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Based out of California this company had its origins in motorcycles.  In 2011 the company turned its focus to the burgeoning e-bikes industry and has never looked back.  Specifically, this company specializes in electric bikes, motorcycles, and auto parts.

Addmotor electric bikes – Our Reviews

Who is Addmotor?

Addmotor is a global bicycle company whose United States operations are based in El Monte, California. Since 2006, the company has sold motorcycle fairings and motorcycle parts. In 2011, they established their brand.

Shortly after the brand was created, the company began manufacturing electric bikes. Since then, the company has primarily focused on electric bikes, and will soon be introducing new models.

When designing their products, Addmotor focuses on craftsmanship, only using high-quality materials. Product certifications that their products have acquired include:

  • check​​​CE
  • check​​​EMC
  • check​​​RoHS
  • check​EPAC
  • check​EN15194

​Moving into the future, Addmotor plans to invest in their research and development in an effort to provide personalized products and services for their customers. Addmotor prides themselves on their brand advantage, product advantage, and management advantage. They guarantee quality products for their customers.

The company can build made-to-order products for their customers as long as customers can provide specific model numbers and measurements. Addmotor will also modify a fairing’s design if a customer provides a photo. Customers can also change their order if they contact Addmotor within 48 hours.  

Addmotor – Popular Bike Models

As their name indicates, Addmotor specializes in electric bikes. Below are three of their more popular electric bike series.

MOTAN Electric Bike

The MOTAN Electric Bike Series from Addmotor can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge thanks to a SAMSUNG Lithium battery. The battery has a lifespan of 1,000 charges. No gas is needed to power the bike.

The MOTAN bike features puncture-proof fat tires, ideal for trails, roads, beaches, and snowy terrains. The bike features a top speed of 20 miles per hour. There is also a 5-inch LCD Display on the bike.

HITHOT Electric Bike

Addmotor’s HITHOT Electric Bike Series is inspired by classic German design. These bikes are lighter than other electric bikes offered by the company and are ideal for those using the bikes in the city.

The bike features a removable Samsung lithium battery that allowers users to travel up to 60 miles on a single charge while using level one assist.

TORETTO Electric Bike  

The TORETTO series by Addmotor is a design new for 2018. The bike is built for downhill sport and mountain sports enthusiasts. The bike features a BURNER-RCP3 rear suspension and a DNM Downhill Fork USD-8S.

The bike can travel between 50-65 miles while using level one assist.

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