What To Carry In Your Basic Bike Repair Kit? – You Should Know

Most of the time, when I go out riding, I hear a common question from beginner riders, “what should I carry in my bike?” It is an important question. Because when you plan to ride your bike for a long time in remote areas, you should have basic bike repair kits with you along with other essential things.

Because at any moment, there are chances to face your bike’s tire puncture, nut bolt loosening, and many other basic problems. So this is a great decision to go out riding with preparation in advance.

Anyway, this guide will be very important, especially for beginner riders Because, here, we will discuss what to carry in your basic bike repair kit topic. We will introduce you to all the essential tools and share a list of things to keep with you before going out for a ride somewhere far away, so let’s start our guide.

Bike Repair kit

Bike Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump

What To Carry In Your Basic Bike Repair Kit

In this section, we will share a list of essential bike repairing kits. When all the gears are compact and portable, you can easily take them with you in the field of a road bike, long riding and many other places.

A Pair of Gloves

Though this is not very important, there are chances of sticking to various hard materials like grease in your hands while repairing, and in this case, gloves will protect your hands from them.

Mini Pump or CO2 Inflator

A mini pump is a crucial thing for your bike, and it may be needed at any time. Most mini pumps are compact, so if you want, you can carry them under the seat or attach it to your bike’s frame.

Many people use a CO2 inflator as an alternative to a mini pump, which is compact and easy to carry, and it is also extremely fast and has easy-to-use features. But for this, you will need disposable cartridges. You can get CO2 cartridges of different sizes with various capacities, and the smallest capacity is used for road bikes.

Patch Kit

Patch Kit is commonly used everywhere; it is specially used to repair leakage areas like rubber, pipe, tube. It is lightweight, compact and comes at a low price, as well as a quick way easy solution to the sudden leakage of your tire and tube. You don’t even have to worry about removing a tire tube.

Spare Tube

It is often seen that the tube is badly damaged, which is not possible to solve with the help of a standard kit. In this case, the spare tube is very effective. As it is very compact, it can be easily kept in a small space in the backpack. Also, if you choose a best bike tube, then you can handle it for a long time without any damage after replacing it once.

Tire Levers

When you want to separate the tire from the whole wheel, you will need a tire lever, and they are very lightweight, small and inexpensive, and easy to use and long-lasting. You can see three different types of tire levers in the market.

  1. Plastic: Though plastic tire levers are very popular, a lot of the time to remove the tight tire, it breaks easily.
  2. Plastic with Steel Core: Its chances of breaking are relatively low. But even then, it takes a lot of caution to use it.
  3. Steel Lever: Though It is very durable, it is better not to use modern carbon road wheels. But you can use it on kids’ bikes if you want.

Suitable Wrench

The wrench is the perfect option to remove your bike’s nuts, bolts, sockets in the fastest way. You can see different types of wrench and socket sets in the market, perfect for fastening all kinds of nut bolts. 

Reference – You can read handyman.guide to choose suitable socket sets, And compactly, you can use hex wrenches that are suitable for your bike for carrying anywhere.

A Bicycle Multi-tool

It has been specially designed with bike riders in mind. You may have guessed the usability from hearing its name. It has a total of 18 different tools, including the essential repairing kit for bicycle repairing. It has a portable design that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

How to Carry All of This

It is better to carry fewer things for bike riding. You don’t want to end up loading your beach cruiser like its a golf cart, so stick to a small and compact bag for storing your accessories.

Because of the small and compact bag, you will feel less tired and have a hassle-free experience. When you take your other essential things, try to carry a compact, durable backpack. When picking bike tool kits, try to get your favorite compact saddle bag so that it can be quickly taken without hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict

Hopefully, our “what to carry in your basic bike repair kit guide” has helped you easily get a complete idea about what tools you need to always keep with you. We also have tips for you, as possible in the field of riding away, try to avoid carrying heavy loads.

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