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Few activities blend style and function the way cycling does. Riding at 25-plus miles per hour not only helps you to stay fit, it also evokes a lot of thrill. Best part is: riders can now choose from a wide range of high-performance bicycles.

One particular brand that cyclists can rely on is Pure Cycles. This company builds quality bikes that last for a decade. Okay, maybe just a couple of years. But these bikes will help you get around with great comfort and speed.


Who is Pure Cycles?

Originally called Pure Fix Cycles, this is a bike manufacturing company that was established in 2010. The brains behind this brand are: Michael Fishman, Austin Stoffers (former students from the University of Wisconsin) and their childhood ally: Jordan Schau.

Founded  in a dorm room, Pure Cycles is the brainchild of Austin, Jordan, and Michael.  After spending time looking at the empty bike racks on campus, they started asking students why they weren’t riding.  They found common themes in the answers they received- people wanted bikes that were affordable, simple, and looked great, and from there Pure Fix Cycles was born.

At the time of creating the company, the three friends were looking for basic bikes at a decent pricing. Since they could not find ones that fit the description, they decided to start making their own.

It did not take long before their feather-light, simple and brakeless fixed-gear bikes became a hit. There was such a high demand for them that the trio couldn’t make them fast enough.

The company has grown and evolved since then, and they now carry nine different lines, including their original Pure Fix designs.  They offer styles for several disciplines and even launched a successful Kickstarted campaign that funded the development of their revolutionary e-bike, the Volta.

Currently based in L.A., Pure Cycles now sells over 25,000 bikes annually, all of which are made in vibrant color schemes.

Pure Cycles Popular Bike Models

Pure Cycles makes a lot of quality bikes, but the brand is most famed for the following:

The Pure Fix Original Fixie

The Fixie is the company’s signature bike. And, with a quick glance, you can tell just how much effort and time they’ve put into its invention.

This bike is designed with intermediate and everyday-riders in mind. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not good enough for your off-road adventures during the weekends.

The Fixie has a streamlined frame with just a few accessories. In fact, the only external component you’ll find is the handbrake integrated on the handle bar. This construction gives riders more freedom when cycling as they’re not restricted to controlling any parts.

The flip flop hub is a really nice addition to this bike. Pure Cycles understands how important it is to be able to switch from fixie to single speed freewheel, which is why they incorporated this part.

Another thing you’ll notice about this bike is that it has a lot of color. While this is not for everyone, the bright colors make you more visible to motorists, which is important when you’re cycling through dark areas.

The Pure Fix Premium

If you’re not pleased with the Pure Fixie, you can try their Premium bike which also has the flip flop hub. This one is very identical to the Original Fixie. However, there are several features that make it stand out.

The first is the dropped handlebar, which gives you more freedom in terms of how you position your hands. This flexibility relieves pressure from your hands; hence, allowing you to ride for longer.

Another aspect that sets the Premium apart is that it comes in more impressive color schemes. Now, this bike is not available in as many colors as the Original Fixie but the few color combinations are somewhat “stately”. They include: all-black, all-chrome, ivory green with a couple of silver accents, maroon with tan trim.

Dutch Style Step-Thru City Bicycle

If you’re looking for a bike that comes with dozens of accessories, the Dutch Style Step-Thru is a fantastic option. Examples of these features include:

Front and rear fenders- these minimize the amount of grit that accumulates on your bike’s moving parts, especially when you’re cycling in wet conditions. In doing so, the fenders prolong the life of your bicycle.A rear rack- if you’re planning to carry your groceries or gear on your bicycle, then you should find a safe way of doing so. Luckily, this bike comes with a rack on the back, making it convenient to transport such items.Lowered top-tube- if you grapple with getting your leg up and over the bicycle, you will appreciate the lowered frame that makes it so much easier to get onto. This feature is particularly beneficial for riders with mobility issues as well as senior citizens.3-speed and 8-speed- this is our favorite feature in the Dutch Style bicycle. The 3-speed and 8-speed transmissions enable you to accelerate from start and tackle steep inclines with incredible ease.

Pure Cycles Adventure & Adventure Pro

If you want to give gravel riding a go or simply want to try a more exciting form of cycling, Pure Cycles can help you achieve your objectives without breaking the bank. Their two most recent bikes- Adventure Pro and  Adventure-  fall squarely under the gravel classification.

The Adventure Pro is the pricier of the two. But for the extra bucks, you’ll get a couple of advanced features. For instance, it’s fitted with 700c x 38mm Hutchinson Override tires. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that the frame can support 650b wheels, which have better cushion.

This bicycle also offers a more refined 2 x 9 speed Shimano Sora drivetrain alongside other upgrades such as the semi-cartridge bearing FSA headset.

If you have a limited budget, you can go for the Adventure bicycle that’s equipped with the same frame and fork as the Pro. The only feature you’ll have to compromise is the drivetrain as the Adventure uses a 2 x 8 speed Shimano Claris drivetrain.


Pure Cycles track bike models are the Kerin line.  They feature race-tested geometry, and are ergonomically built for speed.  Best used on track or in the velodrome, you can choose from the Keirin, Keirin Pro, or Keirin Elite components.

Urban Commuter

This eight-speed model comes with a few extra bells and whistles to raise the bar on your everyday commute.  With disc brakes and a dual chainguard, it can stand up to any weather conditions to get you where you need to go.


The one-size Volta is the electric crown jewel of the Pure Cycles collection.  This model features either a belt drive or an eight-speed chain and can go up to 40 miles on a single charge.  It comes with an integrated headlight and tail light system and has GPS anti-theft tracking built-in.

The Future of Pure Cycles

Just last year, Pure Cycles released their second electric bike- the Capacita- and there’s already a noticeable surge in its demand.

Dubbed one of the most economic ebikes on the market, Volta was the brand’s first electric bike. This bicycle was admired for its unparalleled performance as it allowed riders to cycle at speeds of 40 miles per hour on a single charge.

But it’s the Capacita that has changed the game of cycling. With its ability to haul a considerable amount of cargo in the front and rear basket, this smart bike offers a great deal of versatility.

You can transport all your camping gear, go grocery shopping with your little one and still have room left.


Pure Cycles is expected to continue venturing into the e-bike industry. Given the high cost of this transportation means, it’s likely that the company will look for ways to further reduce the cost of its future e-bikes.

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