Magnum UI6 Electric Hybrid Bike Review

Electric Bike By Magnum UI6

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Pros Battery power, gears, brakes
Cons Only one color option
Summary This bike combines all of the core features a hybrid needs, makes use of high-level components, and adds an efficient and capable motor that offers substantial assistance for the rider whenever it’s needed.
Our Rating 88/100
Manufacturer Magnum

Hybrids are already intended to be among the most versatile types of bikes on the market. These bikes are designed to be just as effective on pavement surfaces as they are on light off-road paths, offering a mixture of road bike and mountain bike features.

Since hybrids are already efficient and preferred by most commuters and daily riders, you can imagine how an electric version of a hybrid may be even more useful. The Magnum UI6 is a renown and one of the best affordable e-bike 2020 that enables riders to ride faster and further, with less effort.

This bike is a perfect mixture of style, performance, and comfort, resulting in one of the best riding experiences you can get out of a bike, regardless of type. Whether you’re a casual rider, or a daily commuter, there is a lot to love with the UI6.


FRAME: Aluminum frame

BREAKSET: Tektro disc brakes

RANGE: 20-30 miles

WHEEL SIZE: 26 inches

EXTRA FEATURES: Front and rear lights, rear pack

If you’re someone who is really not all that fired up about how hybrids tend to look, the UI6 offers a solution. Not that looks matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, but nobody really wants to ride a bike regularly that has a bit of a nerdy look to it.

The UI6 combines form with fashion. With its white frame, brown tires, and well-placed accessories, this bike will turn a few heads when you’re out on the road, without making it too obvious that you’re packing a powerful motor on board.

It has a sort of sleek, serious aesthetic, with some small amounts of detail that complement its low-key, step-through frame. A Suntour NEX suspension fork gives the bike a bit of an edge, while helping create a plush riding experience that easily absorbs bumps along the way.

The frame itself is made from 6061 aluminum, offering a compromise between weight, flex, and responsiveness. Even though this is a hybrid, the overall weight really isn’t all that bad, coming in at around 52 pounds. If you take the battery off, it goes down to 43 pounds.

Magnum UI5 Electric Bike

With its angled seatpost and longer, upwards stem connecting the handlebar, the UI6 encourages a relaxed riding position that helps keep your back from getting irritated or achey over time. The upright stance is much more conducive for urban riding and commuting, keeping you in an ideal position to observe what’s around you as well.

The drivetrain is comprised of Shimano Tourney components, totaling 7 speeds. A matching shifter ensures seamless and quick gear changes.

The ever-popular TEKTRO disc braking system is used for stopping and slowing, a common choice for top-tier electric bikes. These brakes offer controlled stopping power that never feels overly-sensitive, or requiring extra effort for full engagement.

Crank set of Magnum UI5

26-inch double-walled aluminum rims keep things rolling along, giving the UI6 some added durability against bumps, while keeping weight manageable.

Schwalbe Big Ben 2.15-inch wide tires are rugged enough for demanding city riding, and light trail riding too. The brown color gives them a unique look.

The motor of the UI6 has a 500W hub version motor that help the bike reach maximum speeds of 22 mph.

Riders can choose various levels of pedal assistance, or let the bike’s motor carry the load.

The motor’s operation is controlled on the handlebars. A large LCD screen helps the rider stay up to date on everything from battery life to speed and distance, and is strategically situated on one side of the handlebar setup.

A Samsung 36V battery is the power behind it all. One one single charge, the battery can provide anywhere from 30-40 miles of operation, depending on the level of pedal assist needed.

The battery can be removed to charge, and the full charge time from a depleted battery takes around 6.5 hours. A USB port is included on the battery itself in case you need to charge your phone during or after a ride.

The Magnum UI6 also includes some nice add-ons as a bonus. Front and rear lights increase visibility at night, and a rear rack helps with carrying belongings around. Well-placed fenders keep you dry and clean when hitting any puddles along the way, and a kickstand allows the bike to remain upright when not in use.


The UI6 is a true workhorse hybrid that give riders the ability to get around town with as much effort as they are comfortable giving. One battery charge is often more than enough to power through a daily commute, and beyond.

The bike looks great, and doesn’t make a spectacle of being an electric version. You barely even notice that it’s a step-through frame design, which is usually a turnoff for some.

The gearing and braking are both very responsive, and the combination of tire size and suspension fork really do help to create a plush, comfortable ride from a seated position.

In addition, the motor is easy to use, and entirely capable of carrying the load for miles on end for the days you don’t feel like doing much of the work, if any.


7 gear choices isn’t all that uncommon these days for electric bikes, but that doesn’t mean we approve. An extra crank wheel cog could easily double the UI6’s gear choices, which would definitely be preferred.

Although we like the white look, having a few more color choices wouldn’t hurt either.

Magnum UI6


The saddle on the UI6 is more resembling of a road bike saddle. Not exactly the best choice for commuters and those wanting a more comfortable and relaxed ride. You may want to get a gel seat, or at least one with ample cushioning.

Buyers who don’t want to put the bike together themselves should consider the full-assembly option as well. We are always big fans of that.


The Magnum UI6 is exactly what an electric hybrid bike should be.

It combines all of the core features a hybrid needs, makes use of high-level components, and adds an efficient and capable motor that offers substantial assistance for the rider whenever it’s needed.

This turns the UI6 into a potent and efficient commuter bike, or simply as a recreational bike for someone who doesn’t mind getting some added power to their pedaling. In terms of electric bikes that can handle urban roads and dirt paths with ease, the UI6 is tough to beat.

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