Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike Review

Youth Nitrus BMX

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Pros Total package, style, pedals
Cons A bit heavier
Summary The Diamondback Nitrus Youth BMX Bike is the perfect choice for kids who have outgrown their training wheels bike, and want something they can grow with for a few years while their riding skills improve.
Our Rating 87/100
Manufacturer Diamondback

Entry-level BMX bikes for younger kids can sometimes pose a problem. While the child may not be ready for a full-on freestyle bike that is capable of tearing it up at the skatepark, it doesn’t mean they don’t still need a high-quality, durable BMX bike that can hold up to constant use.

Many parents take the cheaper route, and end up buying very inexpensive bikes from large retailers at first. These bikes may look pretty cool initially, but just a few short months later, they are falling apart from normal usage, which means another trip back to the store to repeat the process all over again.

Why not get the child a quality BMX bike that will not only last longer, but provides a much better level of riding altogether?

For those who want to take things up a notch, there is the Diamondback Youth Nitrus. This impressive youth BMX bike is a step below a standard freestyle BMX bike, offering noticeable better performance, combined with quality components that can withstand years of use.

The Nitrus comes at a great price as well. For just a little over $100, you can purchase your kid a bike they will be proud to use and take care of, while also encouraging their riding by giving them a bike that will hold up to consistent use.

Introducing the Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

FRAME: Steel

BREAKSET: Direct/Linear Pull (V-Brakes)

SHIFTERS: Single speed

MEASUREMENTS: 7.87 x 22.05 x 44.49 inches

TIRES: Knobby tires on 20 inch wheels

EXTRA FEATURES: Easy-pull brake lever and extra durable seat

The Nitrus is meant to bridge the gap between a starter bike, and legitimate freestyle bike, without offering unnecessary features that would otherwise inflate the price.

The bike combines a quality frame with intermediate-level components, resulting in a much better level of performance that makes riding even more fun.

No, the Nitrus isn’t really intended for grinds, huge dirt jumps, and other forms of freestyle riding, but it is certainly capable of taking on rough terrain and the occasional jump or trick. It can hold its own to the repeated abuse that a kid can dish out on their bike, taking it in stride.

The bike’s frame is made from high-tensile steel, not unlike some of the nicer BMX bikes a few steps above the Nitrus. This gives it the proper strength and reinforcement needed, while also providing the right amount of stability for better balance and safer riding.

Normally we might not have much to say about a bike’s graphics, but since it’s a kids bike, it definitely matters. The black and electric blue offers up a traditional, yet flashy look that isn’t too flashy, so that te kid can grow and mature with it, and still approve of the aesthetic. These things matter to a growing kid, whether we realize it or not.

Wheel of Diamondback Nitrus

The drivetrain on the Nitrus really isn’t all that flashy, but it is still made from many of the same components found on higher end Diamondback bikes, providing the same level of pedal efficiency. The standard gearing ratio is perfect for the bike’s intended use, and also ensures greater longevity, with less maintenance issues.

Braking is handles by a rear-mounted linear pull brake, which provides instant stopping power at the slight pull of the lever. For a kid’s bike, this is all you need.

The wheelset is actually impressive, with a 36 spoke setup that also includes black rims and slightly knobby tires that are suitable for both pavement, and some light off-road riding too. The tires are also on the thicker side, giving the rider some added shock absorption.

The seat and handlebars are both designed to favor comfort above all, while ensuring an improved sense of steering as well.

Overall, the Nitrus is about as good as you can get for a youth BMX bike, as it offers a far superior ride quality, and much better durability than you’d get from picking up a cheap bike at a large retailer.

Older Nitrus BMX Model

What We Like

The Nitrus doesn’t really have any features or components that stand out all that much, but that’s not a bad thing. This bike is all about the total package, with each aspect and component working together to create a top-tier youth bike that will blow away all the other kid’s bikes on the block.

The Nitrus has an attractive style, and provides the young rider with a high level of performance in every area of the bike. Pedaling is smooth and quick, the brake is responsive, the seat is comfortable, and the bike handles like a dream.

What We Don’t Like

It’s hard to really find any faults with a kid’s bike that’s this nice. It is a bit on the heavy side, but that’s not really all that important for a bike on this level. If anything, it’s actually a good thing, as it gives the rider better balance and stability.

A front brake would’ve been nice, but we understand why it was left off.

Buying Advice

If this is your kid’s first real bike, make sure you order all the necessary safety gear to go along with it — mainly a helmet.

Amazon is the best place to order the Nitrus from, as they not only have the best price, you can also get protection plans, and choose to have the bike fully assembled for an extra fee.

If you elect to finish the assembly yourself, know that they provide directions to walk you through it. Or you can just take it to the local bike shop. Whatever you want to do.


The Diamondback Nitrus Youth BMX Bike is the perfect choice for kids who have outgrown their training wheels bike, and want something they can grow with for a few years while their riding skills improve.

The Nitrus is durable above all else, and retains the ride quality found with its bigger brother Diamondback BMX bikes. Yes, the price is more than what you’ll pay at a retailer for an inferior bike, but the lack of things breaking, and the overall quality in general more than make up for it.

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If you’re serious about your kid’s riding, the Nitrus is your best choice.

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