Trek FX 1 Hybrid Bike Reviewed 

 December 28, 2017

By  Max Shumpert

Trek FX 1 hybrid fitness bike review



Lightweight, frame, shifter


Poor off-road handling, pedals, seat


If you want a budget friendly bike that looks, performs and handles like a mid-range bike, the Trek FX 1 is a perfect fit.

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Hybrid fitness bike are one of Trek’s most popular categories. The Trek FX 1 leads the category in sales, reviews and popularity.

The FX series is a versatile hybrid bike capable of being the type of bike you need. The bike is great for everything from casual daily rides, city commutes and fast paced rugged workouts.

The fitness line of Trek bikes has other models such as the Zektor and Stagger but the FX remains the most sought after affordable model for all riders of every skill level.

Trek FX 1 Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 15, 17.5, 20 and 22.5 inches
BRAKE TYPE: Tektro alloy linear pull brakes
SHIFTER: Shimano Altus EF500, 7 speed shifter
RIMS: Bontrager Connection rims, 36H cross spokes
TIRES: 700x35c Bontrager H2 tires

There is a lot that goes into an FX 1 build and Trek has the history and dedication to make the perfect hybrid bike.

Frame Size

The FX Alpha Gold, lightweight aluminum frame is designed for speed, comfort and durability. The frame set also offers a high tensile steel front fork with lowrider mounts. The frame comes in four sizes: 15, 17.5, 20 and 22.5 inches.

These sizes will fit riders from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 7 inches in height.

Brake Type

The FX series makes use of rim brakes that squeeze the rim to slow and eventually stop the bike. The Trek FX 1 uses Tektro alloy linear pull brakes on the front and rear rims.

The brake pads are long lasting but will eventually need to be replaced. The replacement pads are easy to install with a single screw set.


The Trek FX 1 makes use of the high performance of Shimano parts and the shifter is no different. The Shimano Altus EF500, 7 speed shifter is smooth, reliable and quiet.

For road riding the shifter will make hills disappear and inclines become manageable. This style of Shimano shifter is one of the reasons for the popularity of the FX 1.


Rims on a bike do a lot more than just mount tires. They must be sturdy enough for torque, shifting and avoid warping after prolonged braking. The Trek FX 1 checks all the boxes by using Bontrager Connection rims.

These rims are alloy rims featuring 36H cross spokes. The high spoke count allows for more weight on the tires either in turning or in cargo.

Trek FX1 Whele
Trek FX1 Gear Shift
Trek FX Handlebar


Other than your foot when you push off, the tires should be the only point of contact with the road. The tires should be good ones and the correct size for the duties of the bike. The FX series uses Bontrager H2 tires.

These tires are 700x35c or 28 inches diameter and 1 and 3/8 inches wide. The tires are not rated for mountain biking or downhill options but do very well on road or track.

Price Range

As with most other Trek bikes, the FX 1 has model differences and options you can customize. The base model will run you just around $450. However, with certain wide range of gearing options, such as 11 speed shifters or folding tires, your price can increase up to 1000 dollars or more.

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What We Like

Trek is known for reliable and affordable builds. Their FX fitness line is no different.

There is a lot to like about the FX 1:

  • Lightweight aluminum Bike Frameset.
  • Up to 300-pound weight limit (rider and cargo).
  • Frame is ANT+ ready.
  • Frame has rack mount holes for fenders or cages.
  • Shimano 7-speed shifter makes the bike fast and easy to handle.
  • Great for hard riding workouts or casual rides.

What We Don’t Like

No bike brands are ever going to be exactly perfect. Each rider will have a different idea of what works and what doesn’t.

These are what didn’t work for us:

  • Poor off-road handling, even on pavement edge or grass.
  • The pedals that ship with the bike don’t last very long.
  • The seat isn’t comfortable on long rides.
  • Handlebar grips are hard and uncomfortable.
  • Kickstand is not standard.

Buying Advice

Trek FX 1 Fitness Bike Review

Fitness bikes aren’t for everyone.

Trainers, athletes or downhill and mountain bikers will find little use from an all-around fitness bike. However, there is a large group that these bikes are perfect for.

The first group of riders are those looking for an entry level price for a mid-range bike.

If you ride on the road, enjoy casual rides as well as hard rides from time to time, the FX 1 is for you.

If you like challenging yourself and pushing yourself to your limits, the FX 1 is for you.

Likewise, if you fall into the group that commutes daily or rides constantly in the city, the nimble and responsive FX 1 will fit your style perfectly.

If you do purchase the Trek FX 1 you should consider a few things to go along with it. You will probably want to also invest in a new seat, grips and pedals. All of those components are moderately inexpensive and will instantly improve your ride comfort.

You should also purchase the kick stand and water bottle holder. Especially if you commute or ride bike in the city daily. If you are more of a casual rider you might also think about adding fenders and racks to the bike to help you carry those impulse buys when you ride around town.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best fitness bike or daily commuter the Trek FX 1 is a great choice. The FX series is one of Trek’s most popular models and will be a bike you use for years to come.

The reliable shimano shifter and derailleurs offer a smooth, fast and reliable ride on a lightweight, responsive frame.

If you want a budget friendly bike that looks, performs and handles like a mid-range bike, the Trek FX 1 is a perfect fit.

Trek FX 1 hybrid fitness bike review


What we liked:

  • Competitive price
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Quality Manufacturer

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