Fortified Theft-Resistant Hybrid Bike Review

fortified hybrid review

Hybrid bikes are one of the most useful modes of transportation out there. They allow you to commute to work, school or simply to run errands, without worrying about what sort of surface you will be riding over.

Whether you are on asphalt, on a dirt trail or at the beach, a hybrid bike performs.

But how do you choose a hybrid bike and make sure that you don’t pay too much for it?

That’s a tough challenge and one that normally requires you to do some serious research. However, we have come up with four of the best hybrid bikes under $1000 after lots of research, customer reviews and evaluation of features, to give you the best chance of getting the perfect bike.

fortified theft resistant hybrid bike

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Introduction to the Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike


Lightweight Aluminum


Front, Rear (Disc)


KMC 8 Gears


54cm & 58cm


Puncture Resistant 700x32


Theft-resistant, Custom Security Bolts


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This bike was made by Fortified and has been a very popular bike among customers who have purchased it. The bike offers two different size selections including Medium, which is for those 5’6” to 5’10” and Large, which works best with riders 5’10” and up with a recommended maximum of 6’3”.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame and the chain is also lightweight aluminum which makes this one of the lightest bikes to carry for those commuters who have to carry their bike into the office or up to a top floor apartment.

In essence, this is the perfect commuter bike. Let’s take a look at the list of features this bike offers.

  • 8 speed bike
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • Medium and large sizes to choose from
  • Rust-resistant chain
  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Bike is very light and ideal for commuting
  • Custom security bolts that prevent this bike from being stolen
  • Disc brakes make it safer than many other hybrids on the market
  • KMC shifter with 8 speeds and an easy thumb gear switch
fortified hybrid bicycle
fortified hybrid bike

Fortified Hybrid Results

One thing that you may not know about this bike was that it was a Kickstarter funded project.

Those who supported the company when they were first trying to get going were the first to receive their bikes.

From all indications, the results have been amazing.

What makes this bike better than other hybrid bikes out there is how much work went into the design, build and thought-process behind it. The team really knows bikes and has worked hard to make a bike that outperforms almost every other bike on the market.

That was the whole idea behind their Kickstarter campaign – making a bike that gave riders everything they truly wanted. They seem to have succeeded because the Kickstarter campaign was very successful. They raised $178,000 for their initial start-up costs and turned that money into a company that provided some of the best bikes on the market.

The Kickstarter bike is called Invincible because it is the only bike that is guaranteed against theft. This bike may not be the same exact model but it is built on the same idea, which is where the custom security bolts come into play.

These bolts are intended to deter thefts and from all indications in the customer reviews and testimonials section – it has worked.

what do customers say

The testimonials on this bike have frankly been amazing. There hasn’t been a single review below five stars. Every single person that has purchased this bike has regarded it as a perfect bike, and could find nothing to complain about.

Some of the things that people have said about this bike have included how good the theft protection is on the bike and how well-constructed the entire bicycle is.

People have called it the best bike that they have ever owned and even commented on the accessories and special features that you get from Fortified that other bike companies do not provide.

What to watch out for before buying this bike

There really isn’t much to list here in the ‘what to watch out for’ section.

Normally, you can find a few customer complaints and detect patterns that would be a problem for the potential buyer, but there hasn’t been a single negative review posted about this product.

fortified 8 speed hybrid city bike review

Buying Advice

The buying advice that is offered with this bike includes not worrying about which size you need to get.

If you are on the border and are concerned about whether to choose a medium or large, you can rest easy knowing that the price is going to be the same no matter which size you choose.

In addition, this bike offers free shipping. You don’t even have to be a member of Amazon Prime to get the free shipping benefit.

You simply get free shipping with each purchase which saves you a great deal of money. The shipping price on this bike can run as much as $50 so you do save a significant amount of money by choosing this bike, not to mention the discount provided by Amazon at the time of this review.

our recommendation

As for recommendations of whether or not you should get this bike, the question is what reasons are there not to.

This is one of the best bikes for under $1000 and it is a hybrid bike with so many aspects that are perfect for those using it to transition between trails and asphalt and those using it to commute to work, school or other places, that there isn’t any reason not to get one.

The bottom line here is that this is one of the best bikes on the market and it offers anti-theft features that make it easily rise to the top above almost all of the other bikes on the hybrid marketplace.

You can get this bike and buy with confidence because it probably has everything that you are looking for a in a bicycle.


What do you think? Is this the perfect hybrid bike? Are you a fan of the anti-theft features? Post in the comments below.

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