Bike Repair Stand – Why You Should Have One

A bicycle work stand is a valuable tool to help you service your bike. Doing quality repairs without it is difficult.

The stand lifts the bike up and keeps everything steady and in place while you maintain it.

It may seem like a simple tool that you could buy anywhere, but there are a lot of important factors to consider when deciding on a bike maintenance stand.

Take everything in this article into consideration before purchasing a bike repair stand.

What Are Bike Repair Stands?

Mostly, a bike repair stand is a welded frame that holds the bike in place (1). This tool is useful, so the bike does not move or tip over while you perform work on it.

The stand also lifts the bike up off the ground to a level that is comfortable for you to service it. If you are always bending over or having to hold the bike in place, that can affect the quality of the work you do on the bike.

If you do your work on your bike then bike stands for repair are not an option, they are a necessity. They’re affordable and accessible to users.

There are a few different types of bike work stands:

Clamping Stands

Claming Stand Bikes

This type is the most popular style of stand.

This stand is useful because it grabs onto the frame and holds the bike in place. Typically, the clamp grasps along the top tube or directly on the seat post.

This type of stand does not work for all styles though. Some ultralight frames do not have an area that can get clamped.

Bottom Bracket Stands

Bottom Bracket Stands Bike

This type of stand is the more professional method; it gets used in all races and competitive events. This stand does not mount the bike on any frame. Instead, the frame rests on the stand allowing the person servicing the bicycle to spin the tired and reach each section without having to bend.

Both of these types of stands come in either permanent or portable designs, each of these has its pros and cons. The kind of stand you choose depends on what type of cyclist you are and where you work on your bikes.

Unless you have a designated workspace for your bikes, chances are you are going to want to get a portable stand. The portable stand can be taken with you to perform work on the fly when accidents happen, and it can be packed up and traveled with easily.

A permanent stand is for the serious cyclists who perform work often, and have a workspace that they can leave a stand. These types of repair stands are great for more demanding jobs because it is secured to the floor, but it’s not practical if you are not working on bicycles often.

DIY Bike Repair Stands

If you don’t feel like buying a pre-built bicycle work stand you can always build one that works for you.

Creating a bike work stand from scratch allows you the freedom of designing it exactly how you want and including all the features that you need.

There are a ton of different ways you can structure your repair stand but here are a few simple examples:

  • PVC Pipe Stand – Using PVC piping you can easily attach the pipes to build the stand to the exact design that suits you. The great thing about this is it’s simple to take down and rearrange for a different bike. The only downside here is that it’s not very sturdy.
  • Wall Mounted Rack – By mounting a few pipes to the studs in your wall you can simply hang your bike over the pipes.
  • Tripod and Vice Method – Attach a few pipes and vice to a sturdy tripod. Use the fastener to clamp onto the frame of the bike and keep it suspended.

Benefits of Bike Repair Stands

The benefits of bike repair stands are endless. If you have ever repaired a bike on the side of the road, you understand what I mean.

Here are a few of the benefits of using bike stands for repair.

  • Repair Faster: Having the proper stands saves time. You can easily access all the necessary parts and repair them quickly.
  • Fix your bike anywhere: If you have a portable stand that you keep with you, you no longer have to worry about repairing a broken chain on the side of the road. This strategy saves you time and money.
  • More comfortable on your body: If you have been repairing bikes for a decent amount of time, you know the effect it can have on your body. With stands, you don’t have to crouch down, be on your knees, or lay on the ground. This strategy makes repairs and cleaning more enjoyable.

How To Use Bike Repair Stands

Using a bicycle repair stand is very simple.

Depending on what type of stand you have you mount the bike on the stand. If it clamps around the frame, be sure you clamp it firmly but not so tight it bends or dents the frame.

What Types of Bikes Are Easiest To Repair On a Bike Repair Stand?

Every type of bike should get repaired on a bike stand; it’s important to understand what kind of stand works best for each bike.

If you have a more substantial mountain bike, that requires a sturdier stand than a light commuter bicycle

A DIY stand may not be the most suitable option for a heavier bike.

Repair Stand with Bike on it

Why Should Every Road Bike Owner Have a Bike Repair Stand?

It’s incredibly beneficial for every road bike owner to have a proper repair stand (3).

It makes repairing your bike fast and straightforward. If you are serious about maintaining your bike and it’s a significant part of your life, then you should have a bike repair stand.


Bike maintenance stands are a handy tool for the avid cycling enthusiast. Consider all of these tips above when deciding to purchase a bike stand.

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