BEIOU 650B Mountain Bike Review

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

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Pros Frame, lightweight, saddle, handlebars
Cons Size
Summary Every component of the 650B was selected to fit in perfectly with the rest, in order to create a complete bike that will give you biggest bang for your buck.
Our Rating 84/100
Manufacturer BEIOU

The BEIOU 650B is a prime example of these two truths, combining a durable, lightweight frame with some very high-end components, and without reaching a ridiculous price range.

The BEIOU 650B is a formidable cross country bike that has enough strength and features to also tackle most trail riding needs with ease as well. The result is a versatile carbon frame mountain bike that can give you a leg up on any ride, on any level.

While it is certainly not a budget mountain bike, the BEIOU 650B provides a high level of riding and performance for those who are willing to spend the money. Still, you’re getting way more than you pay for, which is all you can ask.

When carbon frames were first introduced, they were exclusively reserved for the highest price ranges.

Furthermore, some riders wondered if a carbon fiber frame could truly hold up to the rigors of mountain biking. Carbon frame technology is more affordable than ever now, and yes, strong enough to be used on a mountain bike.

Introducing The BEIOU 650B Mountain Bike

FRAME: Carbon fiber

BREAKSET: Disc Brakes

SHIFTERS: 30-speed Shimano Shifter

WHEELS: RT 27.5 professional MTB wheelset

TIRES: MAXXIS 27.5 x 2.10 65psi

The BEIOU 650B’s most noticeable trait is the frame itself, but this bike is so much more than its frame material. Every detail has been thought out meticulously, creating a cohesive feel that comes out in every ride.

The frame is crafted from Toray T800 carbon fiber, which gives it a bit of added flex in the rear for greater longevity and better shock absorption. Additional strength and reinforcement is provided in strategic areas of the frame that get the highest stress.

The frame allows the bike to use some components that are a bit more heavy-duty, while still keeping the overall weight under 24 lbs. when fully equipped with all the gear. This makes the bike noticeably light when either carrying it or out on the trail.

The carbon fiber material is used for more than just the frame on the BEIOU 650B. The seatpost and handlebar get the same treatment, which goes to further the bike’s already low weight, while providing the same carbon fiber shock absorption in two crucial areas.

This is topped off with BEIOU’s own saddle, which has the proper amount of coverage and padding, while also helping boost the bike’s aesthetic.

The gear and drivetrain systems are one of the best parts about the BEIOU 650B, and sure to give you an advantage in terms of speed and efficiency.

The shifters are Shimano Deore 610, which are both lightweight and very responsive. They make using any of the bike’s 30 total gears incredibly simple and precise with each click of the shifter.

The drivetrain consists of a Prowheel integrated crankset, which is bolstered by a Sunrace cassette in the back.

All of these components work together to create a smooth shifting system that is durable, quick, and responsive.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike shifter

The wheelset of the BEIOU 650B is a potent combination of low weight and high durability. 27.5” RT wheels are the perfect size for this bike, making them great for cross country and trail riding, especially for those not on board with using 29” wheels.

The included Maxxis tires feature a unique and fast tread design that gives a good amount of grip and traction on loose dirt, but without being overly knobby and reducing speed. They are very durable in their own right, and can be counted on to avoid pinch flats.

The BEIOU 650B’s brakes vary depending on the size you get. The 17” frame size comes with Shimano M355 brakes, which are dual-pivot calipers offering very responsive and effortless stopping power.

The 19” version takes things up a notch, offering Tektro HD-M285 hydraulic brakes that give the bike an added measure of stopping power and control, regardless of the conditions around you. Both brake systems are great, so don’t feel like you’re missing out if you have to ride a 17”

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike frontBEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike chainring

What We Like

Everything about this bike works, and works well. Obviously the carbon frame is going to make the biggest difference, but the frame is backed up by some of the best components you can find.

The frame is very light, and well-designed in terms of its flex and reinforcement in key areas.

The seatpost and handlebars help to give the bike a more well-rounded feel that you will definitely notice when you are riding it. It simply feels like a very high-end bike in very way, which a high-end bike totally should.

The drivetrain and gear system only contribute to the fast, high-precision feel of the bike. If you are a cross country racer looking to up your game a bit, or just want a very fast trail-ready bike, the BEIOU 650B will satisfy you.

What We Don’t Like

We think both braking systems are great, but can understand 17” riders who may be a little annoyed with the sizing options. This is a minor complaint, but it is valid in some ways. Still, the brakes on both models are great.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike side

Buying Advice

Even though the BEIOU saddle is acceptable in terms of cushioning and shape, most have a certain saddle they like more than what’s provided with the bike, so set some money aside just in case you aren’t a fan.

Amazon usually has the lowest price for the BEIOU 650B, and is also a great place to find the saddle you prefer. Unless you are comfortable with assembling bikes, you may want to bring your new BEIOU 650B to your local shop upon receiving it to make sure it’s put together correctly and tuned.


The BEIOU 650B is the most you can get for the money when it comes to carbon frames.

Yes, the price is a little up there for some, but know that every component of the BEIOU 650B was selected to fit in perfectly with the rest, and create a complete bike that has a fast feel to it on all levels.

The BEIOU 650B is an easy way to achieve faster speeds on your rides, be it cross country or single track trails. It’s our favorite carbon fiber mountain bike in this price range, and we think you’ll highly agree once you get your first ride in on it.

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