RoyalBaby BMX Bike Review

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Pros Materials, components, extra features
Cons Pedals
Summary Not only do you get a bike that your kid will be more than excited to ride for years, you get actual quality components that ensure a better level of performance, which your child will definitely appreciate.
Our Rating 87/100
Manufacturer RoyalBaby

Most children start off on very small bikes and tricycles when they are first trying to get the hang of traveling around on wheels. Eventually, it’s time to move on to a real bike, which can be a little more complicated than one may realize.

For a young child’s bike, the emphasis should be on the ease of the ride, followed by the looks, and extra features as well, because kids love all these things. Bonus points if the bike resembles their parent’s or older sibling’s.

There’s certainly no shortage of choices out there for young kids bikes, but there is a shortage of quality. Many of these bikes rely on looks and gimmicks, rather than a balanced combination of solid craftsmanship and components alongside.

The RoyalBaby BMX bike achieves that sought after balance. The bike offers a great look that kids love, and also comes with some cool extra features to complement its quality build. The result is a superior children’s bike that is equally suited for training wheels as it is the two-wheel setup once the rider gets the hang of things.

This is a little more expensive than some other children’s bikes, but we have no doubt that you’ll find it to be well worth the slightly higher price range.

Introducing the RoyalBaby BMX Bike

FRAME: Aluminum frame

BREAKSET: Coaster + Hand

SHIFTERS: Single Gear

MEASUREMENTS: 29 x 25 x 44 inches

TIRES: Steel wheels with pneumatic rubber 2.4″ wide knobby tires

EXTRA FEATURES: The heavy-duty, long-lasting training wheels.

Royalbaby BMX bikes have been very popular for quite some time now, and it’s easy to see why. These bikes offer a smooth, reliable ride, and come with an array of features for everything from learning how to ride, to things like water bottles and handlebar bells.

The RoyalBaby BMX bike comes in many different sizes and colors, making it easy to find the perfect one for your child. The bike also includes several different components that can be used to help teach your kid how to ride if they don’t yet know how.

The sturdy frame gives a good deal of support and stability, while also helping ensure better balance. The included raining wheels are very easy to attach, and give the rider a widened stance that helps keep them upright and secure, even when leaning or turning sharply.

As far as brakes go, a very responsive front hand brake requires very little pressure to engage the pads, giving the rider the ability to safely stop in a moments notice. The bike’s seat has a contoured shape that is much more comfortable than a standard seat.

Royalbaby Wheel

The drivetrain utilizes an ideal gear ratio that makes pedaling a breeze, even on extended rides. A plastic shield helps protect the chain from the rider’s leg, or in the event of a fall.

The bike makes use of a few extra features as well. A rear-mounted water bottle gives the rider easy access to drinks on the go, and a handlebar-mounted bell lets the rider announce their presence when needed — or just because. Numerous reflectors are included for any night riding with the family.

The goal of the RoyalBaby BMX bike is to make riding easy, comfortable, and fun for your child, and it definitely succeeds on all fronts. While the looks and features are great to have, the core of the bike has been well-designed, making it easy to maneuver and pedal.

Royalbaby BMX Review

What We Like

Basically Everything!Unlike other type of BMX bikes for older kids and adults, the RoyalBaby BMX bike isn’t designed to be some agressive freestyle or racing bike that takes on jumps and obstacles, but rather merely offer up a smooth and seamless ride for a young child who’s still new at all this.

Still, the materials and components are impressive. The frame is sturdy and balanced, and doesn’t weigh too much. UIt can easily be lifted into a car with one arm, and isn’t so heavy that your kid can’t lift it off the ground and back onto its wheels when needed.

The tires are thick and have just the right amount of tread, so it can handle pavement, grass, and flat dirt surfaces with ease. The brake works well, the seat is comfy — everything is just as it should be.

The extra features are what really makes this bike. The training wheels are easy to get on and off, and the added width really does help keep the bike upright if your little BMX rider suddenly decides to take a sharp corner.

And of course, the water bottle and bell are a hit with the kids, and gives them more of a sense of ownership of the bike.

All of this works together to make the ride more fun, which makes your kid love biking even more. And that’s the goal, right?

What We Don’t Like

The RoyalBaby bike isn’t quite perfect, but almost. The pedals seem to be an issue for some, and have been known to crack easily at times, Fortunately, the can be replaced with any standard sized pedals.

The abundance of sticker decals may be a bit much for some kids, but you can remove almost all of them, if they are self-conscious about such things.

Buying Advice

If you are buying this for your child, and it’s their first bike, you are likely going to need all the proper safety gear, especially if they are using training wheels, A helmet is a necessity, and pads are probably a good ideas as well.

The bike arrives partially assembled, so if you hate dealing with such things, it would be wise to pay the extra fee to let Amazon do the assembling for you.

Royalbaby BMX


Yes, the RoyalBaby BMX bike is a little pricier than the cheaper, inferior kids bikes you can walk in and get at a retail store, but the money is well spent.

Not only do you get a bike that your kid will be more than excited to ride for years, you get actual quality components that ensure a better level of performance, which your child will definitely appreciate. The training wheels option and additional features are just more reasons as to why this is the best children’s bike around.

If you are looking for the ideal kids bike for your young rider, look no further than the RoyalBaby BMW bike.

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