Sixthreezero Women’s Cruiser Bicycle Review

Sixthreezero Women's Cruiser Bicycle

Pros Traditional look, saddle, lots of options
Cons Tough to assemble
Summary The bike feels responsive and quick, while maintaining the stability cruisers are known for. Plus, it looks awesome, and it’s easy to find a color scheme to your liking.
Our Rating 84/100
Manufacturer sixthreezero

To the uninformed, or to someone with little experience with cruisers, all cruisers are basically the same. It’s easy to understand why they may feel that way, after all, cruisers all have a similar look, and share a lack of complicated components and engineering.

Take a closer look though, and you’ll see that some fairly stark differences exist among the best cruiser bicycles models. Although that cheap cruiser you’re eyeballing at the corporate department store may look similar to the more expensive versions you see in actual bike shops or online, it’s really just a mirage.

With cruisers, it’s all about giving the right amount of attention to the few components that are there, and using quality materials in the process. A little design sense goes a long way as well.

SixThreeZero’s Women’s Cruiser is the perfect example of this. A classic design is meshed with high-level components, along with expert craftsmanship, and a great aesthetic to top it all off.

Sure, it’s going to cost you more than the cheap models in stores, but you’ll be glad you spend the extra money. This bike’s ride level and looks are hard to match, and the price is still very much affordable.

Introducing The Sixthreezero Women’s Cruiser Bicycle

FRAME: Steel

BREAKSET: Linear Pull

SIZE: 17” Frame, 26″ Wheel

TIRES: 26-inch

EXTRA FEATURES: The matching front and rear fenders add a nice touch and protection, available in a variety of color choices

As we said earlier, to make a superior cruiser bike, you need to give attention to each individual part in order to end up with the better final product.

With SixThreeZero’s Women’s Cruiser bicycle, it all starts with the frame. It has been meticulously designed to offer the best possible weight distribution, while ensuring optimal stability as well.

The 18-inch frame size is very versatile for a number of body sizes, offering a comfortable ride for riders of all different types.

The weight is a plus as well. When the bike is fully assembled, it barely goes over the 38 pound mark.

That’s a significant weight savings over inferior models that can sometimes weigh as much as 55 pounds.

The lower weight gives the bike a quicker feel that’s also easier to maneuver.

Sixthreezero Women's Cruiser Bicycle

Speaking of maneuvering, the smooth curve and contours of the handlebars give the rider the perfect amount of control when steering, while also providing comfortable positioning of the arms and shoulders, which in turn encourages a fully upright position when seated.

This body positioning gives you the best line of vision when riding, while adding to the casual, relaxed feel that a cruiser bicycle is supposed to offer. The faux-leather handlebar grips give the bike a more luxurious feel, while adding to its durability.

The bike’s drivetrain is available in both single speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed. The more traditional single speed version has an optimal gearing ratio that makes the bike very easy to pedal and ride in any scenario. You can get a quick burst of speed from a stop, and easily maintain a fast pace when seated.

If you want the option of having more speeds, the 3-speed version gives you improved efficiency and versatility for taking on hills, or for when you just want to go a little faster than usual.

Need even more? The 7-speed has got you covered. Either way, you’ll find the bike to be equally as smooth and comfortable to ride.

As with most cruisers, the single speed version uses reverse pedal coaster brakes to stop, keeping things nice and simple. If you go with the 7-speed, you’ll get two hand brakes for stopping instead, giving you extra stopping power for faster speeds and control.

The wheelset of the cruiser bicycle features traditional whitewall tires for a classic look. The smooth tread of the tires is good for everything from the beach to the boardwalk, giving you some added traction, and shock absorption for any bumps along the way. Rim colors are dependent on the bike color.

Sixthreezero Women's Cruiser Bicycle

SixThreeZero included some nice extras as well. Matching fenders are included, so you can keep clean and dry when hitting any puddles in your path. As for the saddle, you get a brown faux-leather version that has a ton of cushioning with some massive suspension springs as well.

The saddle also has an extended amount of coverage, further adding to its exceptional level of comfort.

As far as bike colors go, you can choose between a wide range of colors, ranging from pink paisley to an all black color scheme.

There’s something for everyone.

The SixThreeZero Women’s Cruiser bicycle doesn’t rely on gimmicks or unnecessary features, but rather takes the approach of giving each part of the bike the attention it needs to result in a superior bike with better performance and better comfort.

What We Like

We really like how this bike has a very traditional look to it, harkening back to the beach cruisers of old from the 1970s. It’s basically a modernized version of the classic cruisers, replacing the frame and components with better materials and craftsmanship.

The matching grips and saddle are a good look, and also feel much better than the basic foam versions you see on many other cruiser bicycles. The saddle is probably one of the highlights of this bike, and makes a huge difference in the overall comfort level.

The various color options and speeds are a huge plus as well.

What We Don’t Like

This doesn’t really have anything to do with the bike’s quality, but we found this model a little annoying to assemble, way more than other cruisers. There were some extra screw and parts not normally seen, so it was a bit extensive at times.

Sixthreezero Women's Cruiser Bicycle

Buying Advice

Due to the assembly aspect, we strongly recommend paying the extra fee to have Amazon do the work for you before shipping. You’ll be glad you did, and you can also ride the bike as soon as it arrives, which is always nice.


The SixThreeZero Women’s Cruiser bicycle is an excellent bike on every level. You get a heightened sense of performance, topped off with extra comfort.

The bike feels responsive and quick, while maintaining the stability cruisers are known for. Plus, it looks awesome, and it’s easy to find a color scheme to your liking.

This bike is worth every penny. If you want a no-frills cruiser bicycle that has all the essentials, and offers a superior ride, this is it.

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