Kestrel Bikes

Kestrel Bikes

Kestrel Bikes is a pioneer in triathlon and road bikes using carbon-fiber frames. They currently offer a wide range of triathlon, road and mountain bikes designed for the professional and amateur athletes.

Their groundbreaking and rule changing designs and features have seen the winners circle in such events as the Ironman, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a Espana and the Race to the Toyota Cup Series.


Who Is Kestrel?

Formed in 1986 by current Trek employees and Aerospace engineers, Kestrel has introduced many cutting-edge and forward-thinking designs. With a goal to make faster, lighter and better handling bikes for athletes, Kestrel started working with carbon-fiber.

Their first design, the Kestrel 4000, released in 1987 was an all carbon, full aerodynamic design. Kestrel didn’t stop there, releasing designs with the first full-carbon fork, the first completely 3-D molded design, and seat tube-less designs.

Due to their products attention to technological advances they have directly influenced other companies such as Trek, Giant and Fuji. Dropping the standard tube and lug designs, Kestrel has opted to challenge weight and aerodynamics.

In 1989, Kestrel unveiled the KM40, the first all carbon triathlon bike. They followed this up in 1992 with the KM40 Airfoil and again in 2001 with the EMS Pro Series. The EMS Pro utilizes the all carbon fork of the EMS with a molded carbon handlebar.

Kestrel - popular Bike Models

Kestrel, unlike other competitors such as Trek, has kept their design line for serious athletes; concentrating on three styles: Mountain, Triathlon, and Road bikes.

MXZ Pro/Team

Kestrel sticks to designs that work and their current offering in the mountain bike range is the MXZ Team and MXZ Pro. The only real difference here is that the Pro version is slightly heavier (25.3 pounds versus 24.09 pounds) and that the Team model relies on Shimano XT drivetrain where the Pro uses SRAM NX.

These bikes are crafted for speed and sturdy reliability on trails, singletrack and nature obstacles.

Talon X

The Talon X Series is an aerodynamic bike for triathlon trainers that want all the modern touches while primarily training on the road. The Talon was released in 2015 as the top model for triathlon and racing bikes and was widely accepted.

RT 1100

Kestrel runs the Talon X series in the road line up as well, for trainers on the road. However, their largest line up is the RT 1100 series that offers comfort, speed and aerodynamics for endurance racers and trainers. You can check out an in-depth review of the slightly older model, the Kestrel 1000 here.

Kestrel legend

The Kestrel Legend series are a series of bikes designed with racing in mind. Each one is equipped with a different set of high-quality parts. You can read more in our Kestrel Legend Review.