3 Great Looking Diy Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are no longer some small niche limited to a minority of riders. As technology has progressed, these bikes have become increasingly popular, mainly due to riders realizing the benefits having an engine can provide.

While you can certainly purchase best budget electric bike that’s all done and ready to go, there are plenty of enthusiasts who have made their own DIY electric bikes by converting one or more of their conventional bikes. The process isn’t as extensive as you may think.

With that said, here are 3 great examples of DIY electric bikes.

DIY Lowrider BMX

This is definitely one of the more impressive ones you’ll find, and one of the most unique. While most electric bikes are usually hybrids, with the occasional road or mountain bike, this enthusiast decided to go with the lowrider BMX style…kind of.

The rear wheel resembles more of a motorcycle version, while the front is closer to a hybrid. Still, it works, and gives it a motorcycle look that will definitely grab some attention.

The chain has been extended, and the motor has been neatly attached to the rear hub. The battery pack is carefully disguised, resembling a motorcycle engine housing. The spiderweb completes the look, giving it eve more personality.

BmX Like Slower Style Electric Bike

Lowrider bikes are generally difficult to pedal around in terms of efficiency, so this bike certainly provides an advantage. Many electric bikes tend to be a bit boring, but this one is anything but.

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DIY Trek Conversion

This Trek conversion is more in line with what we’re used to seeing with electric bikes, but the custom aspect gives it a better aesthetic, which can sometimes be hard if you’re doing a DIY conversion.

This rider chose to go with the motor in the front, which is increasingly rare these days. The accessories tell you that this bike is either a commuter bike, or used for long distance exercising even.

Trek Conversion to DIY Electric Bike

The main reason this bike looks so good is the fact that the battery pack is behind the seat, and looks more like a storage or luggage bag, instead of the large battery packs. This makes the electric aspect not so distracting, even with the motor mounted on the front wheel.

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DIY Electric Mountain Bike

Now here’s a true electric mountain bike that is trail ready, and looks pretty awesome too. This bike appears to have a double chain drive system, which allows the rider to pedal separately from the engine. One chain is on the crank, while the other is attached to the motor assembly.

The battery housing is both hidden and protected using an encasing in between the top and bottom tubes. And aside from the front fork with ample suspension, the rest of the bike has a sort of stealthy charcoal color to it.

Mountain Bike Conversion

While this bike does not hide the fact that it’s an electric version, the overall look is one of the cooler ones you’ll see for sure.


DIY electric bikes are not as hard to do as you may think. There are numerous kits available online, and also a lot of people who have written step-by-step guides that can walk you through converting your bike. With just a little savvy and planning, you can ensure you end up with a bike that’s not only electric, but looks great as well. Good luck!


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