12 Best Road Bike Brands To Ride This Year

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Get a complete list of the best road bike brands that are growing this year. We've listed it on the basis of popularity, professional research & more!

Road bicycle brands


Riding a bike to commute on an everyday basis is the healthiest and also the greenest way. Nowadays, urban bike riding is trending as the insurance and gas prices are shooting through the roof. 

Are you also looking to buy a road bike but unsure of the brand?

Well, we are here to help you out. A good road bike would satisfy all your needs as a rider. If you are keen on buying a road bike for health reasons, then they are a great choice as they cause less impact on the body.

This is because of the position of the handlebar and the seat. The road bike designs build for efficiency and reinforces great spine alignment and posture.

If you are looking for a bike with speed for competitions or to meet 'your need for speed' then road bikes is the right type of bike.

There is a wide range of bike brands and types of bikes available in the market today.  We'll keep this review simple but comprehensive.  And keep the guide limited to the important decision factors.

The 12 Best Road Bike Brands

Here are the top 12 road bicycle brands

  • Cannondale
  • Diamondback
  • Scott 
  • Trek
  •  Bianchi
  • Tommaso
  • Schwinn
  • Giant
  • Specialized
  • Vilano
  • Kestrel
  • GMC

1. Cannondale Bicycle Corporation


Image Source: Cannondale Bikes

The bike was never the first thought that came to mind of the most gifted and smart designers, engineers, and inventors. This intelligent group was working on something different when the idea of producing a road bike occurred to them in 1971 which gave birth to the Cannondale Bikes.

Since then this bike brand has been producing technologically strong and innovative bikes, thanks to the well-focused team. 

Cannondale is one of the first brands to produce carbon fibre and aluminum frame bikes. Super comfort, great stability, and unmatchable speed have always remained their key areas of focus. Owing to the most advanced technology and high-quality materials, they maintain all these key features.

  • Founded: 1971
  • Founder: Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor
  • Location: Wilton, Connecticut
  • What we like: Super lightweight aluminum frames and carbon fibre frames
  • What we don't: Bland designs
  • Popular Bike: Synapse Carbon

2. Western States Imports -Diamondback 

Image Source: Diamondback Bikes

Founded in 1977 this Diamondback brand started as a BMX brand by Western States Imports. Ever since then they have grown in the industry making their range of trail bikes and mountain bikes.

The quality of Diamondback is unquestionable as they hold an experience of 40 years in bike making. Their bikes have always been sold at an affordable price ensuring that all kinds of riders and enthusiasts can afford them easily. 

 Their popular bike ‘Atroz 2’ is a full suspension mountain bike providing extra cushioning for riders against rough terrains. This bike is the best-in-class for beginners with reliable shifting and braking, rear suspension with an air-sprung to smooth out the bumpy patches.

  • Founded: 1977
  • Founder: Regent L.P
  • Location: Kent, Washington
  • What we like: High-quality bikes for low cost
  • What we don't: Not durable

3. Giant Bicycles 

Giant Bikes

Image Source: Giant  Bikes

Giant Bikes does not need any introduction. King Liu along with his several colleagues founded Giant Bikes in Dajia, Taichung County, Taiwan in the year 1972. They cracked the deal with Schwinn to sell their manufactured bikes under other road bike brand names. That is when they got their big breakthrough.

They soon ventured into the European market. They had more than 12,000 retail stores by 2018, sales in 50+ countries with a revenue of US$1.9 billion. It was during the COVID Pandemic in 2020 that demand for Giant bikes skyrocketed. 

  • Founded:1972
  • Founder: King Liu
  • Location: Taichung, Taiwan
  • What we like: Manufacturing is top-notch with extensive experience and competitive cost
  • What we don't: Not much popular amongst the people and the market, the designs are a bit old-fashioned
  • Popular Bike: Contend, Propel, Defy

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4. Tommaso 

Tommaso Bikes

Image Source: Tommaso

Around 1985, Tommaso Bikes came into existence by creating high-quality road bikes. They are an Italian bike company that is known to combine the latest craftsmanship with traditional Italian design and create wonders.

As all the bikes are assembled in-house, they can be easily combined. Initially, Tommaso dealt with steel frames but as the market trends changed they shifted to carbon and aluminum frames. Tommaso offers bikes at a reasonable rate making them popular amongst the riders.

  • Founded: 1985
  • Location: Denver, Colorado. Designed in Italy, engineered in Colorado
  • What we like: Budget-friendly bike
  • What we don’t like: Only available online
  • Popular Bikes: Forcella and Imola

5. Specialized

Specialized bikes

Image Source: Specialized

Mike Sinyard took a bicycle trip to Europe in 1974 by selling his Volvo bus for $1,500. While returning to the US he brought back a suitcase full of bike stems and handlebars. Using these parts he started building his bikes under the banner of Specialized and produced the first racing tire in 1976 and the first bike in 1981. Specialized thereafter started creating road bikes for all kinds of riders and started giving them a premium edge as well. 

