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Mountain bikes, or MTBs, are designed specifically for off-road and trail riding. They share quite a few similarities with other types of bikes, however, their design is focused more on durability and performance when you’re riding on rougher terrains.

Most mountain bikes are built with either full suspension on the front and rear forks and frame, or a shock absorber setup on the front fork only. These shocks help absorb quite a bit of the rough terrain so the rider doesn’t feel nearly as unstable as they would on a road bike.

Mountain bikes are also built with heavy duty wheels to handle the punishment, along with knobby tires to grip the terrain. They’re built with heavier duty, more powerful braking systems, along with lower gearing to make navigating rough terrain easier.

The gearing on the front and rear of the bike makes it easy to find the perfect resistance based on whether you are riding downhill or up a steep incline and gives you more control over how you’re riding.

For trail riding, off-roading, and couriers that regularly traverse over different types of terrain, the mountain bike has become one of the go-to bike styles. Over the last few years, prices have begun to drop significantly as more manufacturers realize how popular MTBs are becoming.

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