Huffy Men’s Classic Cruiser Review 

 August 8, 2017

By  Max Shumpert

Huffy 26


Style, accessories


Heavy, tough to assemble


Huffy Men's Classic Cruiser - Good Vibration is lacking in a few areas, and doesn’t offer the same cloud-like ride you get with more expensive cruisers, but it does its best to make up for it elsewhere

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While there are definitely a number of high level cruiser bikes available, not everyone is willing to spend the extra cash to get one. This is more than understandable, as many buy cruiser bikes with gears to use as a secondary bike.

Even if not, some just don’t need a more expensive one.

Unfortunately, the budget-level cruiser market is very over-saturated, so it’s easy to end up with one that ends up being pretty low quality. This usually means getting a cruiser that rides rough, feels sluggish, and isn’t very durable either.

There's also the lack of features part. Cheaper cruisers often lack any extra features, taking a more bare bones approach instead to keep the price down.

Huffy’s Good Vibration Men's Classic Cruiser Bike is the answer to all of these problems.

Not only does this cruiser off a good riding quality for an economical price, it also comes with a number of extra features that adds to its overall functionality.

For a very low price, the Good Vibration provides budget-minded riders with a true cruiser bike that rides well, has all the added features one could ask for, and looks incredible, making it one of the best bike values regardless of type.

Introducing The Huffy Men's Classic Cruiser Bicycle

FRAME: Steel


SIZE: 26 inch

TIRES: 26 inch x 2.125 inch tires

EXTRA FEATURES: Alloy rims for all-weather performance, density grips and pedals, padded spring bike saddle seat with embroidery, kickstand

The Huffy Men's Classic grabs your attention right off the bat. Its vibrant color scheme and matching accessories gives it a cohesive look that very much resembles the cruiser bikes from decades ago.

The curves on the frame, the matching fenders, the brown density grips and pedals, and even the reflectors all offer the perfect throwback vibe that will get you plenty of glances on the road.

The frame of the Men's Classic is made from steel, like all good cruisers. This gives the bike a low center of gravity, while also helping to absorb shock and create a better level of stability, making it a comfortable bike.

The weight is a little up there, but the trade-off is better momentum when you are riding at faster speeds.

Maneuvering is made easy thanks to the curve and height of the handlebars, which wrap around on the sides and allow you to steer from a comfortable angle.

The seat position and handlebar angle help to encourage a perfectly upright posture, which is exactly what you want on a cruiser.

The grips are made from rubber, and have an ergonomic design that makes them easier to hold on to for extended periods.

Huffy Men's Classic Cruiser Bike

Although they are rubber, they have a sort of leather look to them, which matches the rest of the bike’s extra accessories found throughout.

The single speed drive train further adds to the Huffy men's vintage vibe. The gearing is efficient, but a little more suitable for lower speeds.

You get plenty of acceleration from a stop, but you may need to work a little harder to maintain your pace at faster speeds. This is a cruiser bike though, so it’s not really that much of a concern.

The wheelset of the Good Vibration really stands out. Regardless of what frame color you choose, you get stunning white tires that give the bike a very unique and classic look.

The wheel rims come in various colors that depend on the color of frame you select. The wheels themselves are made from alloy, and have additional spokes to prevent bending and add stability to your ride.

The Classic’s stopping power is provided via reverse pedal coaster brake system. This easy to use coaster helps to simplify the bike’s components, and also cut down on the maintenance level. A kickstand is also included, which is not something every cruiser has these days.

The aesthetics of this bike are hard to beat. Whether you go with yellow, pearl white, or brown, you’ll get a beautiful color scheme that matches all of the components and wheels too. Like we said, you’ll be getting more than a few second glances when you take this thing out for a ride.

Huffy included lots of extra features too. The fenders are a nice touch, helping keep you clean and dry when encountering any water or mud in your path.

A rear luggage rack lets you carry big loads, with smaller items fitting in the front-mounted basket.

Huffy Men's Classic Cruiser

There’s even a cup or beverage holder on the handlebars.

The Good Vibation crams about as much as you can into a bike of this price range.

The ride quality is adequate, and the looks and extras are an added bonus. This is a serious cruiser bike for an entry-level price.

What We Like

We normally don’t worry too much about looks, but this is a cruiser bike after all, so style is a large part of the equation. The Good Vibraion’s look is perhaps its best feature. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t ride well, we just love the design.

The colors and accessories all flow and work well together, and man, those white tires. Why don’t more cruisers have white tires?

The fact that you get just about every possible extra feature with this bike isn’t to be overlooked. The rack, the basket, the cupholder, the fenders, the kickstand -- it’s all there. You’ve got everything you need to carry whatever you need.

What We Don't Like

This is a cheaper cruiser, so there are some reasons why. The bike is on the heavy side, which will be a bit bothersome for a few riders. Carrying this bike is a major pain, but that’s what you get with cheaper bikes, no way around it.

Huffy Good Vibration Men's Classic Cruiser Bike

Image Source: rePUBlic-izmir

Buying Advice

This bike is not very fun to assemble. The Good Vibration does not currently come with the assembly option that Amazon offers for many other bikes, so you may want to save a little money on the side so you can take it to a bike shop for proper assembly.

How to Assemble a Cruiser Bike


The Huffy Men's Cruiser Bike - Good Vibration is lacking in a few areas, and doesn’t offer the same cloud-like ride you get with more expensive cruisers, but it does its best to make up for it elsewhere. The style and extra features you get are incredible for the price.

If you don’t have much to spend, and want to get as much as you can for your money, the Good Vibration is your best option.