Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

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This is a highly convenient and versatile full-suspension mountain bike that offers plenty of motor power when you need it, and a quality ride when you don’t.

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Combining a folding bike with thebest rated electric bikes is by far one of the coolest bike creations you can ride. You get the compact nature of a folding bike, topped off with a motor that can provide effortless riding across a variety of surfaces.

The Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike is a great example of a bike that can pretty much do it all. You get full-suspension, a powerful motor, and of course the ability to fold it down to a fraction of its riding size.

Sound expensive? It’s not. At just under $750, this bike is an incredible value that offers a massive amount of versatility appropriate for and number of riding scenarios, whether you’re out hitting some off-road paths, or making your way to and from work.

The Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike cuts a few corners to keep the cost to a manageable level, but not at the expense of diminishing the overall ride quality. Its comfortable, quick, simple, and it also looks good too.

You aren’t going to find many other bikes that give the broad appeal that this one does — especially at this price.


FRAME: Aluminum alloy

BREAKSET: Dual disc brakes

RANGE: 15.5 miles (e-bike mode), 31 miles (assisted mode)

WHEEL SIZE: 26 inches


Whether you go with the all-black, or the yellow accent option, the Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike draws plenty of attention. The matching black wheels and components create a very sleek, imposing presence, with just enough detailing to give it some depth.

This bike is a full-suspension mountain bike, so you get shocks in the front and back. Lots of travel and a responsive feel help the bike to easily absorb bumps and drops in your way, without making it feel mushy or sluggish.

The Ancheer 26 inch Folding Electric Mountain Bike uses an aluminum alloy frame that uses only one tube in the front, helping keep the weight down a little, while also ensuring that it folds easier.

The 60 pound weight isn’t the most ideal, but it is understandable given the added motor components.

Ancheer Electric Bike Gears

A smooth, cushioned seat is easily adjusted to match your riding situation, coupled with a mid-curve handlebar that avoids that weird feel some other folding mountain bikes tend to have.

Brakes, shifters, and throttle control are all easily accessible, and feel natural.

Shimano parts comprise the impressive drivetrain, which total 21 speeds. This helps the bike to feel more like a regular mountain bike instead of a folding bike, giving you a lot of gearing options that are just as useful with or without pedal assistance.

Alloy disc brakes offer responsive stopping power that doesn’t feel too touchy, or require too much force to engage. Just smooth, effortless braking that helps give the bike a very fluid, responsive feel all around.

Ancheer Electric Bike Front

The wheelset uses 26-inch tires that utilize a more versatile tread design that is appropriate for pavement and off-road riding, without really favoring one over the other. You get a smooth ride on the road, and added grip on the dirt.

Magnesium alloy rims feature a 6-spoke flat design that not only helps reduce weight, but also gives the bike an improved look, along with better aerodynamics.

The motor portion of the bike is just as impressive as the rest. A 250W rear hub motor offers variable speeds that are all controlled on the handlebar. 

You can choose from 3 different settings, one of which is a full-throttle mode that carries the bike to around 17 mph without pedaling.

Steep climbs and high winds are made much more bearable when using the pedal assist modes, and the motor itself is very quiet. This is all powered by a 36V 8AH lithium battery that gives the rider 31 miles of distance when on the lowest setting. If you want to forgo pedaling, you’ll get around 15 miles of battery coverage.

Recharging can be done in around 4-6 hours. The battery pack is located in front of the handlebars in its own little bag.

As with other Ancheer bikes, this one includes a kickstand, a bright LED headlight, and a horn when you need to warn others to get out of your path.

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Well, to be simple, we like the fact that this is a truly comfortable electric folding mountain bike that still offers a normal ride quality. Nothing feels overlooked. The bike compacts easily, rides smooth, and has a solid motor that is not hard to figure out in a hurry.

The 21 total speeds and 26-inch tires give the bike a very natural feel that can have you forgetting that you’re on a folding electric bike. The Shimano drivetrain was a nice touch, and the suspension aspect avoids the dreaded sluggish feel.

We’ll also call attention to the looks part again. Seriously, this bike looks awesome. If you’re tired of puny-looking folding bikes, this is your answer.


The 60 pound weight does kind of make this bike a bit difficult for serious urban commuting, but only if you need to bring the bike with you on a bus or subway. If you’re going straight to your destination, you’re fine.

As usual, the saddle isn’t great. While we understand that having a folding electric bike may involve some small sacrifices in terms of little conveniences, it is a little odd that you can’t take the battery off, especially since it’s in a bag on the front.

You have to literally plug your bike in. Thankfully, the bike folds up, so you at least save some space, wherever you charge it.

Riding Electric MTB


This is is a folding bike, so be aware that you can’t just go and upgrade all of the different parts and components blindly. You’ll need to find parts that will fit right, and not hinder the bike’s folding ability.

As always, we recommend the full assembly option from Amazon. Even we were a little wary of assembling this bike ourselves. Save yourself the stress.


The Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike is not some downhill beast, but it is a highly convenient and versatile full-suspension mountain bike that offers plenty of motor power when you need it, and a quality ride when you don’t.

The folding feature does not feel forced or out of place. Instead, you get the best of three worlds, resulting in a compactable, effortless, rugged bike that is equally suited for moderate off-road riding as it is a breezy ride to the office. For under $800, it’s a steal.

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