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Known for making affordable home-based fitness solutions, Marcy has a line of exercise bikes to suit nearly every rider. 

By combining technology with space-saving features and great functionality, they give their customers lots of ways to get an intense cardiovascular workout without needing to leave the house.


Who is Marcy?

Marcy is one of several brands owned by IMPEX.  Established in 1982, IMPEX makes a variety of fitness products that are sold at major sporting goods retailers around the world.  They are also the parent company of brands like Apex, SteelBody, Hers, Bionic Body, and Competitor.  Marcys’s bicycle brands has secured a place in virtually every strength market segment of the sporting goods industry. 

As a result, they hold significant market share in many different fitness niches.  Their goal as a parent company is to provide high-quality products that harness the power of emerging technologies at competitive prices.

Marcy – popular Bike Models

Marcy uses different methods and configurations to deliver a comfortable and effective workout that is unique to each of their models.  Here’s what they offer.

Marcy Air-1

This deluxe fan bike is an upright cycle that uses a large fan to create wind resistance.  It has two moving handlebars and delivers a full-body workout.  The elegant computer tracks all the aspects of your workout, including speed, time, distance, and calories burned. 

Made from 14-gauge steel tubing, this bike is durable and robust.  It also comes with transport wheels that make it easy to move out of the way when you’re finished with your workout.

Marcy NS-40502R

The NS-40502R is Mary’s high-end indoor recumbent bike that features a magnetic resistance system with eight preset exercise intensity options.  There is also a manual knob that you can use to adjust your workout.

Marcy NS-1201R

A step down from their high-end model, the NS-1201R is another recumbent bike that uses magnetic technology.

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike with High Back Seat NS-652

The NS-652 by Marcy is an upright exercise bike configuration and includes a high back seat to give you an entirely supported and comfortable ride.  This model is foldable, and quickly collapses to half its size when it’s not in use.

Marcy NS-908R

Another in their line-up of recumbent bikes, the NS-908R uses magnetic technology and features an LCD display screen that will show your workout stats as you pedal.

Marcy NS-1305R

A great entry-level recumbent bike, the 1305-R is one of Marcy’s basic models that can accommodate users up to 300 pounds.

Marcy NS-716R

A second entry-level option with very comparable features, the NS-716R is a recumbent bike with basic functionality that delivers an effective fat-burning workout.

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