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Pros Design, motor, battery, computer
Cons Saddle
Summary This is a true full-suspension mountain bike that can easily handle tough singletrack and moderate downhill paths with the ease of other rugged, high-level mountain bikes.
Our Rating 88/100
Manufacturer Addmotor

Believe it or not, there was a time when electric bikes were mostly relegated to just hybrids and cruiser styles. Mountain bikes were understandably rare, as it was a difficult task to create a true trail-ready electric mountain bike that could withstand the off-road abuse.

Fortunately, things have come a long way since then. There are several companies manufacturing legitimate mountain bikes that can tackle tough singletrack and light downhill use, while still offering the benefits of an electric motor when desired.

Unfortunately, many of these bikes are either insanely expensive, or still provide a sluggish, heavy, awkward feel that makes them a bit of a drag to use when you’re doing real mountain biking.

The Addmotor HITHOT avoids all of the common pitfalls you run into with many electric mountain bikes, and manages to keep the price lower than many if its fellow quality mountain ebikes.

For a fair price, the Addmotor HITHOT provides riders with a powerful motor, both pedal assist and throttle riding, and all of the features and components you’d find on other top-level, full-suspension mountain bikes out there that don’t have motors.

This makes the HITHOT a formidable trailblazing beast that can let you ride for much longer periods, while also giving it enough versatility to be used for commuting around town when needed, thanks to an advanced motor and battery system.


FRAME:  Aluminum city frame

BREAKSET: TEKTRO Front 180mm & Rear 160mm Alloy Disc Brake

RANGE: 60 miles (using level one assist)

WHEEL SIZE: 27.5 inches

EXTRA FEATURES: Aluminum alloy spring shock absorber, front light.

The HITHOT catches your attention immediately. It uses an aggressive frame design, and combines it with popping colors and subtle detailing that hints at all of its capabilities.

The full-suspension aspect is a welcome sight, indicating that it can take on the most advanced trails.

While the battery pack placement is an instant giveaway of this being an electric bike, it’s not distracting. In many ways, it just makes the bike look more rugged and prepared.

The HITHOT’s frame is made from aluminum alloy, helping to keep the weight to a manageable 52 lbs. There is a bit of flex with the frame as well, adding to its plush suspension and overall design.

Gear of Addmotor Electric Bike

The bike’s WTB Comfort Saddle is decent, providing good seat coverage and a sleek design that is definitely more in tune with trail riding. The handlebar angle and setup gives the bike an aggressive handling feel, perfect for fast off-road maneuvering. A 30cm quick-release aluminum seatpost offers easy adjusting for both height and angle.

The drivetrain is made by Shimano, with their TX55 series giving the bike 7 total gears. Shifting is provided by thumb-shift Shimano components, all operated on one side. The other grip houses the throttle, which is twist-n-go.

TEKTRO handles the braking components, which consists of 160mm alloy disc brakes on the front and back, giving the HITHOT substantial stopping power that is also easy to control. The braking system is operated with matching TEKTRO levers.

The HITHOT’s suspension comes via a combination of an SR Suntour XCT 100mm front fork, with a tough aluminum alloy King Shock spring coil providing the rear cushioning. The fork and rear coil shocks ensure a good amount of travel, without giving the bike a mushy feel during flatter portions of the ride.

Front Wheel of Addmotor Electric Bike

As for the wheelset, Addmotor decided to go with 27.5-inch Kenda tires that feature a versatile tread design, and a thick profile.

Addmotor’s proprietary alloy rims give the bike a nimble feel, with plenty of reinforcement to take on bumps and landings with ease.

The motor aspect of the HITHOT is one of its major advantages. The bike uses a Bafang 48V*500W Rear Hub Brushless Motor that provides speeds up to 25 mph, which can be both pedal-assisted, or a full-throttle mode that lets the bike do all the work.

This is all controlled using a twist-n-go shift system, that gives the rider 6 different settings to choose between. The full-throttle mode won’t engage until the pedals make a few revolutions, giving the bike some added safety as well.

The motor is powered by a lithium 48V*10.4AH Samsung battery pack. This gives the HITHOT a maximum range of around 60 miles of pedal-assisted operation on a single charge. Recharging time is good, with a full charge coming after around 3-4 hours on an empty battery.

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Addmotor didn’t sacrifice any features or components at the expense of others. They started with a true full-suspension design, plugged in quality components and engineering, and then topped it all off with one of the best motor/battery combinations you’ll encounter.

This makes the HITHOT both a great mountain bike on its own, and an excellent best affordable e-bike as well. Use both those together, and you have a superior electric mountain bike.

The motor is very seamless, and the freewheel setup lets it toggle on and off with ease. The full-throttle mode is a welcome option, and the 6 different assistance settings really let you dial things in perfectly to your needs.

The included handlebar computer system is a nice plus as well. The 5-inch LCD display keeps you updated with all of the vital info you need during a ride, including speed and battery power.


The saddle isn’t the best you’ll sit on. If you are planning on doing some sitting, whether for laid back trails, or commuting, you’ll probably want to upgrade at some point, sooner rather than later.

While this is a small complaint, it would have been nice for Addmotor to include bullhorns on the handlebars to really top it all off, considering they included everything else. Not a big deal though, and not everyone prefers bullhorns.

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We recommend ordering your favorite saddle along with the bike. Also, unless you really feel like handling the assembly yourself, we suggest you use Amazon’s full-assembly option. The price is low, and you get a bike delivered to your door that is ready to go.


The Addmotor HITHOT is anything but a gimmick. This is a true full-suspension mountain bike that can easily handle tough singletrack and moderate downhill paths with the ease of other rugged, high-level mountain bikes.

The motor aspect is just as impressive as the rest of the bike, giving it a whole new dimension that makes the HITHOT a beast on the trail, and a very adept commuter bike when needed as well. This bike is well worth the money.

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