  • Founded:1974
  • Founder: Mike Sinyard
  • Location: Morgan Hill, California, USA‎
  • What we like: Bike available for all kinds of riders
  • What we don't: Nothing specific
  • Popular Bike: ‘S’ work series, Tarmac

6. Schwinn Bike

Image Source: Schwinn Bikes

Ignaz Schwinn met Adolf Arnold in 1895 after working in several bike companies. Both Adolf and Igna founded the Schwinn brand which was named World Bicycles during its inception.

Since then they have produced great bikes. Schwinn’s mountain bike range has been a great success for the company and is one of the popular mountain bike brands on our list.

Axum DP is Schwinn’s best MTB having an aluminum frame that is produced with a 100 mm suspension fork that absorbs all the rough bumps along the trail. The company suffered bankruptcy in 1992 and has been operating ever since as the sub-brand of Pacific Cycles.                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Founded: 1895
  • Founder: Ignaz Schwinn and Adolf Arnold
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • What we like: Great breaks and top quality shock absorbers, great quality mountain bikes
  • What we don't: Aluminium frames are expensive

If you are wondering on how to go about shopping for a road, mountain or hybrid bike, we’ve pulled together some of the best bicycle brands to consider

7.  Bianchi Bicycles

Bianchi Bikes

Image Source: Bianchi

Edoardo Bianchi founded the bike brand Bianchi in 1885. It is one of the most historically top road bike brands. All the Bianchi bike designs have the taste and style of artisans and are handcrafted in Italy. All the Bianchi road bikes meet all the needs of a racing bike and also a casual bike. The brand seems like it is meant for competition. Most advanced technologies are used in making road bikes.

  • Founded: 1885
  • Founder: Edoardo Bianchi
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • What we like: Light in weight frame and meant for speed
  • What we don't: Not very comfortable, less sturdy frame
  • Popular Bike: Oltre, Via Nirone 7

8. Trek Bicycle Corporation

trek bikes

Image Source: Trek Bikes

The Trek brand came into existence in a dimly lit bar in Wisconsin in the year 1975 when two bike enthusiasts Bevil Hogg and Dick Burke had a meeting. They designed and manufactured their first bike from an old barn, and even today their headquarters is located just a mile ahead of the old barn. 

The Trek headquarters has an in-house R&D department that takes care of the technological progression in the bikes which no other US-based brand has. Their bikes are some of the top-performing bikes for a consistent period. They have bikes with aluminum frames and carbon frames with engineered horsepower giving the rider speed and comfort. 

  • Founded: 1975
  • Founder: Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg
  • Location: Waterloo, Wisconsin
  • What we like: Superior quality bikes and a lifetime warranty on all frames
  • What we don't like: Most of the bikes are available in stores rather than online
  • Popular Bike: Emonda bike series

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9. Scott Sports

Scott Bikes

Image Source: Scott bikes

For many years the Scott Bikes have made their name and fame in the Mountain Bike World Cup circuit and Professional Peloton. By 1970, they started venturing into various kinds of sport as their brand presence grew. It was in the 1980s that Scott branched out into the bicycle market thanks to Greg LeMond and came out with an Aero Bar. 

In the 1990s they started manufacturing mountain bikes and their parts. They were then popularly known as the Scott Bicycles USA although their headquarters was in Switzerland. They launched their first road bike in 2007 and ever since, they have been a prominent name among the best road bikes brands. They are always at the forefront of innovation and technology.

  • Founded: 1970
  • Founder: Ed Scott
  • Location: Givisiez, Switzerland‎
  • What we like: Durability, sponsorships at the tournaments 
  • What we don't: Expensive
  • Popular Bike: Speedster 2018

10. Vilano 

Vilano Bikes

Image Source: Vilano bikes

Brian, Mike, and Suzana were three friends who turned into partners to follow their passion and bring it to life. They founded Vilano Bikes with a motto of providing affordable quality bikes as they were fond of riding, outdoors, and fitness. They launched their company from St. Augustine, Florida. 

The city was an inspiration for road bike productions to solve the commuting issues of the city's crowded streets.

Vilano Bikes has a group of bike enthusiasts with different riding preferences like daily commuters, casual riders, lycra riders, mountain trail riders, and racers. This acted as a boon to them in manufacturing an all-rounder bike with practical designs. 

