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Fortified is a bike company that creates hybrid bikes for urban life.

Their main focus is to build, sell and grow a community of bikes that are unstoppable, that can’t be stolen and will last for years. The company was founded and run by two friends: Tivan Amour and Vlad Pick, who after having their bike lights stolen, wanted to find a solution.

That solution was Fortified Bikes.

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Who Is Fortified?

Founded in 2016, Fortified Bikes began when two friends had bike accessories stolen off of their daily commuters. They got together to figure out a way to make bikes and accessories less easy to steal. They started the company with one goal: create a bike that can’t be stolen designed for city life daily commuters.

You won’t find triathlon bikes, trail bikes or training bikes with Fortified. What you will find is a passion for excellence and a road bike that can’t be stolen, tires that won’t go flat and an anti-theft guarantee.

Fortified – popular Bike Models

There are currently three different models on the market through Fortified, each one designed for a slightly different type of urban commuter.

Invincible 1Speed

The original model is a single speed bike that has proprietary security that prevents theft. It comes with a weatherproof saddle, puncture-resistant tires and optional fortified security protection.

This bike is designed for city commuters that want a bike that can withstand potholes, debris, all weather conditions and for riders on generally flat city streets. The bike comes in three height sizes (small, medium and large) for riders that need better sized frames.

Invincible 8Speed

The 8Speed is the second model created by the duo for riders that need a little more out of their bikes. The 8Speed uses Shimano drivetrain components and disc brakes for added stopping power.

This bike is designed for city commuters that have obstacles and terrain included in their daily rides. This is also for riders that live in hilly areas and need an extra boost to get up or over on their way to work.

Fortified also sells accessories designed for anti-theft. These items include lights, locks, and all the accessories a rider would need such as helmets and racks.

Invincible 11Speed

As of this writing, the 11Speed is available for preorder only. The 11Speed is the latest version of the Fortified line and is designed for performance riders. It boasts a SRAM Performance drivetrain, rack and fender mounts, and drop bars for comfort and handling. Current release date of the 100-limited run is scheduled.

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