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There are other Specialized bicycles for the serious road racer, but the Allez models can give would-be professionals a good start in the sport.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of road racing in competitions like the Tour de France, you need the right bike to get across the finish line.

The Specialized bicycle company has years of experience building road race models, including the new bike the Allez. Their line of bikes is extremely popular, and Specialized has upped its own game by improving them.

The company made the changes due to its philosophy of being “rider led.”

Specialized gathers data regarding the best riding positions and the riders’ needs to design their bikes. For the Allez, they gathered body dimensions and fit information to develop the designs for the type of riders that buy Allez bikes.

The data led them to change the entry-level Allez, so it is more budget friendly for those just getting a start in road racing.

They also made changes to the three of their other models, the Allez, the Allez Sport and the Allez Elite. The Allez Sprint Comp did not change. There is a total of five Allez models, including the Allez Junior.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 44 to 61BRAKE TYPE: Tektro Axis Caliper BrakesSHIFTER: Shimano 105 Shifter, Shimano Sora, Shimano Claris 2000, microSHIFT R482RIMS: DT R460 RimsTIRES: Espoir Sport 60 TPI Tires, Turbo Pro 60 TPI Tires

Frame Size  

Of the five Allez models, four of them, the Sprint Comp, Elite, Sport and the Allez have the Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum frame. The Allez Junior has the Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum frame.

All the models, save for the Allez Junior, are available in sizes 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61. The Allez Junior is only available in size 44.

The bike sizes, which are measured in centimeters, translate to a rider’s height:

  • 44 = 4’8” to 5’0”
  • 49 = 5’0” to 5’4”
  • 52 = 5’4” to 5’7”
  • 54 = 5’7” to 5’9”
  • 56 = 5’9” to 5’11”
  • 58 = 5’11” to 6’2”
  • 61 = 6’2” to 6’5”

Brake Type

The Sprint Comp, Elite, and Sport models have the Tektro Axis caliper brakes, while the Allez and Allez Junior have Tektro Alloy.


Both the Sprint Comp and Elite have the Shimano 105 shifter, while the Sport uses a Shimano Sora and the Allez has the Shimano Claris 2000. The Allez Junior uses the microSHIFT R482, short reach shifter.

Allez HandleAllez Shifter TypeAllez Gears and Pedals


The Sprint Comp and the Elite use DT R460 rims, the Sport and the Allez have Axis Sport rims, and the Allez Junior uses the Axis Sport Jr. rims.


There are Turbo Pro, 60 TPI tires on the Sprint Comp, the Elite, Sport, and Allez all have Espoir Sport, 60 TPI tires, and the Allez Junior uses Turbo Elite, 60 TPI tires.

What We Like

Specialized did a redesign on almost all their Allez bicycles, except the Allez Sprint Comp. The geometry change made the bikes significantly lighter for 2018. Depending on the frame size, the company says they were able to take off 400g to 500g from the bicycles’ weight.

The weight changes were made by adding a full carbon fork to the entry-level models and the E5 aluminum frame, which is on all of the bikes save the Allez Junior, now comes in variable thicknesses. For a road bike, a lighter frame means faster speed, which could help win a race or at least a race against a red light if you’re commuting to work.

To make the bikes look cleaner, the cable runs inside of the frame from the handlebars. All the bikes are also available in two-tone colors like white/black, black/orange, or blue/orange. The Allez bikes are also compatible with a pannier and two full mudguards, as it is a popular bike with commuters.

The redesign also made the handlebars a little higher, so the rider is in more of an upright position. Being more upright allows riders to be in a more comfortable position. Riders who are training or racing can still get into a tuck to try to lessen the drag and shave time off the clock.

One other change that they made was to make the Allez model, with an endurance geometry, so it isn’t just for beginner road racers. Many people use the Allez to commute to work, so the changes will make it the bike more durable.

specialized allez sport

What We Don’t Like

Despite all the changes, the seat on the bikes didn’t change.

They kept the Body Geometry Toupe Sport, which is comfortable, but it is a basic saddle. An option for a more comfortable saddle for commuters would be another good change.

Some riders would also like to see disc brakes on the Allez models instead of the caliper brakes they have now. However, disc brakes are not allowed in all bike races, so that could be why they haven’t included them on these road bikes.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have an interest in road racing or need a bike to commute to work, the Allez models can fulfill both needs.

The small Allez Junior would be a good bike for boys who want to start road racing due to its lightweight design and speed. However, it is also built to withstand a boy’s rough treatment, so you won’t need to replace the bike due to abuse, but when he grows out of it.

There are other Specialized bicycles for the serious road racer, but the Allez models can give would-be professionals a good start in the sport.

The bikes all stand at a reasonable price, so you won’t go broke getting a fast bicycle to begin entering local races. If racing isn’t on the agenda, the Allez models would also be a good bike brand to ride on road trips with a local bicycle club.

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With the changes in the geometry, the people at Specialized have taken weight from the Allez models, making them easier to peddle long distances whether you’re commuting to work or training for a race. With the optional panniers, they will hold anything that you need for the day on the road or at work.

Take the time to test ride a Specialized Allez and find out why everybody loves them, then order the best model for your needs.

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