  • Founded: Late 1980’s
  • Founder: Brian, Mike, and Suzana
  • Location: St. Augustine, Florida
  • What we like: Best-in-class bikes for all kinds of trails
  • What we don’t like: Nothing in specific
  • Popular Bike: R2 Commuter

11. Kestrel 

Kestrel Bikes

Image Source: Kestrel

Kestrel Bikes were formed in 1986 and is an all-American road cycle brand. They began with a motive to create the lightest road bikes. The world’s first full-carbon frame bike was launched as Kestrel 4000. In today's date, it is said that Kestrel is the pioneer to use carbon fiber in the bike industry.

  • Founded: 1986
  • Founder: Ex-employees from Graphite USA
  • Location: USA
  • What we like: Pioneer and best in carbon fiber
  • What we don’t like: Nothing in specific
  • Popular Bike: Talon

12. GMC Bikes

GMC Road Bikes

GMC as we all know is a very well-known car-making company. GMC bikes, although under the name of GMC, are produced by Kent International. Dating back to the early 1990s this family-owned company possesses rights to 5 external and self owned brands. 

Kent has innumerable years of experience in producing bikes, making the partnership very beneficial for the GMC Bikes Company. Though experienced in the car manufacturing industry, they are still toddlers in the bike manufacturing market.

  • Founded: 1990
  • Location: USA
  • What we like: Lightweight bikes for all kinds of riders
  • What we don’t like: Pedals and Tires
  • Popular Bike: Denali

The Different Types Of Road Bikes

In the earlier days choosing a road bike was very simple as there were not many choices. The only available road bike was the one with an aluminum frame and drop-bar.

But today there are innumerable varieties of road bikes available in the market making it difficult to choose. Go through the different types of road bikes below to get a brief idea about each type.

Race Bikes

They are stripped down, light in weight bikes designed for speed. They provide an aerodynamic position to the rider with low front ends as the emphasis is more on speed than on comfort.

Gravel Bikes

The new entrant into the road bikes categories is gravel bikes which are produced with a motto to tackle off-road terrains as well. Gravel bikes look similar to Cyclocross bikes but with extra comfort. 

Sportive / Endurance Bikes

The main motto of the design of a sportive or endurance bike is to provide maximum endurance rather than speed. These bikes are very light in weight with an upright riding position. 

Aero Bikes

Aero bikes are meant for flatter and longer courses. They are a little heavy when compared to the race bikes. They are meant for regular road races.

Commuter Bikes

Durability and comfort are the 2 wheels of the commuter bike. They are meant to ride daily without worrying about the weather. The geometry of the frame provides great comfort and weight is also not an issue.

Touring Bikes

These bikes are built for long rides and also to carry heavy loads. They are overbuilt yet very comfortable.

Time Trial (TT) / Triathlon Bikes

These bikes are built as a synonym to speed. They are built for extreme speeding with all the aerodynamic features which ensure less power to propel at any given speed.

How To Choose The Best Road Bike?

Road bikes are meant for having comfortable rides and are wanted by both demanding competitors and cyclists. So to choose maximum comfort in the road bikes check for our tips below.


The road bikes need to be light in weight. The materials used in wheels, frames, and accessories must be light.


1. Aluminum

Aluminum frames are trending in the road bikes market and are available below $1,500. Aluminum is a great frame material as it is lightweight and stiff at the same time.

2. Steel

Ever since road bikes came into existence, the first material to be used was wood and then steel. But steel makes the bike very heavy and is not used much in bikes nowadays.

3. Titanium

One of the premium materials used as bike frames is Titanium. Although bikes with titanium frames are very expensive because shaping them and molding them into perfection is very difficult and requires a lot of effort.

4. Carbon Fiber

Initially, carbon frame bikes were exorbitantly costly but now they are available well within $1,200. They are meant for high speed and not at all for endurance.


The right way to choose the right bike size is by standing over the frame with a 2 centimeters gap between the tube and your crotch. Then check if they are touching each other. If they touch then it is not your size. If they do not, then it is. 


The components of the road bike must be of good and durable brands for the bike to function properly. SRAM and Shimano are the best brands for components, so you can look out for them while buying.


The wheel material must be light in weight and strong at the same time. Carbon fiber suits this requirement very well. The wheels are generally thin for better aerodynamics.

Pedals, Brakes, and Levers

Low friction cranks and light in weight pedals are always the best. The quality and brand of the brakes must be top-notch to ensure efficiency and durability. Same is the case with the levers as well.

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Road bikes make a huge difference in a rider or in a bike enthusiast’s life. They are very durable, fast and comfortable at the same time. These bikes are not very difficult to ride. They can be used on roads, pavements, cemented surfaces and trails too.

An endurance-focussed bike will be the best take for you if you have just begun riding. This article would have surely given a vast idea about the best road bike brands. This will help you in buying a good road bike.

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