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Do one thing and do it well. Santa Cruz bikes are built for top end riders that need a special bike. Santa Cruz has a rotating line up of mountain bikes and all are made from aluminum and carbon fiber.

Santa Cruz doesn’t offer any other type of bike except for mountain bikes. However, when it comes to the mountain, Santa Cruz delivers.

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes – Our Reviews

​Who Is Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is a California based company that specializes in mountain bikes. Formed in 1993, they produced the Tazmon in 1994. This was a full suspension bike which featured an 80 millimeter travel single pivot point, the first the world had ever seen.

When founders Rob Roskopp, Mike Marquez and Rich Novak moved from skateboards to mountain bikes the company took its reputation with it.

Santa Cruz sponsors the Santa Cruz Syndicate, a downhill race team. In 2013, they branched their products with the Julianna Model, designing high end mountain bikes for women. The Julianna was named for professional mountain biker Juli Furtado.

Santa Cruz only makes high end mountain bikes with price ranges from $1,500 to well over $100,000 and they offer one accessory: wheels.

In 2015, Pon Holding purchased Santa Cruz and added the name and designs to their current lineup which includes Royal Dutch Gazelle and Focus.

Santa Cruz – popular Bike Models

Santa Cruz keeps a production line of about twelve models at all times. If they make a new advancement or incorporate a new model, they will discontinue an older one first. Each of the bikes can be customized with frame color choices, suspension options and drive train options of SRAM and Shimano.


The V10 has won more downhill competitions than any other bike. Now in the models 6th version, Santa Cruz offers adjustable slack geometry. Designed for serious downhill riders the V10 allows for up to 216mm of VPP travel.


Stigmata is Sant Cruz’s only all-around bike. A mountain bike redesigned with carbon instead of aluminum, that will handle mud tires as well as road tires. This electronic shifting bike is great for trails, daily road rides or Cyclocross events.

Highball 29

The Highball 29 features one of the fastest mountain bikes Santa Cruz makes. With 29 inch wheels, disc brakes and carbon frames, the bike can withstand any climb or decent without worry of space, maneuverability or compromise.


The Nomad was designed to be the best trail bike Santa Cruz could make. Now in the 4th iteration, it is also a downhill model with trail capabilities. Featuring all internal wiring and 170mm VPP travel, the Nomad can withstand any slope or grade while still being comfortable and sturdy.

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