Diamondback Mission 1 Review

Diamondback Mission review

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Price Around $$$$
Pros Excellent grip, suspension, hydraulic brakes
Cons Color might not be for everyone, no water bottle mount
Summary The Diamondback Mission 1 is a viable entry point for intermediate mountain bikers wanting to take that next progression to a full suspension experience without breaking the bank.
Our Rating 86/100
Manufacturer Diamondback

The Diamondback Mission 1 is a full suspension mountain bike designed for avid riders who take on the challenges of steep hills and rugged terrain. 

Just under the professional or competition-level, this bike offers some of the latest and more advanced shock absorbing engineering.

Full suspension mountain bikes can climb to the $5000 range or even more; the Diamondback Mission 1 provides a top value for around $2000 less.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: Small, Medium, LargeBRAKE TYPE: SRAM Lever Hydraulic DiscSHIFTER: SRAM NX- X-Horizon 11-speed RearSADDLE: WTB Volt Comp saddleRIMS: Wind resistance via the frictionless fanTIRES: WTB Vigilante EnduroPRICE RANGE: $$$$ – $$$$

It’s important to understand that the Diamondback Mission 1 features a full suspension frame and forks. Most mountain bikes are categorized as hardtail bikes because of their solid frame with a suspension fork on the front. The Diamondback Mission 1 doubles-clown on this concept.

On the Diamondback Mission 1, you are riding a full suspension mountain bike with a traditional suspension fork out front. However, it’s designed with a front triangle and rear triangle linked together with pivots.

The two sections on a full-suspension bike like this move independently. A “shock absorber” controls their movements. The suspension you need depends on the terrain and the style of riding you want to do. Mountain and trail bikes have between four and six inches of suspension and are made to handle tougher terrain

Bringing this all together on the Diamondback Mission 1 is a bit of engineering called link level suspension. With this feature from Diamondback, it activates suspension to give you better pedaling control and traction.

This patent-pending mechanism places lower linkage inline and much higher than other bike brands and in line with the chain. Its purpose is to keep your center of gravity stable while your bike descends. This “Knucklebox” is designed to assist you when riding rapidly downhill.

Riders claim it has protected them from the hazards of quick turns and unexpected debris along the trail.

The Diamond Mission 1 has 150mm of front and rear suspension delivering an extensive reach to help you traverse most any kind of extreme landscape or rock outcroppings.

The Diamondback Mission 1 includes 27.5 wheels that give it greater ability to negotiate rugged terrain more readily than the smaller 26-inch size. And unlike the more common 29-inch size, the mid-range wheels are easier to maneuver.

Frame Size

The Diamondback Mission 1 adjusts to your needs. That 150mm of front and rear suspension has three different presets that can be set to respond to your specific ride environment.

Here’s an interesting note, you don’t need steel or titanium to be strong for mountain bike frame It’s why the Mission 1 has a lightweight frame made of weapons-grade aluminum.

Brake Type

On the Diamondback Mission 1, disc brakes fore and aft help bring smooth, almost instant stopping capabilities with little squeeze pressure from the rider. The Diamondback Mission 1 has an SRAM lever hydraulic disc with 180mm front and 180mm rear centerline to give you more leverage when maneuvering the toughest single tracks and abandon fire roads.

Diamondback Mission 1 Break Review


The SRAM NX- X-Horizon 11-speed rear derailleur allows for near-silent shifting. Also, the integrity of SCRAM products is very well known and respected among mountain biking enthusiasts.

Diamondback Mission 1 Gear Review


The Diamondback Mission 1 features DB alloy micro adjust, 30.9mm seatpost and WTB Volt Comp saddle.


The Mission 1 has a wheelset hub made of 32H alloy with a 15mm thru-axle, sealed cartridge bearing to withstand intense uphill assents. Diamondback Blanchard 28R tubeless rims offer a wide stance and are ready to take on any terrain or weather.


The Diamond Mission 1 has 160mm of front and rear suspension to give you the best ride no matter where you roam. UST tubeless tires made from high-quality WTB Vigilante Enduro measure 27.5 x 2.3″ to provide you with better traction.

Price Range

The Diamondback Mission 1 2017 has a list price of, $$$$, although you can get it discounted on the Diamondback website, from online mountain bike retailers, and during sales at your local bike shop.

It can be considered an excellent deal for a mountain bike in this price fange because it provides all the features a non-competitive biker needs – hydraulic brakes, lock-on grips, a Race Face Turbine 32-tooth crank and lots more.

What We Like

The 6061-T6 aluminum frame of the Diamondback Mission 1 combined with the KnuckleBox suspension provides a super stiff ride that is also ultra-durable.

The Knucklebox suspension system keeps you safe even at high speeds.

The bike is lightweight but is built with SRAM components and other high-quality parts.

At 33 pounds, it’s relatively svelte for a bike this large with so many mechanical components.


  • Tires grip and keep you on track
  • Versatile 27.5-wheel size
  • 160mm Fox suspension travel (front and rear)
  • Dropper-post ready
  • Hydraulic brakes

What We Don’t Like

Too many logos and goofy color rims may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  


  • May not climb uphill well enough
  • Some feel frame quality could be better
  • No place to mount water bottle on frame

Buying Advice

If you’re a hard-core rider ready to enter the world of full suspension, The Diamondback Mission 1 is an outstanding starting point. But remember this is a different writing experience with the multi suspension points the frame may feel a little floppy under certain lighting conditions.

With the Diamondback Mission 1 you can climb up most any hill with few issues, and the extra traction tires can even handle rocky trails in ways you may never have experienced before.

Many riders claim on the Diamondback Mission1 they can pedal faster without sacrificing control.

All Diamondback mountain bikes have features you can’t get in generic hardtail bikes. I like the flat handlebars, aluminum frames and hydraulic brakes.

The Mission 1 is feature-packed with several other additional attributes that make it a great, all-around value.


The Diamondback Mission 1 is a viable entry point for intermediate mountain bikers wanting to take that next progression to a full suspension experience without breaking the bank.

Many well-seasoned riders claim that you can’t fully explore trails with a standard bike; you need a one specially made for the twists and turns of the trail terrain.

If you are curious as to how engineering has enhanced the evolution of mountain biking, then you owe yourself a Diamondback Mission 1.

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