X-treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Electric Bike Review

X-treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

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Pros Extra features, color options, disk brakes
Cons Frame style
Summary The bike looks great, rides great, and feels entirely comfortable, whether you’re using the motor or not.
Our Rating 78/100
Manufacturer X-Treme

Electric beach cruiser bikes haven’t always been around, but when you think about it, the two are a logical match. Cruiser bikes are made for cruising after all, so adding an actual motor to the equation seems to really elevate the term.

Cruiser bikes are made to be the most laid-back and casual of all bike genres. Plush seating, relaxed handlebar positioning, oversized tires; these all contribute to what makes a cruiser bike one of the funniest and easiest bikes to ride, period.

The X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser is a perfect combination of flawless beach cruiser design, coupled with an efficient and smooth motor that increases the bike’s versatility and distance, while keeping the pedaling aspect as easy and effortless as possible. Our 7 Speed Shimano Tourney Gears & Shifter System, a battery pack consisting of 7 lightweight lithium cells running at 24 voltage, and oversize Kenda Balloon Cruiser Street Tires, aluminum rims with quick release axle on the front and a water proof quick disconnect on the rear are all featured on this 100% hand welded lightweight aluminum frame bicycle.

Add in an attractive design available in multiple colors, and you have one of best beach cruiser bikes on the pavement today, all while keeping things under $1200.


FRAME: Hand welded aluminum

BREAKSET: Dual disc brakes

RANGE: Up to 20 miles

WHEEL SIZE: 26 inches, tires 26 x 2.25

EXTRA FEATURES: LED headlight, back luggage rack

The first thing you’ll notice with this electric beach cruiser bicycle is its classic cruiser design. The frame is a step-through style, giving the bike a unisex appeal that can be fine-tuned by choosing any number of color options, including all-black, and pink.

The other thing you’ll also notice at first is what you actually don’t see featured prominently — the battery and motor. The Malibu Beach Cruiser has a sort of discrete motor assembly that doesn’t announce to everyone around you that you’re riding an electric bike.

Malibu Cruiser Luggage Rack

That allows it to keep that timeless, authentic beach cruiser vibe, while also proving a significant boost whenever you need it.

The bike’s frame is made from hand-welded aluminum, which is definitely preferred over steel in this case. The bike still bicycle weight 57 lbs, but it is a cruiser, so that’s not really an issue. Matching fenders are included as well, keeping you dry and clean when encountering any puddles along the way.

The Malibu Beach Cruiser saddle is wide-set, and comes with plenty of cushioning inside, topped off with rear springs to help absorb bumps in the road. An extended and angles stem sets the curved handlebars in an ideal location for easy steering while remaining upright and relaxed in your back and shoulder areas.

Shimano Tourney components make up the Malibu Beach Cruiser’s impressive Drivetrain system.

Brakes of Xtreme Malibu

You get 7 speed shimano tourney gears for the bike, which is great for a cruiser. Shifting is provided by shimano tourney gears shifter on the handlebar, located just in front of the brake lever.

Speaking of brakes, the Malibu Beach Cruiser uses disc brakes on the front and back, which is much preferred over the usual caliper brakes you see on most other cruisers. 

Braking action is easily controlled by dual brake levers, which you’ll surely appreciate at higher speeds.

The 26-inch wheelset uses balloon-style Kenda tires that have solid durability and plenty of shock absorption. The front wheel features a convenient quick release for easy tube changing when needed.

The bike’s 300W brushless hub motor is located in the rear, and offers the rider everything from pedal assisting to full-throttle-based propulsion. All of this is controlled with an easy twist-n-go throttle on the right grip, in full reach of your brakes and your gear shifters as well.

A lightweight 24V lipo4 lithium battery pack powers the motor for up to 20 miles at 20 mph when using just the throttle, and longer when using pedal-assist. Recharging takes around 4 hours from a depleted battery.

There are some great extras included as well. Each Malibu Beach Cruiser comes with a luggage rack that can be mounted on the front, or off to the side on the rear. An LED headlight gives you better vision when riding at night, and X-Treme even throws in a water bottle. A rear kickstand is included too.

Lithium batteries are used in Battery X-Treme e-bikes, which do not lose power over time or lose battery life when kept in a charger.

Although batteries can be charged while still attached to the bike, it is better to remove the battery from the bike before charging. Catalina and Rubicon 48 Volt bikes may be fully charged in 3-4 hours. In 4-6 hours, the Malibu and other 24 Volt bikes in the X-Treme line-up will be fully charged.


We are big fans of how X-Treme was able to work in a fully variable motor that offers pedal assist and throttle riding, without altering how the bike looks or feels. The battery pack is barely noticeable, as it’s located behind the rear frame below the seat post. Get high customer ratings for both component quality and sturdiness

All of the extras such as fenders and a luggage rack further the authentic beach cruiser feel, and of course the bike rides comfortably too, whether you’re using the motor or not. There are enough color options to go around for most tastes too.

What really makes the bike stand out is the disc brakes and 7 gear options. This gives some added versatility and control for the bike, and makes it easy to get the classic cruiser riding experience whenever you don’t feel like using the motor. There is no resistance from the hub motor holding it back.

We know that this being an electric cruiser is going to jack the price up, but to offer all of what the Malibu Beach Cruiser has for under $1200 is certainly impressive, considering the motor aspect makes this much more than just a cruiser.


Not every guy out there is going to be fired up about the step-through frame design. It would be nice to see X-Treme offer a top-tube version as well. A discreet LCD computer screen would be an improvement as well.

Great Looking Cruiser Bike


Not really much to add here, the bike is perfectly fine as is. The Malibu Beach Cruiser’s size covers a wide range of heights, and accommodates maximum rider weight 350 pounds. If you’re having trouble with assembly, you can take it to a bike shop to finish the job, or look at some videos on YouTube that will walk you through it.


The X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser easily manages to pull off a seamless combination of an electric bike and cruiser all in one.

The bike looks great, rides great, and feels entirely comfortable, whether you’re using the motor or not. That’s all you can ask for in an electric cruiser.

The multiple color options and wide array of extra features pushes the Malibu Beach Cruiser to a best-in-class level. For under $1200, it’s one of the best cheap electric bike values you’ll come across.

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