Diamondback Apex Review

Diamondback Apex Review

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Around $$$ 


Little maintenance, good sizing options, affordable


Somewhat heavy


Diamondback Apex is well equipped Mountain bike, especially for its moderate price.

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The Diamondback Apex is a mountain bike that provides a delicate balance of comfortable all-around performance for daily casual riding as a well as the ability to take on light trails and less than perfectly paved bike paths. 

It’s a middle of the road bike that provides an excellent value for more moderate riding styles.

When it comes to combining performance, durability, and affordability, the Diamondback Apex Mountain Bike hits that place with full honors. It’s easy to get on, it’s comfortable to ride, and you can trust that it will get you to and from your destination with no problem.

As a significant bicycle brand Diamondback once to assure that whether you’re taking on a single-track Mountain bike trail or just getting out for a quick evening ride around town, it’s vital that you have the right bike, in the right size, with the right fit. And with so many models in the market with so many different wheel sizes and frame geometries out there, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

Right Fit program from Diamondback is an innovative solution to help you find the bike that’s right for you, without making any compromises.

The Diamondback Apex is available in two wheel sizes, either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels and seven frame sizes (see Frame Size section). By offering these sizing options, Diamondback’s Right Fit approach ensures you’ll get the right bike, in the right size, no problem.

As a background note, Diamondback began by designing BMX models and grew to be a highly regarded brand. After a few years, the brand made a natural progression mountain bikes. They have a wide selection of mountain bike options, and the Apex is designed as a value-focused model.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: XS, S, SM, M, ML, L and XLBRAKE TYPE: Promax V-BrakesSHIFTER: Shimano Tourney & Altus ShifterRIMS: 14-gauge Steel RimsTIRES: Standard Cross Function TirePRICE RANGE: $$$

The Diamondback Apex is based on a durable steel Diamondback trail frame which is designed for strength and rigidity. SR Suntour fork features 75mm of travel to absorb light obstacles.

While not extravagant or specifically high-end in its deliverables, the Diamondback Apex is well equipped Mountain bike, especially for its moderate price.

Frame Size

The Diamondback Apex comes in a total of seven frame sizes which are listed below. The Apex frame is designed with the variety of riders in mind.

This means it has loads of mudroom for ‘summer’ and plenty of areas for easy mudguard fitting.

Diamondback Apex Review

The head/top/down tube juncture is well reinforced and designed to keep the front-end low, with the steerer washers and stem offering about an inch of up/down adjustment.

And that’s especially helpful in finding the ideal ride position.

  • Size XS: 27.5″ wheels
  • Size S: 27.5″ wheels
  • Size SM: 27.5″ wheels
  • Size M: 29″ wheels
  • Size ML: 29″ wheels
  • Size L: 29″ wheels
  • Size XL: 29″ wheels

Brake Type

Diamondback Apex features Promax V-brakes supply dependable power and longevity. Riders have noted these breaks are plenty grippy for the common and conditions this bike is ridden in, Plus they are low maintenance components that many owners appreciate.


The Diamondback Apex has a mix of Shimano Tourney & Altus parts to optimize production and cost-effectiveness. A 21-speed drivetrain helps the rider navigate Post any terrain with just the right effort. These are especially hearty components which are known to keep working solidly with little maintenance.

Diamondback Apex Review


The Diamondback Apex uses a standard stock diamondback Seat which is designed for moderate Mountain biking activity.


Standard 14-gauge steel rims are provided as stock components on the Diamondback Apex. While these are not high-performance rims like you see on more expensive bikes, these are here because they’re known to stay true and ride straight for miles upon miles.


On the Diamondback Apex, you’ll find their standard cross function tire which incorporates a fair amount of shred with smooth profile. This is designed to provide adequate traction when needed with low rolling resistance for more comfortable peddling.

Price Range

The most current pricing is from 2015 where the MSRP was $$$.

  • Excellent $$$ – $$$
  • Very Good $$$ – $$$
  • Good $$$ – $$$
  • Fair $$ – $$
  • MSRP New $$$

What We Like

There’s no doubt that this is a solid value for a mountain bike with these moderate yet very able components. And because Diamondback added an SR Suntour fork with 75mm of travel, riders will have comfort-enhancing bump absorption across most any terrain they may encounter


  • Easy to add mudguards
  • Body style keeps the front end low which adds to the ride-ability
  • Quick to climb hills

What We Don’t Like

We understand that the steel frame makes for a substantial riding experience and many years of enjoyment. But with the bikes total weight at 44 pounds, it’s somewhat on the heavy side. And that may become a bit of a challenge when taking on and off your vehicle bike rack.


  • The Suntour front suspension damping works well enough but the fork may also be little less plushy feeling and may even feel a bit more fluttery under heavy braking conditions.

Buying Advice

While Diamondback may not currently have the profile of other high-value brands such as Giant, Saracen, GT and Mongoose, bikes like this Apex are establishing this is brand as a winner across the different Bicycle model categories.

And with Diamondbacks notable and robust heritage with building top-notch BMX and mountain bikes, you can be confident that you’ll get reliable performance for a good long time with this value-packed Mountain bike, the Diamondback Apex.


While the Diamondback Apex is not an out and out aggressive, hard rider’s bike by any means, that’s not the intention for the Apex.

It’s for the smart rider who wants a durable bike with solid components that can be trusted around town on the pavement and moderately skilled trails and even gravel roads.

With more of an upright writing stance, it also helps you stay more alert as a rider in urban areas, which enables you to be a safer rider.

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