Fuji Nevada Review

Fuji Nevada 19 Mountain Bike Review

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Sturdy, good breaks, versatile, affordable, great for beginners


Not for advanced users, heavy


The Fuji Nevada is a sturdy, rugged beginner bike that will serve you many years but won’t satisfy the advanced biker.

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The complete line of Fuji Nevada bicycles has ten bikes in the series. The track is known for its beautiful mountain biking options is lightweight enough for your most significant adventures. Compared to the price point on mountain bikes, the Fuji Nevada is accessible for someone starting out in mountain biking.

Expect this product to last several years, whether you are a seasonal user or you get on your cycle every weekend.

Fuji Nevada Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: XS (13″), S (15″), M (17″), L (19″), XL (21″), XXL (23″)BRAKE TYPE: Shimano EF41 Levers or Shimano M396 Disck BreaksSHIFTER: Shimano drivetrain and shifting components on all modelsRIMS: Mid-level aluminum rimsTIRES: Kendas or Vera Eos

When it comes to the Nevada line, Fuji maintains that Nevada was made so riders can grow from casual riders into mountain biking enthusiasts. Some of the critical features of the Fuji Nevada line of bicycles are the frame size, brake type, shifter, rims, tires, and price range.

All of the bike models in the Nevada line are incredibly similar with discernible differences relating to size and part type. The bike names and forms are:

  • Nevada 29 1.1 and Nevada 27.5 1.1
  • Nevada 29 1.3 and Nevada 27.5 1.3
  • Nevada 29 1.5 and Nevada 27.5 1.5
  •  Fuji Nevada 29 1.7 hardtail bike(2020) and Nevada 27.5 1.7
  • Nevada 29 1.9 and Nevada 27.5 1.9

The average rider will love a Nevada because it is designed with “trail-ready geometry adapted from Fuji’s top-end models.” This means the price is fair, but the components are modeled after their higher end trail bikes. We recommend it specifically for the average, or typical, mountain bike rider.

Fuji is an interesting bike brands because they do a lot of work on prototypes and testing before putting any feature on the market. This includes everything from the rack mounts built into the bike to the aluminum used in the frame.

Frame Size

Every Nevada bike comes with an A2-SL custom-butted aluminum frame. Fuji provides a convenient sizing sheet for you to fit your specific measurements to a bike size. Everything from reach to wheelbase can be used in sizing.

Fuji Nevada Yellow Review

Every Nevada has rack mounts built into the bike for more comfortable travel with your favorite accessory.

Brake Type

Ride the trails with the disc brakes of your Nevada keeping you safe. They offer stopping power no matter the weather condition. Stay safe with disc brakes even if it is wet or muddy outside which is ideal for the needs of a good mountain biker.


Fuji uses proven Shimano drivetrain and shifting components on all models, including seven-, eight-, or ten-speed bikes. All Nevada’s use Shimano parts even with different speeds.

Fuji Nevada Marine Blue Back ReviewFuji Nevada Marine Blue Front Review


Fuji makes use of the most widely used frame material on the market – mid-level aluminum – with the Nevada line of bikes. All models use this lightweight, durable frame that reduces the weight you have on low-stress areas on the bicycle which decreases the weight of your bike.


Standard Nevada tires are Kendas or Vera Eos, known for going fast on concrete and working on firm trails, come with these bikes. If your weather conditions are poor, these tire treads might not do well in the mud if they’ve worn down a bit.

Again, depending on your model you might get Kendas or Vera’s but these tires are easily replaceable if you do need to buy a new tire at any point.

Price Range 

The Nevada line starts at an affordable price for the Fuji Nevada 29 1.7 bike but can get costly if you decide to make any additional purchases or upgrades. Also, Fuji offers a convenient button on their website which allows purchasers to check model availability in your area to “Buy Local Now.”

There are regularly sale prices on the Fuji Nevada 1.9 bike for under $400 if you track sale prices.

What We Like

For a beginner ready to embark on a life of mountain biking adventures, the Fuji Nevada is a solid choice for the best budget mountain bike that will last for years. We like any of the models in this line. The higher priced models come with slightly better features and should be purchased by more than a hobbyist.

This bike sells well among men which is likely because it delivers on the general features of a mountain bike.


  • Affordable price with MSRP options available
  • Sturdy frame made for taller people
  • Brakes operate well with no issues reported on severe terrains
  • Does well with medium terrain commonly explored by mountain bikers
  • Fast tires for speed enthusiasts
  • Available in a few colors including Black with charcoal and citrus, glossy blue, and more.

What We Don’t Like

No bike can be perfect; this mountain biking product suits beginners more than experts. If you are a terrain-specific rider (especially muddy or difficult trails), the Fuji Nevada isn’t necessarily the right solution.


  • Heavy for hikes at higher altitude
  • Designed for mountain biking beginners
  • Some plastic components wear over time and break in high heat
  • Fourteen kilos in weight is heavy for some men
  • After riding for a couple of years, tires need replaced for muddy conditions
  • Higher priced models don’t have major upgrades

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Is Fuji a good brand?

Fuji bikes are very popular and affordable bike brands available in the market today. They are one of the leading brands in the cycling industry in terms of comfort, performance, durability, and looks.

Are Fuji Bikes good quality?

Fuji bicycles are of good quality and are pretty strong. Fuji Bikes are not the lightest or the quickest bikes, however significantly for the money, they’re reliable. Just change the tires for 28c and they can run fast as any other cheap road bike.

Where are Fuji Bikes Made?

Fuji Bikes are built in Poland, China, Dong Guan, etc. However, now Fuji brand bikes are available in the United States. This brand is distributed by Advanced Sports International (ASI) which is there in Pennsylvania.

Buying Advice

Looking for the right solution to get you into trail riding? The Fuji Nevada is the perfect starting point for active riders looking for a long-term routine. If you are a true biking enthusiast one day, a Fuji Nevada might be below your price point. We recommend any model for mountain bikers ready to start riding.

Because there are several models available in this line, be sure to check several retailers for sale pricing.


The Fuji Nevada bike is made for real-world conditions, not just looking nice in your garage. Go on all of the weekend adventures you’ve dreamed of with the help of your new bike.

Our recommendation for the Fuji Nevada is to purchase whichever frame meets your sizing requirement, as any bike in this line will work for the talented bike rider. Buy this bike if you are ready to commit to mountain biking.

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