Scott Contessa Mountain & Road Bikes Review

Scott Contessa Review


From around $500 to $5000+


Variety of shapes and sizes, saddle, design




Women don’t necessarily have to get female-specific bikes. However, the women-specific Contessa lineup makes it easy to find a bike that will feel just right for your particular anatomy.

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The Scott Contessa line is a comprehensive group of bikes tailored to the female rider. The models range from beginner-friendly to hard-core competitive bikes which pro athletes choose.

Contessa mountain bikes have unisex geometry and female-specific finishing touches, while the Contessa road bike lineup is comprised of bikes entirely shaped for women riders.

Because this lineup is so comprehensive, the technical specs vary widely. The mountain bike Contessa Scale and Contessa Spark options are similar to the Scale and Spark options which are not women specific. 

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 42.4 to 47.7 inches inchesBRAKE TYPE: Shimano disc brakes and Tektro disk brakesSHIFTER: Sram X01 Trigger shifter, Shimano SL-M2000-9R R-fire plusRIMS: Several Types Including Syncros 30mm Tubeless ready rimTIRES: Schwalbe Durano Fold tire

The Scott designers have fitted Contessa bikes with components that tailor to varying riding styles. Here we’ll cover the parts that make each bike unique.

Frame Size Options For Female Riders

The frame size of the Scott Contessa bikes will vary depending on the model chosen. The Contessa Scale 900 has a wheelbase ranging from 42.4 inches in the small size to 44.4 inches in the large frame.

Scott Contessa Mountain Review

The Scott Contessa Spark 710, on the other hand, has a wheelbase that ranges from 44.4 in the small up to 47.7 for the extra-large model, which is much longer than the Scale 900. You can see that the specific model will affect the length of the bike, and the stability and speed of your ride.

Some Contessa bikes, including the Scott Contessa 730 come in XS frame options, which is great for petite female riders. The frames will vary to fit a range of female body types and riding styles.

A Variety Of Brakes

The Scott Contessa bikes use a variety of different braking systems including Shimano disc brakes and Tektro disk brakes. The different brake styles reflect the full range of Contessa bike options.

Affordable bikes tailored to the casual or beginner rider may include Tektro disk brakes, while the bikes suited to competitive and expert riders might come with Shimano or Sram brakes.

Shifter Components

The Contessa lineup features several different kinds of shifters, including parts made by Sram and Shimano.

For example, the race-ready Scott Contessa Spark RC 900 bike features a  Sram X01 Trigger shifter which is designed to be precise, fast, and smooth.

Scott Contessa Breaks on HandleScott Contessa Gear Shift

The novice-intended models, like the Scott Contessa 710 bike uses a Shimano SL-M2000-9R R-fire plus. The shifter should match other components of the bike’s drivetrain, so if the Contessa features a Shimano shifter, you will see more Shimano features as well.

Rim Styles

Since Contessa bikes are the female-equivalent of many different models of Scott bikes, you will see several different kinds of rims in this lineup. One nice feature of several of the mountain bike models is a tubeless-ready rim.

The Scott Contessa Genius 710, for instance, has a Syncros 30mm Tubeless ready rim. This rim is ideal for all-mountain riding and can accommodate a tire that will give you a substantial patch of the tire on the earth when riding, which can increase stability.

Tires For Different Styles Of Riding

Depending on whether you look at the Contessa mountain bikes or road bikes, the tire styles will vary. The Contessa Addict is one road bike model that is great for recreational fitness-oriented riders. It is built with a Schwalbe Durano Fold tire.

This tire is made to withstand high mileage, so the weekend-warrior won’t have to worry about changing a flat when fifty miles from home. Also, the materials used in the tire give it an excellent grippy quality which is useful on slick winter roads.

A Wide Price Range

No matter what price point you are interested in, you are likely to find a Contessa bike to fit the bill.

There are affordable bikes for those who only ride once in a while, as well as expensive options for the rider who cares more about having a bike than a car.

What We Like

Female bodies are built differently than male bodies, yet within the range of female shapes and sizes we see many varieties.

Engineers who cater to averages based on data will be missing the mark for a large part of the population. With the Contessa line-up, we see a comprehensive range of shapes and styles so that women with many different body types can find a bike that feels good.

The mountain bikes have unisex geometry, which means that female riders can discover frames just right for aggressive riding and speed. Within the road bike lineup, we see female specific structures that allow women of all shapes and sizes to ride without neck, back or wrist pain.

  • Wide variety of bike shapes and sizes
  • Unisex mountain bikes finished with female-specific saddles and colors
  • Female specific road bikes designed to be ridden long distances comfortably
  • Contessa saddles intended for female-shaped pelvis

What We Don’t Like

As on any bike, you may have to make some adjustments to your Contessa bike to make it just right for you. This is a downside of bike shopping, especially for a beginner rider.

If you don’t know how to adjust your bike, you may end up riding at a setting that creates discomfort and loss of control. The right settings will give you a better feeling ride as well as strengthen your abilities as a rider.

  • Even if you get a bike of just the right size, you might need to make adjustments
  • Many Contessa models makes it difficult to choose the right ones
  • Unisex mountain bike models may give limited options to petite women riders

Buying Advice

Women don’t necessarily have to get female-specific bikes. However, the women-specific Contessa lineup makes it easy to find a bike that will feel just right for your particular anatomy.

The Contessa saddles are designed for the female body. The geometry of many of the Contessa bikes is designed to account for the typical female body’s lower muscle mass and higher center of gravity. Every type of female rider, from beginner to expert, can take advantage of these aspects of the Contessa lineup to find the right bike.

Within the Contessa lineup, we see several different models of mountain bikes, including the Contessa Scale, Contessa Spark, and Contessa Genius. There are also Contessa e-mountain bikes, which are fitted with electronic motors. As for road bikes, there are many models including the Solace and Speedster.

Buying a female-specific bike has many advantages, including a saddle that doesn’t cause pain on your long ride, a balanced ride, and gorgeous colors. Take some time to think about what kind of rider you are and what type of bike will best suit your needs, and then browse through the extensive Contessa lineup to learn more.

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