Bianchi Infinito CV Review

Bianchi Infinito CV Road Bike Review


Versatile, comfortable, great performance, excellent design, handles all terrain


Price, not designed for speed racing


Bianchi designed the Infinito with the desire to give riders a versatile bike that would be flexible enough to accommodate cyclists who want to ride fast and comfortable during a long ride.

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Bianchi designed the Infinito with the desire to give riders a versatile bike that would be flexible enough to accommodate cyclists who want to ride fast during a tempo group and those who want to be comfortable during a long ride.

There are seven different Infinito CV models, which include:

  • Infinito CV Super Record EPS
  • Infinito CV Ultegra Di2 Disc Compact
  • Infinito CV Chorus Compact
  • Infinito CV Ultegra Di2 Compact
  • Infinito CV Ultegra Compact
  • Infinito CV Frameset, and
  • Infinito CV Disc Frameset

All seven Bianchi Infinito CV models are listed for endurance racing and were built to expand the appeal to Pro Tour, Spring Classic racers. The bikes are designed with an exclusive Countervail technology.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 50cm – 61 cmBRAKE TYPE: Campagnolo Potenza, Dual-pivot BrakesSHIFTER: Shimano Ultegra 11-speed ShifterRIMS: Fulcrum Racing 5 LGTIRES: Wind Resistance Via The Frictionless Fan

Developed by a US aerospace company, Countervail technology dramatically reduces road vibration. Countervail incorporates viscoelastic and vibration-canceling properties directly into the carbon fiber layup process. This exclusive technology helps bikers maximize ride control, increase peak power output and rigidity, and to diminish the rider fatigue many bikers get when riding long distances. 

Rider comfort was a primary focus on the development of the Infinito CV bikes. Besides Countervail, support is also enhanced by design. With a more relaxed and slightly taller head tube and more extended chainstays, the hallmarks of Bianchi racing are not compromised to achieve their comfort and smoother ride goals.

 According to Bianchi, Infinito translates to mean “never-ending” and their purpose in designing the Infinito CV was to allow riders to enjoy a never-ending number of miles.

Frame Size

The Bianchi Infinito CV series features a carbon-fiber weave combined with elastic polymers. The frame has a massively oversized down tube that helps the bike transfer power. The measured head angle is set to 71.4°, which falls in the endurance range, and it has a seat angle of 74.4° which helps the rider sit forward.

Bianchi Infinito CV Gears Review

Brake Type

This series of bikes feature infinito cv disc brake system with Campagnolo Potenza, dual-pivot brakes. The braking operation makes endurance riding easy and smooth.


For riders who have used Campagnolo shifters in the past, you should be pleased with the mechanical levels that now copy the slope of EPS models. The Infinito CV series of bikes have a Shimano Ultegra 11-speed shifter that allows you to comfortably just rest your thumb against the shifter button without adding any hand or wrist strain.


The rims on the Infinito CV models are Fulcrum Racing 5 LG wheels that can hold up to 28 mm tires. While some people may think the wheels seem small or cheap compared to the bike, the reality is they are built for longevity and work great.

bianchi infinito rims and tires Review


The tires on the Bianchi Infinito CV bikes are Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Isotech graphene. They are high quality tires that are known for their exceptional performance on both wet and dry surfaces. They are durable and withstand rough roads. 

Price Range

The Bianchi website shares the MSRP cost of each of their bikes. Potential customers can either order directly from them, or they can purchase from a few different online bike shops. The prices may fluctuate between shops and the Infinito CV prices range vary depending on the model.

What We Like

The Bianchi Infinito CV series of bikes are truly superb and easily considered top of the line. The slight alterations the made to the design of the bike has maximized on comfort, allowing bikers the opportunity to ride all day. The frame is designed to reduce road vibration by up to 80 percent, making it a great bike to ride in many different terrains. The tires are designed to work well on dry and wet surfaces.


  • Versatile, working for long or short rides, in wet or dry conditions.
  • Comfortable bike riding position for long rides.
  • Great performance tires
  • Excellent design for riders who want to travel long distances by bike.
  • Built for riders who want comfort over all terrains.

What We Don’t Like

The Bianchi Infinito CV series has done a great job to create a bike that meets and exceeds people’s expectations.


  • The price for an Infinito CV series bike is not affordable for many people and is higher than some competitors. 
  • Some reviewers have stated that the bikes are heavy. For the road, the heaviness of the bike is a good thing. For transporting it, they are heavy.
  • The weight can make climbing steep hills and gaining speed on flat roads more difficult than other bikes.
  • The Infinito CV models are not designed for speed racing.

Buying Advice

The Bianchi Infinito CV bikes are well-designed and ready to provide comfort to long distance riders. Its Countervail technology has been NASA tested and approved, and then adopted by Bianchi to help Infinito CV riders stay comfortable no matter how many miles they want to log.

For bike riders who are trained for endurance and are looking for comfort and speed, the Infinito CV bikes are some of the best. The frame is built to assist riders in keeping a comfortable position during their treks.

The design of the frame and the tires that make the bikes safe on different terrains and in various weather conditions add even more value to the bike.


If you are looking for a versatile long-distance bicycle that is comfortable and safe, all the Bianchi Infinito CV bicycles are a great option. While each of them has a few variations between them, they are all made for endurance and longevity. Whether you have a long commute to work, want to race in the Tour de France, or just enjoy long bike rides, Bianchi had usability in mind when they designed the Infinito CV bikes.

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