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Cannondale Topstone 105 Review

Cannondale Topstone 105 is an exquisite adventure bike that was designed to enable you to roll over gravel trails with relative ease. It has all the features needed for you to cover those lengthy miles on the rough terrains while enjoying a fun adventure all the way.

Vilano R2 – Budget Road Bike Review

Getting a road bike that fully balances the needs for your daily commute can be a tough ask. Luckily, there are a few standouts that you can find in the market with a performance level that might change your attitude towards affordable road bikes. A good example is the R2 bicycle model from Vilano.

Bianchi Infinito CV Road Bike Review

Bianchi Infinito CV Review

Bianchi designed the Infinito with the desire to give riders a versatile bike that would be flexible enough to accommodate cyclists who want to ride fast during a tempo group and those who want to be comfortable during a long ride.

best budget road bike

Best Road Bikes For Every Budget – Entry level to Mid-range

If you’re buying a road bicycle in 2019, you probably feel overwhelmed with all the different options. We’ve sorted them all out and created a list of the best road bikes currently on the market. Entry level to pro – we got you covered.

GMC Denali road bike review

GMC Denali Road Bike Review

Here, we’re taking a look at the GMC Denali Road Bike. There’s a lot to like about this bike, specifically, the high-profile frame, brake, and shifter design. We’ve also included some technical information about sizing and material. Check it out!

Cannondale CAAD12 Racing Bike Review

Cannondale CAAD12 Review

The Cannondale CAAD12 is the ideal bike for a cycling enthusiast. It offers many of the same characteristics as a carbon race bikae, all at a lower cost.

Giant Escape 3 Review

Giant Escape 3 Road Bike Review

City riders and fitness enthusiasts looking for a versatile and inexpensive foray into smooth upright cycling won’t be disappointed with the new Giant Escape 3.

Kestrel Legend Review

Kestrel Legend Racing Bike Review

Kestrel’s Legend series provides outstanding speed and ride quality for racers. Here’s everything else you need to know about them.

Kestrel RT-1000 Frame

Kestrel RT-1000 Road Bike Review

The Kestrel RT-1000 is a high-performance road bike suitable for enthusiasts on longer trips. Here’s everything else you need to know about it.

Scott Contessa Review

Scott Contessa Mountain & Road Bikes Review

Learn more about the many Contessa bikes within Scott’s female-specific lineup in this comprehensive review. The Contessa mountain bikes have woman’s seats and cool colors, and a unisex frame. Contessa road bikes have female-specific frames and finishing kits. Find a woman’s bike that is right for your riding style.

Scott Speedster 50 Review

Scott Speedster 50 Road Bike Review

In-depth review of the Scott Speedster 50 Road Bike, covering the strengths and weaknesses of this entry-level model in Scott’s endurance road bike lineup. A race-proven design fitted with affordable parts makes for a bike that delivers an excellent bang for your buck. But is it comfortable as the miles rack up?

Giant Propel Racing Bike Review

Giant Propel Racing Bike Review

This racing bike combines a light frame with an aerodynamic style to minimize drag and help you win. Here’s everything else you need to know about Giant’s Propel.

Giant Defy Road Bike Review

Giant Defy Road Bike Review

This performance-focused road bike is sturdy enough to handle the roughest rides. Here’s everything else you need to know about Giant’s Defy.

Specialized Allez Main Review

Specialized Allez Review

A Specialized Allez bicycle is a great choice for a budding road racer or for a city commuter. They’re fast, tough, and priced right. Test ride an Allez today

Vilano Forza 4.0 Road Bike

Vilano Forza 4.0 Road Bike Review

Vilano Forza 4.0 is a bike build for road riders that want a budget friendly option without sacrificing the ride or the experience.

Trek Madone Road Bike

Trek Madone Road Bike Review

Read all about Trek’s Madone, a benchmark for racing bikes that boasts a lightweight design and offers unparalleled speed and maneuverability out on the tracks.

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