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Trek is a name synonymous with bicycles. Since their beginning in the early 1970s, Trek has grown and maintained a level of excellence often copied by competitors.

Today their line up consists of bikes for every surface, every rider and every skill set.

Who is Trek?

Trek was founded in 1973 with the purpose of building mid to high-end bikes in America. At the time, the only top end models were from overseas. Trek made a reputation in quality, craftsmanship and work ethic.

The Trek 850, in 1983, was the first mountain bike they ever released and it soon caught on that Trek was a name to remember. By the late 1990s they were building all ranges of bikes for all riders: children to athletes and everyone in between. By 2001 they had introduced electric-hybrid bikes for endurance riders and trainers.

Between 1993 and 2008 Trek began buying up smaller bike manufactures including the likes of Klein, Gary Fischer, LeMond Racing, and the German super power Diamant. With worldwide sales now reaching over 900 million per year, the company that once started in a road side barn with five employees is now one of the top three bicycle forces in the world.

Trek - popular Bike Models

Let's discuss here why it is known as one of the most popular bikes brands.

Trek has more models of bikes than could be possibly listed here. Trek manufacturers bikes in every possible category from children’s bikes to racing bikes. Each category has sub categories and they have a strangle hold on those as well. If it is a bike and has a type, Trek makes it.

CrossRip 3

The Trek CrossRip 3 is one of Trek’s most popular urban commuter bikes. It offers hydraulic brakes for stopping in all weather conditions as well as being DuoTrap S compatible. The urban bike was designed for speed and control on any surface including asphault, gravel or sand.

Top Fuel 9.9 Race Shop

The Top Fuel 9.9 is designed for maintains of any size, depth or terrain. With RE:activ shocks and the Trek ABP pivot system, you get full control without loss of speed, control or maneuverability.

The Top Fuel 9.9 was modeled after the Race Shop models that have won more downhill and singletrack competitions than any other Trek model.

Farley EX

Never compromise a ride due to terrain or conditions. The Farley EX Fat Bike was made for mud, snow, ice and sand. The Farely EX combines carbon fiber frames with RE:activ shocks and the Trek ABP pivot system to allow complete control at all times, regardless of the conditions.

With the Fat Faster 4 inch wheels bounce less and grip better to allow you to maintain cock pit control, even on ice.


The Trek FX 1 is a budget friendly bike that looks, performs and handles like a mid-range bike, the Trek FX series offers a great line of fitness-hybrid bikes which you can read more about in our Trek FX1 Review.

Trek Madone

The Trek Madone is a series of lightweight bikes designed specifically with racing in mind. The fram for all the Madone bikes is 600 Series OCLV Carbon and the shifters are 11 speed Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 or 11 speed or Shimano Ultegra Di2.  You can read more about the Trek Madone series here.

Trek emonda

The Trek Emonda are a series of bikes that range anywhere from $1400 to $12000. To better understand the full capabilities and features that this series offers you should check out our Trek Emonda Review.

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