Diamondback Grind BMX Bike Review

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Grind Diamondback BMX

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Durability, price, safety


No pegs, no front brake


Its combination of quality components and emphasis on durability makes it a great deal for the money, as you not only get an actual freestyle bike, but one that is made to hold up to all the punishment.

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Making the step up from a basic kid’s BMX bike to a true freestyle model can be quite the leap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Diamondback Grind BMX Bike is an affordable entry point to the freestyle world for growing kids, allowing them to grow in their freestyle skills one a bike that’s actually made for it.

Some kids tend to push their bikes to the brink, performing stunts and jumps on unequipped BMX bikes that were never meant to support true freestyling. This is not only dangerous, it reduces the bike to a worthless pile of metal by the end of it all.

Why not give them a bike that can actually handle the rough and tumble of freestyle riding? I you think that means shelling out hundreds of dollars, Diamondback has the solution. The Grind is a true freestyle bike that is good for both beginner and intermediate freestyle riders who need a bike that can perform.

For less than $200, you can have a formidable BMX bike that can take on the demands of freestyle, while ensuring the right amount of maneuverability and stability as well.

Introducing the Diamondback Grind BMX Bike

FRAME: Steel

BREAKSET: U brakes

SHIFTERS: Single speed

MEASUREMENTS: 7.87 x 22.05 x 45.28 inches

TIRES: 20 inches

EXTRA FEATURES: Fork with 990 brake mounts for durability

In the BMX world, it’s always best to use the right type of Bmx bike for the right riding type. If you or your kid has ever torn up a cheaper, inferior bike from heavy use, you know how it goes.

Freestyle bikes have some strategic engineering, features, and components that make them more suited for handling all the jumps, crashed, tricks, landings, and whatever else happens.

Diamondback BMX Rear Wheel

The Diamondback Grind is up for the challenge. It utilizes a combination of components and design to ensure its readiness for the vert ramp, streets, and park courses.

The Grind accomplishes this by providing more of a focus on the actual components, rather than giving all the attention to the frame. This means you get a high-tensile frame that is fairly standard and average, with an average weight that’s around 30 lbs when fully assembled.

No, that’s not very light, but it’s totally fine. The weight gives the rider some much needed stability and control, which is helpful when landing jumps. It also let Diamondback keep the price down, so they can give you some very nice components.

The drivetrain of the Grind uses 1-piece steel cranks that are solid and responsive, along with a basic 44/16T gearing ratio. Smaller sprockets are gaining in popularity, but Diamondback decided to go with the traditional size, which cuts down the ground clearance some, but also ensures a simple drivetrain that is built to last much longer and avoid pesky chain issues.

Braking is handled by the lone rear-mounted alloy U-brake. Using a U-brake instead of a linear version gives the rider more control over the pressure of the brake pads, which naturally allows for more control over both speed and stopping.

A rotating hub at the front gives the Grind the ability to allow for handlebar spins, without tangled brake cables. This is always a welcome feature, but you’d be surprised how many lower-priced bikes avoid it.

The wheelset is comprised of strong, stable, 48 spoke wheels that give the bike added durability, especially after repeated jumps and landings. Thick, high-profile tires add a better sense of shock absorption, without sacrificing speed.

A high-ten steel 2-piece handlebar gives the Grind precise steering and handling, and includes durable, comfortable grips as well.

The bike’s look is fairly unique, and certainly commands attention due to its black and neon green color scheme. The green front wheel gives the Grind some added personality.

Overall, the Grind is a surprisingly tough and efficient freestyle bike that can provide years of heavy riding and use, for a great price.

Diamondback Grind

What We Like

We are big fans of the durability of the Grind. While some may not appreciate the standard sprocket size and gearing, the novice freestyle rider will be just fine, and benefit from the longevity that comes from using this setup.

Let’s face it, for the most part, inexpensive bikes with smaller gearings tend to experience problems at a much higher rate.

The 48 spoke wheelset is as durable as it gets, and the tires go towards helping the cause as well. As always, we are always happy when a budget-minded freestyle bike has a rotating hub in the front to keep the brake cables out of the way. The more handlebar spins, the merrier.

What We Don’t Like

This bike doesn’t come with pegs, despite being a freestyle BMX bike, and despite being called the Grind. That seems a little counterproductive in our opinion. Diamondback could easily include the pegs for just a little price increase.

Still, pegs are cheap, so it’s easy to just buy your own. Plus, you get to pick which ones you want.

The lack of a front brake is a bit perplexing as well, but we’ll let it slide. It’d be nice to have some more control, but the rear brake will have to suffice.

Buying Advice

Make sure you order pegs with the Grind, so you can actually grind. Also, when ordering from Amazon, be aware that the bike will arrive half assembled.

You can either finish the assembly yourself using the included instructions, take it to a bike shop, or pay the extra fee for Amazon to take care of the assembly prior to arrival.

Diamondback Grind From 2010


The Diamondback Grind is a true workhorse freestyle BMX that is an ideal way for young riders to acclimate to the world of freestyle riding.

Its combination of quality components and emphasis on durability makes it a great deal for the money, as you not only get an actual freestyle bike, but one that is made to hold up to all the punishment.

It’s not uncommon to pay upwards of $300 for bikes built like the Grind, which is why we love the price so much. This is an exceptional deal.


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