Giant Escape 3 Road Bike Review

Giant Escape 3 Review

Get The Best Alternative Road Bike at Low Cost.


Giant Roam 2 as an Upgrade ($200 dollars more than the Escape)


Price, frame, color options


No shock on board, upright geometry, pedals


This model is best for beginning riders who are getting their feet wet with street or leisure riding

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Everyone from casual street riders to those looking to get into cycling fitness as part of their regular routine will appreciate the features of the Giant Escape 3.

Ride to work, ride for your health, get away from it all with a weekend adventure. It also includes rack and fender mounts, allowing you to customize it to your specifications.

It’s an entry-level bike that works for on-road applications but can handle a little off-roading when challenges reveal themselves during a commute.

Consider the Escape 3 for an affordable and accessible road bike that stays sporty while letting you get where you need to go.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: Small to Extra LargeBRAKE TYPE: Tektro TK937 BrakesSHIFTER: Shimano ST-EF41RIMS: Giant’s Alloy Double Wall RimsTIRES: Giant S-X3 700×32PRICE RANGE: Under $500 – We Recommend the Roam 2 Instead

Between its lightweight Aluxx aluminum frame and its on-road styling, everyone from cycling commuters to fitness fanatics won’t mind taking the Escape 3 for a spin.

Puncture-resistant tires paired with a Shimano drivetrain give you dependability and control. The double-wall rims add another element of protection if you depend on the bike to get you to work and back again. Integrated rack mounts keep you rolling on tough city streets as well as more adventurous rides.

Two color choices, matte neon red and black or satin black and charcoal let you choose the color scheme that suits you best. However, there’s no blending in with the styling of this Giant bike. You can’t mistake it for an off-the-rack bike, and the positioning of bikes brands reputation for performance doesn’t drop off with its entry-level bicycles.

The upright comfort saddle and Giant Sport pedals equip the bike with the must-haves every rider looks for in an introductory city bike. While Giant doesn’t expressly announce the weight of the bike, the precise heft will depend on whether you ride the bike out of the box, or install add-ons for comfort or performance.

700cc wheels handle every bump in the road, but this bike’s versatility doesn’t require that you stick within the confines of the pavement. Off-roading may not be its primary purpose, but the Escape 3 can take you along the back roads should you want to take an alternate route home. Balanced and efficient.

Alternatively, dynamic handling enables users to incorporate the Escape 3 into their daily fitness routine, so this is an excellent bike for fitness pursuits of beginners on up.

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Frame Size

The Escape 3’s lightweight Aluxx aluminum frame comes in sizes from small to extra large, with two different colors available.

These sizes accommodate riders from around 5’3″ tall to 6’5″ tall, and the stand over height ranges from 28.1 to 33 inches high across the sizing scale.

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Brake Type

Tektro TK937 brakes give strong stopping power for most on- and off-street applications. Its city setup doesn’t mean that the Escape can’t handle quick stops for traffic lights or pedestrians, and Tektro delivers the control you need.


Shimano ST-EF41 shifters make the Escape 3 versatile and help you acclimate whether you’re on flat paved roads or bumpy country terrain.

While you may not regularly work out every gear, knowing they’re there puts the power in your hands.

giant escape shifter review


Giant’s alloy double wall rims with Aluxx grade aluminum fork give strength and durability to the Escape 3 and keep you riding steady. 


Giant S-X3 700×32 tires come with puncture-proof technology so that you never miss your commute or weekend ride.

Price Range

Giant Bicycles’ website lists the 2018 Escape 3 at over $500.

Still, additional equipment will run you a bit beyond that price. Alternatively, previous versions of the Escape 3 are available from multiple online retailers at a fraction of the cost. Conversely, some models will run higher than the price of a 2018 Escape, so consider your investment carefully if you opt for a used bike.

What We Like

Standard elements like the trademark Giant Sport seatpost, saddle, and pedals gear up for a comfortable ride, and a complete equipment package caters to casual on-road riding.

For the price, the Giant Escape 3 will get riders on the road without much fuss.


  • Anti-puncture Giant S-X3 tires
  • Robust frame Aluxx grade aluminum for confident handling
  • Double wall alloy rims 
  • Color options

What We Don’t Like

The Escape 3 boasts on- and off-road capabilities, but in all honesty, you won’t be tackling any serious trails on this model.

It will handle favorably on city streets and some bumpy back roads, but you can’t expect to traverse any obstacles or climb mountains if the idea strikes you.

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  • No shock on board
  • Smallest size is “small,” no sizing option for riders under 5’3” tall
  • Upright geometry may not be optimal for all applications

Buying Advice

Over the years, Giant has only improved upon its Escape bikes, and the 2018 Escape 3 is no exception to the forward movement of technology in the cycling industry. Robust anti-puncture tires, strong alloy wheels, and a lightweight aluminum frame are staples in Giant’s Escape line of bikes.

The primary appeal of the Escape 3 is its ability to serve as daily transport for commuters within city limits. At the same time, a rider’s athletic prowess can take the bike off-road in milder applications, meaning you aren’t required to stick to the pavement every day.

Although many riders may prefer to upgrade their seatpost, saddle, pedals, and handlebars based on comfort preferences or sizing needs, the Escape 3 is ready to hit the asphalt out of the box. There’s nothing fancy to figure out with this bike, so even beginners can make a few slight adjustments and be on their way.

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Giant’s Escape 3 is rolling out a few upgrades over its past years’ models, but the premise of the crossover bike remains the same.

It’s an easily accessible street bike that can manage a few potholes or speed bumps, but it won’t take you for a spin on the trail without leaving you feeling a little shaken up. Still, for city dwellers or fitness enthusiasts who don’t need a bike that can climb mountains, the Roam 2 is a far strong contender in the $500 category. This bike is the perfect hybrid for daily exercise and weekend rides. Overall, it’s a good commuter, but if you can afford it, go for a more expensive model with higher-quality components.

After all, at this price point, you don’t have to worry about treating the bike delicately. Half the appeal is the low price tag, and the other half is its vigorous performance on forgiving city streets.

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