achievement. Kids can generally learn to ride a bike when they are age 3 to 8, with an average age of over 5.

What are the steps to riding a bike?


  • Firstly, Gear up.
  • Adjust your seat height to a comfortable position.
  • Have your kid pedal and you hold the bike upright.
  • Slowly take your hand away from the bike.
  • Repeat.
  • Now start raising the seat into more gliding position.
  • Progress with the inclines and curves.
  • Learn the rules of the road.


Can you teach yourself to ride a bike?

Learning to ride a bike is not as hard as learning when you are a kid. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step rules and procedures. All you need to start learning is to own a bike and a safe space, wide place without traffic to practice.

Remember To Practice

Cycling can only get better as long as you are practicing. The more you practice, the more you learn how to ride a bike.

Always remember to wear your helmet and safety gear before you teach your kid how to ride a bike!

Check youTube for best riding videos to understand the techniques better. 

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