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BEIOU is a company based out of China that is fairly new to the American bike market, with origins in the Carbon Compost and manufacturing industry. BEIOU is the leader in cost-effective replacement of steel and aluminum frames with Carbon.

BEIOU bikes – Our Reviews

Who is BEIOU?

BEIOU is a composites manufacturing company based in China. The company has over 15 years of experience manufacturing carbon fiber sports products. They specialize in the safety, performance, and weight-bearing distribution of carbon fiber composite materials. The company has over 90 people dedicated to the research and development of carbon fiber materials.

 BEIOU works alongside Xiamen University, bringing the latest research innovations to their products. They also sponsor a bike team in China.

In 2010, BEIOU took their knowledge of carbon fiber and began applying it to bicycles. Since then, the company has made a commitment to bike performance and customer health. In 2011, the BEIOU bicycle placed favorably at a Shanghai exposition.

Since the company markets internationally, they compare a wide variety of testing standards. They always use the most rigorous standard when building their bikes, ensuring their bikes can be used across the world.

BEIOU – popular Bike Models

BEIOU’s bikes are available on their website and on Amazon. Their website also offers bike accessories.

Below are some of the most popular bikes offered on BEIOU’s website. All BEIOU bikes feature full suspension.

B082 Road Bike Competitive Level

This bike is ideal for those racing competitively. Carbon fiber parts of the bike include the:

  • check​​Frame
  • check​​Front Fork
  • check​​Legislature
  • check​Turn
  • check​Seat Road
  • check​Wheels

The bike also features a Shimano 6700 Kit and Maxxis tires.

B083 Mountain Bike Entry Level

This bike is perfect for those breaking into mountain biking. The frame, cross, seat road, and legislature are all made with BEIOU’s carbon fiber technology. The bike’s fork is a three-extension wire gas fork. The bike also comes equipped with a Shimano 596 Oil Dish brake system, providing control to riders as they head downhill. 

This bike is also available in an athletic model.

B009 Highway Competitive Entry Level

This bike is designed for smooth riding and features a Shimano 105 Kit. It also features BEIOU’s renowned carbon fiber parts, which make up the frame, seat rod, front fork, legislature, rim, and turn.

The bike comes equipped with a SanMarco seat for rider comfort. It also features an FSA Senior wrist group.

B001 Flat Highway Vehicle

 This bike comes equipped with a state-of-the-art Micro 9-speed Shimano tooth disc transmission kit. It also features a quantum-self Maxxis tire wheelset. The bike is lightweight and is ideal for flat surfaces, such as paved roads.

Beiou 650B

A Durable Lightweight carbon frame bike equipped with some high-end components makes the Beiou 650B a very versatile mountain bike while still remaining at an affordable price range. For more info check out our Beiou 650B Review.

Beiou torray T700

A formidable carbon frame mountain bike that offers as much as it possibly can for its price range the Torray T700 is easily one of the best mountain bikes for under $1000 on the market. For a deeper dive into the tech specs check out our in-depth Beiou Torray T700 Review.

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