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Diamondback Sync'r Frame

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Top quality components, fantastic handling and stability, hydraulic disc breaks


Seat uncomfortable, not beginner-friendly 


This high-quality bike is designed for intermediate and advanced users. With excellent handling and stability it seems like the perfect bike, but its aggressive geometry will be a tough handle for beginner riders.

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The Diamondback Sync’r is a hardtail mountain bike with a hand-built frame, nimble off-road tires, and 130mm suspension front forks.

It’s as comfortable on cross-country trails as it is on dirt jumps in the park. The high-quality build equates rugged durability, top performance, and oodles of speed. The aggressive design makes it perfect for intermediate and advanced riders. Beginners should look at other options.

The Sync’r is best suited for aggressive off-road mountain biking, especially on flowing trails and harsh singletrack.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large SizesBRAKE TYPE: Tektro Hydraulic Disc BrakesSHIFTER: SRAM NX 1×11-speed DrivetrainRIMS: Diamondback SL-7 Double Wall Alloy RimsTIRES: Schwalbe Tough Toms 27.5-inch by 2.35-inchPRICE RANGE: Click for Pricing

This Diamondback mountain bike is designed from the ground up to be an all-terrain powerhouse. Not only is it rugged enough for the backcountry, but it also is quick-handling for high-speed downhill ascents. The large front suspension forks soak up bumps, jumps, rocks, and roots with ease.

Immediately noticeable is the Sync’r’s aggressive design. It’s clear that the all-mountain stylings were created for those that desire to attack off-road trails with fearless abandon. The quality of all the components are a testament to this fact. The retro, quirky look of flanged grips, but they’re not practical for shifting and adjusting the dropper post lever.

The bike is similar to other mountain bikes from Diamondback, including their Response and Overdrive mountain bike models. The big difference is that this is an expert-level bike, not an entry-level model.

Frame Size

A hand-built frame crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to stand up to the harshness of the most rugged trails. The frame is low-slung with a tapered head tube to increase quick-handling and give you room to maneuver on tight trails. It has internal cable routing, monocoque construction, two water bottle attachments, and a threaded bottom bracket are among the features of this bike.

The frame is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. RockShox Recon Silver 130mm travel suspension forks compliment the aggressive-styled frame to guarantee a smooth ride in tough conditions.

Brake Type

The Sync’r stops quickly and stably thanks to its Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The powerful brakes are incredibly responsive to rider input, slowing you down as little or as much as you like with just a light squeeze of the fingers on the brake levers. 

Shimano MT501 hydraulic disc brakes with two pistons grip a 180mm front rotor and a 160mm rear rotor. 

Diamondback Sync'r Hydraulic Disk Brakes

The disc brakes are so responsive that riders can bring the bike to a stop by simply using a single finger on the brake levers.


A SRAM NX 1×11-speed drivetrain make shifting easy. Combine this with a single-ring Race Face Ride 30-tooth crankset and 10-speed 11/36 cassette and mountain biking just became a whole lot easier. You’ll always be able to find the right gear with this setup.

Diamondback Sync'r Drivetrain

The rider controls the shifter with the single-finger shifters located on the handlebars near the brake levers.


The Sync’r has 27.5-inch (by 2.35-inch) wheels with Diamondback SL-7 double wall alloy rims. The rims with 32 steel spokes front and back make up the wheels. The back hub, from what I can determine, has roughly 9-10 degrees of engagement.

Each rim is incredibly strong so that they stay straight even when bashed against rocks, tree roots, and other common mountain biking trail hazards.


27.5-inch by 2.35-inch tires give the Sync’r plenty of contact with the ground to improve traction in all conditions. The tires are Schwalbe Tough Toms, a model known for their traction, durability, and long lifespans. These tires are easy to find and replace as needed. With a small bit of sealant and an air compressor, tubeless setup of the 2.8-inch Minion DHF and DHR II tyres at 19psi was a breeze.

Prefer a different type of tire? The Sync’r is created so that stock parts can easily be interchanged with aftermarket ones so that advanced riders can customize their bikes.

Price Range

The Sync’r can be found at independent bike shops around the world, particularly ones that emphasize mountain biking.

Find Diamondback dealers in your local area by using the “Dealer Locator” that’s available on their website. The bike can also be purchased online from Diamondback or from a third-party retailer.

Look online and in stores for special offers on the Sync’r that bring the price down even further.

What We Like

The Diamondback Sync’r mountain bike has a lot of good things going for it.

Most importantly, the mountain bike is a high-performing off-road model that’s created for intermediate and advanced riders. It performs nearly flawlessly in this capacity by eating up rugged trails, chugging up steep climbs, and handling nimbly at high speeds. For everyday use, it comes with rack and mud-guard eyelets.

Here’s what we like most:

  • Strong, lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum frame
  • Top-quality components (including tapered head tube, short stem, and wide handlebars)
  • Fantastic handling and stability (even in rough conditions)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes stop on a dime
  • Aggressive profile perfect for expert riders

What We Don’t Like

It’s true that there’s not much to dislike about the Diamondback Sync’r mountain bike, but there are still a handful of negatives to point out.

It’s important to note that these negatives are from an expert rider’s position. Since the bike isn’t designed for beginners, someone new to mountain biking would find the Sync’r unwieldly while an expert would find it functions much better. Some consumers have reported minor assembly issues, such as missing bolts and minor damage.

Here’s what we don’t like most:

  • Aggressive geometry not suitable for beginners
  • Seat uncomfortable on long seated rides
  • Frame sizing is odd compared to other Diamondback models

Buying Advice

The Diamondback Sync’r is an excellent option for those interested in a top-level hardtail mountain bike. Every aspect of the bike’s design is created with performance in mind. Note that this doesn’t mean the bike is easy to use, rather that it’s fast, nimble, and smooth.

The bike is a good option for advanced riders. Intermediates will also feel at home on this aggressive mountain bike. On the flip side, beginners should stay away from the bike. It’s not an easy model to learn the basics of mountain biking on.

The Sync’r not only handles well on flowing trails, rough singletrack, and steep uphill climbs, but it is also at home in the dirt park flying off of jumps and around banked corners.

We believe this is a good option for those looking for an advanced hardtail mountain bike comfortable in a variety of situations to consider.


The Diamondback Sync’r isn’t your daddy’s mountain bike – it’s a beast of an all-terrain machine capable of handling the harshest conditions.

The mountain bike is as at home on high-launching dirt jumps as it is on steep, fast, narrow backcountry trails. The front suspension laps up bumps and rocks with wide handlebars and huge tires providing even more stability.

Remember that this bike is for advanced riders only. Beginners should shy away in favor of a more entry-level model. Simply put, the Diamondback Sync’r is a solid mountain bike at an excellent value for those that demand a top-performing package. This bike features has componentry that nearly never needs to be upgraded and consistently impresses.

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