Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike Review 

 November 18, 2021

By  Max Shumpert

Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

From cruiser, hybrid to mountain bikes, Schwinn has been producing and introducing mountain bikes that are known for their quality construction, innovation, and riding comfort for a long time. Over the years, Schwinn has introduced a wide range of mountain bikes that are versatile and best suitable for rugged trails and dirt paths while embracing adventure.

In fact, the new MTB bike range from Schwinn, Schwinn Bonafide, is popular among families and apt for those who are just starting out as mountain bikers. While the new Schwinn bonafide mountain bike for sale comes with an impressive quality of bike parts than any other leading brand, it seems a fine investment. 

Keep reading the Schwinn bonafide men's mountain bike review to obtain an elevated understanding of one of the best mountain bikes in the market.

Quick Facts

The 29er Schwinn bikes come with 24-speed Shimano gears and shifters, a high-grade aluminum frame that is durable, along with a five-year limited warranty. In order to have a clear grasp of the traits of this mountain bike, let's jump on its primary features, tech specs, and performance. 

Primary Features

  • The tires are 2.25" wide.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Double-wall alloy rims
  • Frame Size: 17 Inches
  • Wheel Size: 29 Inches
  • Item Weight: 39 Pounds
  • Price Range: $549.99

Tech Specs

  • Shifters: 24-speed trigger shifters
  • Brake Type: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Suspensions: Front

Thanks to its incredible specifications, features, attributes, and amazing geometry that allows you to race seamlessly around the mountain trails. No wonder that countless riders are thrilled with the specification and remarkable design of this Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike that has mass appeal.


The Schwinn Bonafide features an aluminum mountain frame and powerful suspension forks that can withstand any shock from your ride. The aluminum frame offers a comfortable and smooth ride, majorly due to its lightweight characteristics.

 With the 24-velocity Shimano EZ-Fireplace, the shifters and the front and rear derailleurs make the adjustments of tools clean and straightforward. When it comes to its mechanical disk brakes, they make sure of an easy stoppage on any trail condition.

Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

Coming to the Schwinn mountain bike's tires, the double-wall alloy rims with 2.25" tires makes up for any lack in shock absorption by the aluminum frame through their mild, robust and extra sturdiness. 

Each Schwinn mountain bike is equipped with quality components that ensure as little maintenance as possible, thus making them an ideal choice for people who wants an elevated high-quality experience with no extra hassle.

Since the Schwinn mountain bike offers every feature from an entry level mountain bike to an extreme mountain bike, the Bonafide is no less. It is built to provide speed and to take you on all types of adventures, including off-road activities.

What we like

Just like our Schwinn Moab mountain bike review, our technicians and bike enthusiasts got the chance to experience this attractive bike with a sleek design and test its effectiveness, utility, and credibility.

  • You will come across the Schwinn suspension fork, which allows you to enjoy your ride seamlessly, whether off-road or on trails.
  • The 24 speeds ease up the situation where you try to find the right gear under any circumstances.
  • It also comes with high-quality disc brakes on both wheels that are easy to engage and assist you when flying down a hill to stop quickly yet smoothly. 
  • The double-walled rim is made up of alloy, making them stronger and durable for all the hard labor you'll put them through.
  • Due to its unusual tread pattern, along with the 2.25" tires, it renders excellent traction, thus making it a great choice for riders who want to up their game and go off-road.
  • However, the Schwinn Bonafide does have some concerns with its assembly and stability that could hold it back a little.

What we don't like

Sadly, the bike's seating area is not up to the mark, unlike the suspension that offers excellent comfort. The seat needs somewhat more padding for a comprehensive solace experience. 

The assembly is in question since it is pretty challenging to find parts for this model at your local bike shop. However, you could easily order them from Amazon. 

Who Is the Schwinn Bonafide  For?

  • The Schwinn mountain bike is mainly built for beginners and intermediate riders. From 26er mountain bikes to Schwinn boundary mountain bikes, this particular Bonafide mountain bike possesses some exceptional features, but you can only explore a limited set of upgrades in this bike.
  • If you are a rider who rides for leisure riding and fun events, then you will appreciate its smoothness. It stood up to our expectations of handling rocky, uneven, and dirt tracks, making it a bike worth buying for commuting and exploring the town.
  • It is a durable and robust model for beginners and intermediate riders, but for the competitor in you, it sure gives you an excellent speed on the tracks. 
  • If you are someone who is looking for a low-cost bike but offers a well-built structure and impressive characteristics, then the Bonafide is quite a better alternative than expensive mountain bikes.

Buying Advice

With a great combination of sturdy structure and sleek design, the Schwinn Bonafide is a versatile bike and is excellent on the trails. This rugged mountain bike defines improvement and offers durability, smooth-riding, easy gear shifting, all under one roof in an affordable price range. 

Whether you plan on riding this to work safely, a day trip with your family or an adventure on some gnarly trails, Schwinn bonafide men's mountain bike is the one for you. 

People Also Ask

1. How much does the Schwinn Bonafide weigh?

The Schwinn Bonafide weighs around 40 pounds. The lightweight features of this bike make it easy for the rider to explore new trails.

2. What is the weight limit of Schwinn Bonafide?

There is no particular Schwinn bonafide men's mountain bike weight limit. A weight of around 250lbs can easily ride the bike. However, there are other aspects that impact the weight limit of the bike, such as proper assembly, the type of riding, bike maintenance, and tire inflation.

3. What is the Schwinn Bonafide price range?

Even though the Bonafide comes with disadvantages, it still offers some fantastic features and high-end components at a reasonable price that ranges around $549.  


In a nutshell, a mountain bike that renders mid-range features with high-quality units while offering a smooth ride and still comes under your budget should be your choice over any bike. If you are someone who is just starting to get serious about riding or someone who wants a great riding experience, then you should go for the Schwinn bonafide men's mountain bike. 

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