Magnum Bikes

Magnum Bikes

A leader in the electric bike industry, Magnum is trying to change how the world travels by providing environmentally friendly and efficient transportation alternatives.


Who is Magnum Bikes?

In 2010 Magnum Bikes entered the scene with a vision of revolutionizing the electric bicycle industry.  Focused on innovative technologies and high-quality designs with a luxe aesthetic, the company began producing e-bikes that made waves on an international stage.

Magnum creates many of their bike components from scratch, and have a design team that conceptualizes everything from circuit boards to molds to ensure that every step of the process meets their high standards.  For pieces they don’t build in-house, they partner with top brand name companies to ensure that their expectations of quality are met.

Although their electric bikes are pricey, they are also aesthetically gorgeous and a much more affordable alternative to other modes of transportation.

Magnum – popular Bike Models

All of the bikes that Magnum produces are electric, but some have more bells and whistles than others.  Here’s their full line up.

Magnum Cruiser

Their top of the line model, the Magnum Cruiser, is perfect for urban riding or commuting.  It features a step-thru frame for easy access, a 500-watt motor, and a built-in USB charge point so that you can use your e-bike battery as a power supply for mobile devices. 

You can ride the bike in either pedal assist or throttle mode, and after a 6.5-hour charge time, you can travel between 30 and 60 miles on your battery.

Magnum Peak

Perfect for both urban settings and off-road trail riding, the Magnum Peak is a powerful machine.  It has a high torque to power it up hills and can achieve up to 28 mph with pedal assist to get you where you need to go fast.

Magnum Metro

Designed for urban riding or commuting, the Magnum Metro and Magnum Metro+ pair a 500-watt motor with a sleek European design for one fast and flashy ride.

Magnum Premium 48

Available in both a high and low step design, the Magnum Premium 48 is a folding electric bicycle with a 48v 500-watt motor.  It features a large display screen and six different assistance levels.  A perfect choice for longer trips, it comes with front and rear lights, padded leather grips, and a rear carrier for transporting your belongings.

Magnum Mi5 and Ui5

Their version of a trail-ready electric bike, the Mi5, and Ui5 both feature a hardtail design with a suspension fork and tires that can take on any terrain.  Combined with the 21-speed gears and a 350-watt motor, you can use both pedal assist or throttle mode to power through your adventure.  The Mi5 has a horizontal top tube, while the Ui5 features a diagonal step-through top tube design.

Magnum Classic Low Step

The entry-level model from Magnum, this folding bicycle is powered by a German-engineered electric system that uses a 36v 350-watt motor.  The frame collapses easily when not in use, and with the low step mount it’s easy to climb on and off the bike.

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